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  1. That's an excellent and - I would guess - quite unusual level of return on your investments? You certainly couldn't expect to see that. Don't they say 4% as a safe income?
  2. If invested wisely, you could draw down 3% of the total each year without affecting the initial amount - some would say 4% but I'm trying to be realistic. So you could take an income of £30,000 a year while maintaining the million pounds (and, if lucky, it could grow). So a 20 year-old might struggle as they would have to consider rent/working towards buying a home and any associated mortgage. Someone who has all their ducks in a row (small/no mortgage and all the possessions they could want) could make it work if they lived sensibly.
  3. I'd say your best bet from that seletion is Heeley around Tillotson Rise. Very near the nicer parts of town, easy access to the city centre and close to nice bars/restaurants/shops.
  4. Hi there, do you know if the owner is still planning to sell the building? I know lots of people are looking for spaces to open round there
  5. The impact on prices in buy-to-let student areas will be very big, which is why prices in Crookes/Walkley etc. are stagnating or dropping. That isn't the case in Meersbrook though, which isn't a student area.
  6. Not sure about Hunters Bar but previously student-heavy Crookes has seen house prices drop over the past few years, against the trend for Sheffield as a whole.
  7. I imagine any beauty salon would be suitable. Has your friend had difficulty finding one?
  8. It sounds like you want to be looking in the south-west of the city (depending on where work would be) which is well-known for its schools, good housing, relative safety and a mix of good parks etc. Be aware that all postcodes have better and worse parts, but think of Sheffield as a clock face and you won't go too far wrong with the section between 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock. S7: Nether Edge, Millhouses S8: Meersbrook, Beauchief/Abbey Lane, Norton S10: Crookes, Crosspool, Nether Green, Endcliffe, Fulwood, Ranmoor S11: Banner Cross, Ecclesall, Whirlow, Greystones, Sharrow Vale S17: Dore, Totley, Bradway
  9. I was going to suggest S2 as an option for that budget in a decentish area - perhaps around Norfolk Park but that might be pushing it. If not, perhaps further out at Handsworth.
  10. It's not the same everywhere. It's a council estate. Owner-occupied areas don't have those problems.
  11. What's your budget and what kind of house are you looking for?
  12. This sums it up to be honest. If you want to live amongst middle-class professionals (ducks to avoid thrown bricks) you're looking at most, if not all, of S10, S11, S17, parts of S8 (Meersbrook, Beauchief) and S7 (Millhouses, most of Nether Edge).
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