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  1. Hi bothamlad - When you lived in the area, I mentioned 'Goodlad' which you knew of, did you also know a 'Joan Knowles' or her family who I think lived in the same vicinity? Did you or your family frequent the pub around the corner on the hill or the 'Who can tell' up the street from you? Thanks for the info! fleetwood
  2. Did you live near a lad called with the surname 'Goodlad' his first name might have been Kenny. fleetwood
  3. Yes, thank you for all you do hillsbro, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. fleetwood
  4. Sorry just remembered, it was the 'Phoenix'. fleetwood
  5. I forget the name of the cinema opposite the Hillsborough Barracks. fleetwood
  6. I read where Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys purposely replicated the 'Four Freshman' voice Jazz sound and I would say it worked pretty damned good for them and their songs. fleetwood
  7. Hi Jim Hardie - I had the right restaurant in the wrong location, I knew the Zing Va also and have been in there. Thanks. fleetwood
  8. Hi mikeh1947 - If the Golden Dragon is the restaurant on the left-hand side of the Moor looking down, I knew a pianist by the name of Mick Pattinson that played there, does that ring any bells? fleetwood
  9. I used to like the 'Pete Smith Specialities' at the News theatre formally the 'Electra'. A person should 'Google' him, he was quite different and had a different slant on everything and was very funny. fleetwood
  10. Hi johnpm - I think you have got one better quality battalion one than I have got. fleetwood
  11. Thanks St Petre - Remember the electrical branch, bought a reel to reel tape recorder there once amongst other things. fleetwood
  12. Hi Jim Hardie - I seem to remember Wiggie's being on the other side of Spital Hill unless I have got it totally wrong, I did frequent the shop and bought stuff from time to time. fleetwood
  13. Hi paul vardy - A friend of mine long deceased I'm afraid by the name of Pattinson, his father was a Sous Chef at the Grand around that time period, definitely a few years before and possibly at the time that you suggest. fleetwood
  14. Hi Charlie_F - Sorry I can't help. Your grandfathers title suggests he was a gunner with the artillery. I was in the Royal Signals in a little different time situation according to your statistics, I was with signal personnel exclusively in my camp. While everybody seems to give Moascar as the address, Moascar was a small town approximately 10 to 20 miles away. He would have been in a different camp in a different situation and in a different area to me, the whereabouts? I have no idea. Short of finding websites with more information related to your needs, good luck in your quest and endeavours.
  15. Hi all = While on the subject of tobacco does anybody know if they still make the cigarillo's, (you can't call them cigars,) I think the name was 'Old Port', I think they were sold in a packet of five, obviously they were bigger than a normal cigarette and a little fatter and you've guessed it, they had a taste of wine? fleetwood
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