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  1. I have been searching for chivers lemon curd ready for my Christmas baking, can't find it in any of the super markets this year.This seems to be the only one that doesn't boil over whilst in the oven.Does any one have any suggestions where I might find some.
  2. I am looking to buy a Sheffield United beach towel for a present does any one know some where that stock these thanks in advance
  3. does anyone remember the name of the life insurance company that use to be near the newsagents at broomhill upstairs above a shop. Sorry to be so vague Thanks in advance
  4. Hi I am hoping someone can help me I am looking for places that you can store a caravan in Sheffield thanks in advance
  5. my mother in law is in the northern general long term and needing an optician for a eye test and new glasses so was hoping some optician would go into the hospital and do this. I have spoken to the northern general and they do not have a optician they use you have to find one
  6. no the hospital says to find an optician who would go in and do a eye test
  7. Does anyone know of an optician that would go into the Northern General Hospital to test a patient eyes. Any help would be grateful thanks
  8. I am looking to send some 4 boxes to Luton. Can anyone recommend a local courier which may be interested in some work Please pm me thanks
  9. does anyone have a contact number for mirage cigarettes manor top Sheffield thanks
  10. Does anyone know of any where in Sheffield where you can order food for a picnic ie takeaway thanks
  11. New management have started in the Sherwood this week Things can only improve !!
  12. Can this still be bought can anyone tell me where I can get this thanks
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