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  1. Well how do you explain places like Portugal who have decriminalised it, recording lower use of cannabis, when measured against the countries population in comparison to here? One could make an argument that all the chavs smoke it because it is widely available and prohibited, youths have always rebelled. At least Portugal have experimented, and it's working for them. An other argument against your claim could be that police resources are stretched with the war on cannabis, and funding could be better spent on other areas of policing.
  2. Care to elaborate? Why do you think this?
  3. Sorry to hear that, but there isn't that many places to walk the dog around here, and it shouldn't be spoilt for everyone because of the odd lunatic. I would imagine the place could be quite scary for some people so I know what you mean.
  4. Fair enough, but legalisation doesn't mean it will be acceptable to smoke in public. I agree with you, keep it away from kids.
  5. As I've said, most decent people wouldn't dream of hanging around a school smoking a joint. What about the shop doorways and alleyways that reek of urine because of drunks? That smell IS rank, as you put it. And it lingers for weeks. Should we ban alcohol, yes or no?
  6. Presumably they are the same thicko's that stroll back from the pub or stumble out of taxis spewing their guts up and making a racket, stopping for a pee against our property on the way past. The problem isn't cannabis, the problem is inconsiderate morons. Idiots smoke weed too, but as usual there is lack of mitigation for decent folk, which are the majority btw.
  7. But car exhaust & cigarette fumes are ok, because presumably you enjoy those smells? I don't. I think it's quite unfair to say that if legislation were passed, people will become complacent and discard responsibility & common human decency. The smell of it is hardly offensive either, it's rather nice. People are only offended because they have it drilled into them that they should be. Most people are intrigued by the smell, rather than disgusted by it. The passive scent of cannabis is harmless.
  8. Quality choice. ---------- Post added 14-06-2013 at 21:49 ---------- Wesh thi mouth out!
  9. The vote looks pretty even, and I'd bet it would be on a national scale, if it was anything like how America voted. So why the hell are we throwing, young fathers, mothers, sons and daughters... The terminally ill and people with no previous convictions in prison for growing a plant? It's not a crime, not in the eyes of the morally equipped, only in the eyes of a law, a law that is out of date and long overdue a reform.
  10. Yeah should have mentioned its for a disabled relative on benefits.
  11. Some people do have an inherent predisposition which clashes with cannabis and consumption of it, it just doesn't mix with some people. Another little known fact, is there is two types of chemicals in cannabis that we react to, thc & cbd. Like dog breeds, there is many different types of strains of cannabis, containing different genetics, some have high thc, some have high cbd. Some have a mixture of both. Thc and cbd have been known to either benefit, or have adverse effects within certain groups who suffer from a sometimes undiagnosed medical condition. When we buy our weed off the street, we haven't a damn clue what's in it. In America they have medical marijuana advisors within dispensaries who will sell unconflicting and beneficial weed to a patient. Based on his/her needs. I respect your opinion by the way, both sides of the argument are very welcome indeed. I'm glad you have backed up your vote with your views, which is more than can be said for others.
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