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  1. My grandma lived on bedford st opposite Tomlinsons big arched entrance. My dad said that Tommy Ward kept his elephant there cos it was the only place big enough for the elephant to enter. He said T Wards elephant knocked his front tooth out but it really was knocked out by a pit pony hazel
  2. From a womans angle the manageress of small dress shops were a nightmare. They would let you try a dress on in a cubicle with a curtain and just as you were in you undies would dramatically switch the curtain open revealing your cringing body to the world. In a loud voice she would proclaim what a good fit the dress was whilst holding yards of the back of the dress in her hand You were very lucky to get out of the shop with any dignity left. vowing never again. hazel
  3. I too have come back to the forum on hearing the sad news. I first spoke to John when we were both new forummers, I remember pm ing him saying I hoped he enjoyed the forum as much as I. from then on we were firm friends, he gave me support when I was in need and gave me the honour of opening his beloved Arbourthorne Pond. I remember playing a game of Ma Jong with John and his friends and failing miserably. This all adds to the character that John was he was one of the super men that can not be replaced RIP John with love from Hazel
  4. Hi Jane, yes I'm keeping well that is as far as I can tell who knows when the grim reaper strikes seems to happen just as he likes chanting unclean and ringing his bell hazel
  5. I think I was a founder member of this thread as far as I remember we had street cred there was Red, Fareast and me Steve and m'isbehaving you see all before Red and John were wed. hazel
  6. I left Arbourthorne Rd in about 1950 My sister and I wore school uniform of Notre Dame and my Dad was Blind Tommy Greensmith 2 doors away from us used to fish in the pond and had maggots in his pockets. As a small child I used to sit with him on his back doorstep and contemplate the wonders of the world with Flow singing next door. hazel
  7. Closure I am thinking of living in Australia. Which will mean as I am 76 on leaving England I may never see my friends again, my life as I know it will not exist. My home, my memories but most of all my Son wil be thousands of miles away--you see my son has Asberges Sydrome and finds travell and change almost impossible. I realise that as my Medical condition gets worse I shall no longer be independent and staying here I would have to consider living in a home. My autistic son has been part of my life for 50 yrs and together we have fought and won many a battle. Battles with officials who then knew nothing of A/S Even recently we were distainfully treat by a Keir workman because he saw us as vunerable not knowing that when attacked we bite. Our life together has been a long difficult journey starting with school when his peers held him over a railway bridge by his shoes to when his teacher said to the class ' we have 32 in this class o no we have 31 and a half we have (my sin was named ) On his leaving school a burden rolled of our backs only to find we faced years of trying to sort through the benefit system. He was 38 when finally diagnosed and by that time we had together done all that was needed to be done ie He could cook, wash, iron and manage all the mechanics of life. How can I leave him behind we both know he cannot look after me after all he just manages to look after himself. My heart will break He once said I was the most beautiful thing in his life I said that makes me feel very humble. How can I leave him. I have a choice of living with my other 2 sons who will include me in their lives and if I go now I will have a chance of some quality time with them in Australia. But how can I leave him He says go Mom I will be alright But Will I. hazel
  8. Notre Dame High School Dark green dress long sleeves and a white collar changed weekly. bottle green knickers with pocket .Dark green blazer with felt hat and chewed knotted elastic under chin. Lyle stocking usually falling down as suspender belt was minus a few buttons, Summer brought a straw hat and short sleeved dress we were the only school who played games in dresses.with a small slit uo the sides. hazel
  9. Never Forget Armistice a day of remembrance yet for our young who died, lest we forget or have we not known the face of war I hear you say ‘what is it for that Poppy, it’s old hat I’m not going to pay for that’ Never forget we are here to day Because young lives were there to pay the price of death among the fields of blood red poppies that fields do yield Were the poppies there before the dead Or are they for remembrance in bright bright red hazel
  10. I am 6yrs older than your mom but Margaret Berrisford rings a bell hazel
  11. Can I do you now sir-- was this one Mrs Mop hazel
  12. I still listen to the radio and Sailing By brings back so many memories of times gone by some that are heartbraking others of joy hazel
  13. I remembered the comics of that era usually boys such as Hotsspur and the champion this was cos my cousins bought them and it was a delght to go to their house and put them in the right order and read about Wilson hazel
  14. . The City Hall Dance I went to the City Hall today I’ll tell you about it if I may. we all went to town dressed in white, pink and brown silver shoes in a bag by the way. We decided to go on the bus Our Old Age Pensioners pass was enough to town we went free Vera, Celia and me. But Vera was lost in the rush we went to a tea dance you see The queue was as long as could be They all pushed to get there We hadn’t a prayer We were new and polite, us three. They were rushing to get the best table It wasn’t as if we were able To get there so quick Vera’s knee gave her gyp and I was almost disable. Celia’s bunion was duly inspected And Vera’s bandage knee was respected And my Parkinson’s shake Was not displayed for my sake And I think we went undetected Before Vera strutted her stuff She had to pad the toes that were duff She wrapped them in foam Didn’t lower the tone she knew she had used just enough. The music then started to play And the couples they glided our way Celia was dancing with Vera And the songs were our era, but the big bands were only hearsay. Trevor and Betty were fun They danced round the room and were done After all they were older And Trevor a soldier Who fought in the war by gum.. Celia knew who was dancing with who of partners there was only a few She watched a woman in pink Claim a spare man who I think I remember we spoke in the queue We met a lady dripping in gold She was shivering as if she was cold It wasn’t her scene She was new and not been To the City Hall dances of old.. As they danced the years rolled away And their bunions and knees were OK Their jiving was good Celia knew that she could . Cos she learnt it at camp USA. All good things come to an end When we arrived we followed the trend About 10 flights of stairs We were caught unawares We were glad of the lift to ascend So we all went home on the bus The driver made a fuss of us We chattered away what a lovely day and all of us 70 plus hazel .
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