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  1. the Vespa was the only scooter to have
  2. hi tana86. I`ve sent you an invite to look at the family tree I`ve done for you ......
  3. There is absolutely no comparison between Pizza Hut (an American invention) and a real Italian restaurant
  4. The Stone House was our hang out in the early 70`s
  5. I had a friend in the late 60s who lived in a 1 up, 1 down at Walkley. There were 3 of them, so it wasnt too crowded. Mum and brother slept in the bedroom, my friend had the attic. The downstairs was kitchen, dining and living room all in one. The sink was at the top of the cellar steps. If you needed the loo, you had to go out of the front door, down the street and into the yard, to the toilet at the bottom! No back door and no bathroom. Hard living
  6. Wow, brings back some memories, not all good ones I`m afraid. Mr Hibbert was our form master in the 2nd year and taught geography. We used to take the mickey out of his accent, Mr Clarke lived around the corner from me and used to give me a lift to school sometimes, Miss Osborne used to inspect our underwear before PE to make sure it was "adequate":loopy: and Miss Davy, I hated Latin, only did 1 year of it, couldn`t see the point of learning a language that no-one spoke any more. Miss Johnson, she was a stickler for school uniform and used to check that we were wearing school knickers!!!!! Hmmmmm...........
  7. only got as far back as Quirico`s parents, who obviously weren`t from England, so no records to see. Do you want me to carry on looking at Quirico`s wife`s family, who were all from Sheffield, as far as I can see?
  8. Getting quite a bit of info, can you send me your email address (by pm if you want) and I`ll send you an invite to look at the family tree
  9. my hubby was a "prawn man" as we called them back in the 70`s. He took it as a second job to make ends meet like most of thhe other prawn men I think
  10. We went to the one in Norfolk Park. Stuart Hall guffawing all the time was hilarious
  11. I`ve been doing my family tree and one of my great grandmother had 22 children!!
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