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  1. This is a laugh. https://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/vibe/movers-and-makers/article/Its-finally-here-Sheffields-new-IKEA-store-names-its-opening-date
  2. This is sad news. I've many a happy memory of strapping on my bow tie for functions at Baldwins. http://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/magazines/westside/article/Baldwins-Omega-to-close-down
  3. The city centre might look as if it's dying on its feet, but according to this Sheffield is hipster central . . . Not sure what that says about the rest of the UK though! http://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/vibe/movers-and-makers/article/Can-you-guess-which-Sheffield-neighbourhood-is-one-of-the-hippest-in-the-UK
  4. No. That's Houndkirk Road. I mean the bottom of Ringinglow Road opposite Banner Cross Hall.
  5. He's taken some liberties with the perspective, but I'm sure it's the green house set at an angle at the bottom of Ringinglow Road where it meets Ecclesall Road South The grey shape top left is Ecclesall Church.
  6. Police helicopter's overhead now plus lots more sirens. And reports of armed police near Heeley Baths. Sounds like more than a few kids . . . Anybody got any info?
  7. Hi Geoff, They won't feature the forum for the same reason they won't feature postcode gazette or Grapevine or Sheffield Mercury or any of the plethora of other Sheffield-flavoured websites and publications. They don't want to draw attention to other sources of local information . . . otherwise they risk losing readers, particularly traffic to their website. Unfortunately, they also privately regard the forum users as, on the whole, nutters -- except when they can get a story out of them or when they can exploit the forum to drive traffic back to thestar.co.uk. You might want to think about the number of apparently Star-bashing threads with links back to their stories. (The more traffic, the more they can charge for their ads, and they have a LOT of traffic). It's also worth noting that despite the thrashings The Star regularly gets on the forum, no-one (the editor, perhaps, or the website editor, or somebody equally official) ever comes on in person to defend it, unlike many other organisations who are happy to reply to criticism officially. As far as I know, the only real defender of the paper on the forum is someone who happily admits they do it unofficially and off their own bat. Look on the bright side. You've built one of the country's most successful forums without much promotion and although it has it's moments, it's not infested with the sort of rabid loonies who post on thestar.co.uk and elsewhere.
  8. Council's tweeted a warning about snow on high ground from 4pm . . .
  9. They must be listening . . . . A61 up to Grenoside had so much grit it looked like a beach this morning!
  10. Doesn't sound too promising for the rest of the winter on today's showing, then.
  11. I realise this is going to be difficult on here, but how do you pronounce Owlerton like a native? Is it OWL-erton, OOl-erton or URL'rton. The last time I asked a bus driver to take me there he made me to repeat it about 15 times and I had to resort to hoo-hooing and revolving me head through 360 degrees before he caught on.
  12. Fields off Sheephill Road (turn left off Ringinglow Road at the toll house/Norfolk Arms, just round the bend past the houses on the left. Not sure what the farmer thinks, but it is very popular! (mind the bog at the bottom) Failing that, follow Trap Lane, Bents Green, round to just before it turns into rough track and then follow the footpath sign on the right onto the fields at the back out the houses. The steep top bit's like the Cresta run, but its a tough climb back up! Not going to snow that much though . . .
  13. Bloke he's fighting is 11 years younger and two stone heavier. Ouch.
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