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  1. OWLTILLIDIE is Bedders on another account, defending himself, and I claim my £5.00 book token for guessing correctly
  2. owt happened with this? I know some involved in the fight who snuck out the back and think they've got away with it
  3. why would you want to fry wood?
  4. You lot don't think Bedrock created that site, do you?
  5. too much of it from the bilge that spews forth from your keyboard
  6. when you say "studied" you actually mean "done a few courses" Is this a CV or a Dating Ad? or both?
  7. by not voting you're more complicit than the ones who actually voted for the tories. what if it was your vote that tipped the scales? no voting is just an extra vote for the party that win. you can't moan about who's in power if you're not ready and able to oppose them
  8. Ask them if they can take them rusty steel pans off your hands
  9. christ, just bloody buy some. Haven't we had this one with the knives and pans already? can anyone recommend him some walking boots & socks, save a seperate post in a couple of months time????
  10. it's been the plan all along, each series will have new lead characters. think it's a good idead, keeps it totally fresh.
  11. I'm pretty sure Nine & a Half Weeks, whilst have a food scene in it, wasn't actually about food?
  12. He wouldn't cuz he's just spouting stuff he knows nowt about, really
  13. Without going into specifics, and basically just wanting a pre-xmas moan, but trying to gain Planning Permission for ANYTHING with this lot is like trying to plait snot; endless red tape, staff who talk to you in the most condescending of tones etc etc it's fill this form in, sign that box, fill this other form in, tick this box, fill this bath with a gallon of urine and say the alphabet backwards. I'm pretty sure the guy I spoke to today needs to get a hobby to calm him down...... Gardening...or start practicing the art of Zen Bhuddism. or both.... Zen Gardening or summat? grrrr anyways, Merry Xmas
  14. two of my kids attend HYPE Dance on Eyre Street in Sheffield http://www.hypedance.org.uk/ they cater for all ages/skill level/dance types
  15. I'd say that you're totally wrong, there's an abundance of new & original media out there, but people are unwilling to seek it out.
  16. are you talking about just free passes or folk who buy a monthly pass and let other folk borrow when they aren't using it? I buy a monthly pass that my partner and I share, and why not? I've paid for it. When I don't need it she uses it. It's not doing anyone out of any money.
  17. Bush craft & survival skills..... are you for real? which lesson would you fit "fashioning Tin Foil hats" into? and Astrology?! I hope you actually mean ASTRONOMY
  18. yes, before they became Liberata
  19. I wouldn't say they were all the "gold standard" of cinema
  20. can anyone explain why folks can't go see and film and not eat for a couple of hours? some greedy gets have a full picnic. it 3 hrs tops you'll be sat there, you're not gunna wither away!!!!
  21. Bedrock, you need to go see the doctor, mate It's a step I finally made myself take this week, and whilst i'm scared of taking the help he has offered me, I know it's going to help. You're at Hackenthorpe? You registered at the Main Street docs? Dr Parkes has been a godsend. They've offered me so much, and if one avenue doesn't work, then we'll try something else.
  22. King Kong King Kong King Kong King Kong's Lad
  23. Thesaurus Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. deja vu - the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before
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