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  1. Classifieds used to be pretty good. Now it is simply unusable.
  2. Hi, bit of an odd request & a very long shot i'm sure, but does anyone know of a place in or around Sheffield that will be be able to retrofit cruise control to a 2011 BMW 1 series? i know plenty of places that will do VW's but not one that will do a BMW strangely (main dealers excluded). thanks 🙂
  3. just as a way of an update, i contacted both SCR & SCC hoping to get answers because these road works have become such a pain i've had to change my working hours to avoid the ridiculous gridlock at peak times. SCR said its nothing to do with them. 2 people from SCC got back to me and implied i am a bit thick because the website clearly says the works will be completed March 2019 so that's when they will be completed. When i pointed out the flaw in that statement, they changed their minds and said March 2020 and the website needs updating. Another person (who to be fair sent a clear and detailed email and sounded like he knew what was going on) notified me that completion target is April 2020 and there are teams on the ground now finishing up. In all honesty, i have yet to see "teams". I saw 2 burly men play fighting with each other in the works this morning as i waited in the jam, and 1 man sweeping up quite large area....with a hand brush. so when the works will actually finish and the roads opened up fully is any ones guess really! The Chinese can build a working hospital from scratch in 8 days; we need 2 years to change a bit of a road.
  4. She was my teacher in 1994 Brilliant person and a wonderful teacher!
  5. Hi, Can anyone offer any advice please? we are in process of moving to Crosspool. my son has missed out on preferred school as house move not complete yet so been given another school local to us currently. Question is if move is completed say in Nov/Dec or even early next year, would i be in my rights to ask for a transfer to preferred school? And if the school is oversubscribed already, any likelihood of getting a space? Or will I have to wait until year 8 or is that not guaranteed either? Can't be the only one to have faced this so any experiences appreciated. Many thanks
  6. Thank you that's really helpful. Glad it will make a difference heat retention wise! I will check the air vent situation. Can i ask did you insulate it yourself or are there people out there who will do it?
  7. Hi, I have a a crawl space under my house. Possibly 3 and half foot in depth with good access. It is directly underneath the living and dining room. The two rooms that are by far the coldest in the house! So my question is, is it possible/worthwhile to get the ceiling of the crawl space (i.e. floorboards) insulated? Has anyone else done this? Any advice greatly appreciated :-)
  8. Hi, as per the title, does anyone know of any karate or other martial arts clubs for kids around the Firth Park area? Many thanks.
  9. I had same issue. Free route may work IF they are definitely honey bees and nest is easily accessible and a collector is prepared to come out. Be prepared to describe the bees in detail if you ring up a collector. Mine were tree bees so had to pay council £84 to come and spray insecticide as the nest was very close to a bedroom window. Took less than 5 minutes in total.
  10. Thanks, so it seems length of residency plays no part.
  11. Hi all, We've always intended to move to S10 to have best chance of getting our child into one of our preferred secondary schools. The question i have, if anyone understands the intricacies of the secondary school admissions policy, is does the length of stay within the catchment area have any bearing on the decision? I.e. is living within catchment for 6 months just as valid as living there for 2 years? Does it matter at all? Do the admissions board even ask for this information? Any advice appreciated. Kind regards.
  12. I have this full set-up. Not sure which DVR i have precisely but it is 2TB's supporting 4 1080p cameras. Very happy with it. If you don't want to go to bury, securicam also have an outlet in bradford.
  13. Thanks all. Sorted now. Googled his name, narrowed it down through process of elimination, found out owner is a director of a property firm, got his business and home address. Still don't quite understand why the address of the owner on Title Register isn't his personal or business address, but that's another matter. ---------- Post added 19-08-2015 at 09:18 ---------- For those saying its nothing to do with the owner -i beg to disagree. If i rented a property out i would do everything in my power to make sure my tenants didn't cause any problems for the neighbourhood. Quite frankly it's attitudes like that that have resulted in anti-social people running amok because they know absent or careless landlords will not hold them accountable. Have tried the police and council route. Have been told in no uncertain terms by 101 operators that police do not have capacity to deal with anti-social behaviour as its very hard to prove/prosecute. Council is who have suggested the owner route because its not a council property therefore not much they can do. If it was a council property then the situation would be very different. ---------- Post added 19-08-2015 at 09:20 ---------- Hi, no indication of a mortgage on the Title Register I'm afraid. Probably a cash buy.
  14. Hello, wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to find out who owns a property that has been rented for a number of years (since it was purchased in 2007). I have downloaded the Title Register for the property but whilst it gives me a name, the address of the owner is the address of the rented property. He most definitely does not live there and never has. Asking the tenants is not an option because its the anti-social behaviour of the tenants that i wish to raise with the property owner. Is there any other way i can find an address for the owner or have i hit an insurmountable wall? Thanks in advance.
  15. when i was kid i used to save have a savings account with Yorkshire Bank with a small paying in book. Does anyone know if there are banks/building societies that still provide such paying in books for kids accounts? I always thought having a book encouraged me to save so hoping that it may rub off on my son.. thanks in advance
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