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  1. Thanks for the replies. Was going to take the missus, she's an Elvis fan. I did expect all the concert to be an Hologram Image in the Center of the stage throughout the whole concert, but hey, obviously technology not quite there yet, but not far away! But I can honestly say for a true Elvis fan, the Concert would be fantastic, but my missus is hard to please at best of times, and old-fashion-video-footage on a big screen wouldn't work for her, trust me, she's a hard bugger to please. So no complete Hologram performance, results in No Concert. But anyone going don't let my view spoil the magic of Elvis. You have a fantastic night.
  2. Just a quick question, anyone seen an Elvis Hologram Concert. Reason for asking, is the concert an all hologram performance or mainly a background screen of concert with live players. Thanks.
  3. Thanks that's him. Just showing my son, has made me laugh then when used to watch.
  4. I'm looking for that 80's electronic organist. He looked expressionless and a bit like hitler with his little mustache. What was the name of his band. He played organ whilst one sang, very popular, but can't for the life of me, remember name.
  5. Best Completely FREE Android Acer tablet, software to download??? Thanks.
  6. Decaffeinated or regular Coffee? Read online about negatives and positives and like anything a 50/50 opinion. So I thought I'd ask the good people of Sheffield their opinion, so answer away.
  7. Wanting to sync my Iphone notes to my Ipad. Why am I being told to create an @Icloud.com email address first before being allowed to sync notes and mail? Is there an easier way I don’ t know of? Thanks
  8. Buying a Ipad Mini. Don't know what size memory to get, 16gb or 32gb or 64 gb. Just really going to use for watching catch-up tv and sky app. 10 games at the most and general apps to put on. Note, not even wanting to put music or movies, via ITunes. Advice please.
  9. In short, can I use an xbox one or xbox 360 controller as a game controller on Ipad Mini? Legally that is?
  10. My computer is obviously on as using it. My speakers are also switch on, but not listening to anything through them, then I heard some radio chat, when I say radio I don't mean music radio I mean like CB radio. I can hear someone passing a massage of sorts but too low and distorted to fully understand. How is this possible, never happened before?
  11. Ok, thanks. I strongly suggest another appointment. You may require a humour tablet, yours seems a little off-balance.
  12. Going to buy a Google Nexus 7 2013 - 16GB. In short do I need an antivirus for this, I have antivirus on my main pc that won't work on this device. But my question is do tablets need antivirus at all?
  13. Is a ASUS Memo Pad HD 7 any good? Son just bought one.
  14. Wow, I'm going to have to buy a dog if this is the response you get when walking them.
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