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  1. Is the hilsboro one on today morning Is there any carboots on this morning please i think the arena ones arent gojng ahead with theirs
  2. Thankyou so much for the replies Biotechpete yeh someone else recommended Austria too so will look into that also.
  3. Can anyone advise on how do i start on booking a holiday to a france ski resort possibly during the xmas holidays? Ive never booked a holiday before so i dont know where to start, who to book flights with then hotels and which resort is best for average price? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. As title says, I've had them knock on my door few days ago, they seemed legit but wondered if anyone has dealt with them before and if they do a good job?
  5. Does anyone know any good watersport parks near Sheffield apart from rother valley?? TIA
  6. Is there any carboots this coming weekend?
  7. Sorry but what time does it start
  8. What time does the infirmary road carboot start for buyers please
  9. Did your money show up in your account? My husband deposited some money into his account using the drop box system there a few months ago and some of it had went missing, we complained but got nowhere didnt know what else we could do to be honest so just left it . But now after reading you mentioning other peoples money has gone missing there before we will bring it up with the bank once again.
  10. Hi we are looking for around an 8 tonne skip looking for reasonable price. Thankyou
  11. Hi guys where's best place to go sledging today please
  12. Ive been looking online for ideas and found that you can also have acrylic splashback for the kitchen, is this like a cheaper version to the glass but looks the same?
  13. Hi does anyone know any places in sheffield or nearby where we can have a glass backboard made in a certain colour for our kitchen?
  14. Hi does anyone know where i can get my kodak printer fixed? It says no paper even though the paper tray is full.
  15. Hi, weve been advised by our kitchen fitter to have cladding instead of tiles between the top and bottom units so has Nyone else had them done and where can i buy them from? Thanks
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