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  1. Hi all Today mine and a colleagues purses were stolen from the shop we work in if by any chance the person who stole them just took the money and dumped the purses and someone comes across them please please contact me it happened around west street area Many thanks
  2. Is anyone else concerned on Carlton Road that this lad has not been taking his meds again
  3. Does anyone know what's happened with the tram on middlewood road all cars have been diverted and police have blocked road off
  4. police have just loaded van up with evidence and left the house one of the items looked like a shot gun
  5. what do you sugest jobean i lived on carlton road most of my life and what iv noticed is people only talk to each other on this road when someting bad happens
  6. i thought about the cat but i dnt suppose they will keep the dad its has to be more the son they wanted
  7. i dont know them but lad likes to stand out on street every night laughing to him self
  8. you would of thought poilce would have made statement about by now its been going for over 3 hours
  9. i know one of he just waved chuckle iam not going out
  10. police women just said he has been tazerd but he is carrying on and just helmets
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