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  1. I hope someone may be able to help i am trying to trace members of the Horsepool family Ernest Horsepool and Ethel May (Dundas) I know they have both passed away just wondering is there any of the family still in Sheffield or know where they are buried ? Thanks
  2. The person receiving the presentation is Jesse Whitehead his son is to his left this is my grandfather. Albert Edward he also worked at British Steel for 49 years
  3. Anyone know anyone on this photo ? http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/rob40whitehead/media/Jesse%20amp%20Albert%20British%20Steel_zpsfmpkguki.jpg.html My Grand Father and my Great Grand Father are on it other than that i am lost any help would be nice Thanks
  4. sorry for ther late reply i could not find any graves for the people i was looking for but most of them were children in those times you needed to have money and most did not , if you PM me i can send you the photos i took
  5. Does anyone have a map showing where Plowman street was in Darnall
  6. Does anyone have records of the Graves in Tinsley Park Cemetery i am looking to find a few graves. Iam interested in a family called Holland, i understand there are quite a few buried in there. Most lived on Plowman street. Names i have with burial dates Joseph Henry Holland 3-1-1947 Elizabeth Holland 23-3-1960 Sarah Holland 15-1-1904 Harry Holland 26-9-1916 Doris Mary Holland 24-6-1922 George William Holland 4-4-1908
  7. Trying to trace the Catlyn Family any relations out there looking for information about Herbert James 1874-1938 and Caroline Elizabeth 1855-1918 please send PM
  8. Looking for any remaining family members of the Rooms family or descendants from the Brightside area of Sheffield Please send PM thanks
  9. I hope someone may be able to help i am looking for anyone who knows anything about Thomas & Florence Edith Rooms (Florence Richards) Thomas is my great uncle they are buried together in City road cemetery i have photos of their grave but after that nothing I would like to talk to anyone related or anyone who knows of the family please PM
  10. Does anyone have any information on the Unwin famliy or the Rooms family that lived at Alfred Road they lived in a number of houses 177, 172, 186, 89 any maps or photos of the area anything welcomed clutching at straws for my family history research. please pm me if you are related at all:wave: Thanks in advance
  11. Anyone know where Heath Street was ? looking for information on number 4 and number 14 thanks
  12. I had distant family (my 2nd Great Uncle) that lived for a short time at no. 13 Bodmin street in 1911
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