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  1. It sounds like you want to be looking in the south-west of the city (depending on where work would be) which is well-known for its schools, good housing, relative safety and a mix of good parks etc. Be aware that all postcodes have better and worse parts, but think of Sheffield as a clock face and you won't go too far wrong with the section between 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock. S7: Nether Edge, Millhouses S8: Meersbrook, Beauchief/Abbey Lane, Norton S10: Crookes, Crosspool, Nether Green, Endcliffe, Fulwood, Ranmoor S11: Banner Cross, Ecclesall, Whirlow, Greystones, Sharrow Vale S17: Dore, Totley, Bradway
  2. I was going to suggest S2 as an option for that budget in a decentish area - perhaps around Norfolk Park but that might be pushing it. If not, perhaps further out at Handsworth.
  3. It's not the same everywhere. It's a council estate. Owner-occupied areas don't have those problems.
  4. What's your budget and what kind of house are you looking for?
  5. This sums it up to be honest. If you want to live amongst middle-class professionals (ducks to avoid thrown bricks) you're looking at most, if not all, of S10, S11, S17, parts of S8 (Meersbrook, Beauchief) and S7 (Millhouses, most of Nether Edge).
  6. I agree with the idea behind what you say, but I think looking at Sheffield as a clock face from 6 to 10 o'clock would be a better guide for the middle class areas.
  7. Where is this house? Some areas of Sheffield are going for a fair whack over asking price these days.
  8. I thought part of this plan involved the demoliiton of the stretch of buildings running down the left side of the road as you head towards the city centre and then road widening. Is that not happening?
  9. If you're happy with a terraced house you'd be looking at Crookes, Walkley, Greystones, Nether Edge or Meersbrook. Crookes and Walkley are quite studenty which is worth taking into account. Meersbrook and Nether Edge are very popular with young professionals, with bars, independent shops and restaurants, and they're right next to each other. There are also a lot of vintage shops in those areas if that floats your boat (the Sheffield "Antiques Quarter"). Edit: For some reason, I thought you wanted to walk into the city centre easily, which you could from Nether Edge and Meersbrook, but you wouldn't be able to walk into uni that quickly.
  10. Woodseats: some lovely roads, some less lovely roads. Surrounded by nice areas, but because of its large shopping street, attracts less desirable types from the few council estates in the south west of Sheffield. Good area on the whole, but not a place with a lots of buzz about it.
  11. Now being reported in The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/apr/23/shots-fired-at-home-labour-councillor-sheffield
  12. Look between 6 and 10 o 'clock if you think of Sheffield as a clock face for the nicer parts. If you're looking at the south side of Sheffield to have easy access to Chesterfield, there's a wide choice of nice areas with good schools and parks. There are "trendier" areas closer to the city centre but still easy to get out of the city from like Greystones, sharrow Vale, Meersbrook, Nether edge, which have mostly Victorian houses and are near good schools and parks, and quieter, more suburban areas like Beauchief, Totley, Norton, Greenhill, Bradway, where you will find newer semis with larger gardens. Depends what you're after.
  13. Trust me on this. Don't touch them with a barge pole. Get tiles, and use a different company.
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