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  1. Well i don't know what other people think , but the rails that have already been replaced, especially on city road are a disgrace. The concrete that holds the rails are a disgrace with potholes every few metres Due to very bad workmanship. They were not like that before the rails were replaced and as i said before , DISGRACEFUL , And Dangerous to cyclists and motorcycles.
  2. The problem with British Gas is that they will not allow you build up any credit. They pay the whole lot back in to your account . I have told them many times to keep me in credit but they won't and this annoys me.
  3. My friend has one regularly come to his garden on Handsworth avenue, its been coming for about 3 years and yes it has a high pitched squawk.
  4. There was a waste crushing plant at Archer road coal depot in the early seventies. It belonged to the Sheffield city council and we used to tip the bin lorries household waste there. Don't know if its the same place you're looking for but hope it helps.
  5. I feel that i must share my daughters recent experience of dealing with her car insurance with Admiral. she has been with Admiral for three years having her citroen C1 insured with them on a monthly direct debit agreement. she is over forty and has never had an accident or made a claim on her insurance. she replaced her citreon C1 for a vauxhall corsa and phoned Admiral to transfer her ins on to the corsa thinking that her monthly direct debit payments would stay approx the same. what a shock she got when they increased her monthly d/debit payments from £44.50 to a staggering £71.50 for such a similar same size car. when she complained about such a huge increase she was told that it was because,as it was a new and strange car to her their was more chance of her having an accident until she got used to the car. when my daughter said that she would cancel her insurance and look elsewhere as she had already been given a quote for the vauxhall corsa online equal to her original citroen C1 ins ,Admiral relied saying that there would be a cancellation fee of £49.50 plus extra charges for days up to the cancellation day amounting to over £90. how they arrived at this figure baffles me as by paying from the first of the month i should be covered until the end of the month without any penalty charges if i cancelled before the end of the month. my daughter has reluctantly decided to stay with Admiral until her policy expires naturally so that she wont have to pay these grossly unfair charges , Admiral should rename themselves Pirate as in my opinion thats exactly what they are.
  6. Top of prince of wales road just above fairleigh, there is an original old Traction pole in the central reservation grassed area. The old section Box at the top of the steps in city road cemetery was, i believe taken from prince of wales road just below fairleigh on the left hand side, When it was in situ on prince of wales road ,the knob on the top of the box was still attached and i often wonder if it was broken off when it was removed and taken to city road cemetery.
  7. Yorkshire water will fit you a water meter free off charge. You can then try it for 12 months and if you don't like it you can go back on to your old method of paying for your water,, But the water meter is left fitted in your property and if you flit ,the new tennants have to use the water meter. I went on to a water meter and my bill dropped from 60 pounds a month to just 15 pounds a month
  8. Yes i remember Change Alley, It was just up and slightly opposite where the Odeon cinema was. I learnt to drive with the City School of Motoring that was on there in early 1963, I learned to drive in a Ford Anglia 105 E, a lovely car in those days and now a classic car.
  9. i see your point cuttsie,but we had 1000s of tons of fuel stockpiled at bernard road for domestic households [NOT FOR INDUSTRY] so this was not affecting the miners plight ,and every one of B&H FUELS drivers were laid off and having to sign on as we were caught up in their strike,because we worked from the collieries on a daily basis ,we had complete sympathy and support for the miners as we worked with them every day.
  10. Hi madsteve, i used to work at b&h 1969-1975, and i remember jack ,we got on very well together,i was driving the charrold bagging lorrys, then went on to driving the bulk tippers and blowers. When the miners strike was on, in the early 70s i used to go down to bernard rd at 6am and drive the fully loaded wagon out before the miners pickets arrived at 7am and go home with the wagon untill 8am,then i would meet your dad at clairs cafe on corner of woodbourn rd, then after a hearty breakfast we would deliver the load to customers allover sheffield, and boy did they appreciate us arriving with their coal as it was wintertime and no one was getting any home coal delivered because of the miners pickets everywhere. I can also remember us coming back to bernard rd one afternoon after delivering another one of our clandestine loads and there were hundreds of pickets and police,the pickets were going crazy to get at us and the police were trying to hold them back and shouting at me to keep going and to drive straight through them, i did this as careful as i could but the pickets were dragging the doors open but fortunately we got through without anyone getting hurt although i could feel the wagon running over their feet. The reason how they found out about us going out early with the wagon was because Bedfords tools across the road had grassed us up to the pickets.anyway we still managed to carry on delivering coal to many desperate households in the middle of a cold winter and i can remember the customers sincere appreciation that we had managed to make their delivery. well i sincerely hope that jack is still around and if so please give him my very best wishes,PAT H.
  11. my late wife and i shopped at morrisons for many years,but i now shop by myself , and seeing how the major supermarkets prices have soared i tried shopping at aldi. one day i did my weekly shop at morrisons and was surprised how much some normal everyday items had gone up in price. i went from morrisons to aldi and bought six items that i normally buy at morrisons and i saved over four pounds just on the six items,and the taste and quality was excellent. I now do most of my weekly shop at aldi and i am more than satisfied with the quality,and the savings arn't just pennies but pounds. The checkout is no problem,but easier if you use a trolly.
  12. I have been with talk talk broadband for almost two years now and no problems at all, thats why i was wondering what their mobile service is like ,as they appear to offer a very good deal and if it is ok i want to stay with talk talk. thank you for all your feedback and advice.
  13. Talk Talk mobile ,whats the service like.
  14. I am pretty certain that its the old sheffield cable tv,we have the same cables as do nearly all the older council properties all around sheffield. It was installed in the early sixties if i remember correctly and their main depot was up derbyshire lane. I think the council should come and take it all down as it is very unsightly ,plus it would rake in a lot of scrap value.
  15. I agree ming,i don't think in all the years that i was repairing cars,that i ever had to have a cast metal head skimmed,.its the alloy ones that usually need it.
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