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  1. Mod Note: Please use the Vacancy section of the classifieds or please review our recommended trades thread: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=548135 Closing.
  2. I agree good job and dont pull the performance blues
  3. I said to the oh put keys in dogs bed. He said no way they going under your pillow ha ha whats he mean with that comment
  4. Proper fab news very lucky to have it back. Wonder if the policeman is st owner himself. Hopefully see all st owners next tues at meet.
  5. Yes my oh said bet it was striped shocking id be guttered. Jay hates going to Asda he had door scratched and nearly cried
  6. Think i saw you at Asda on Friday. Joined name is helnjayzst any news on missing car?
  7. Not us ours is 5 door model will join rst later. Look out for us
  8. Its ok been called worse and its my oh car so he is a mate im helibish on twitter pics on there its pb colour St3 black alloys
  9. I will do and its on twitter now as well good luck
  10. If i was you id post everywhere join stoc there are people who post when they see ST its an owners club. Get it on twitter too i have an ST so will post as much as poss too #hide keys dont make it easy.
  11. Bless you and your family, sleep tight Rachel x
  12. so just leave them on the hall table!!! you contradicted yourself there Gymrat
  13. To Rainresecue and Dawn at Haven rescue. After some scum bag tied a dog to a fence in Woodhouse today, we called the police (crap) we called the dog warden (worse) we called RSPCA (rubbish) when we had no where else to turn, we found an angel who came and took the dog. a beautiful shar-pei cross boy, how could they just leave him. I hope they cant sleep with what they have done tying him up left in the cold it's evil. thank god we have people like rain rescue and Dawn.
  14. This is just what my OH said, we usually always have some change in the car but that day we didn't. It was just one of those things we got up that morning and instead of the usual walk around our local area we jumped in the car and went. We never thought of cash, it was just coats, hats dog do bags and lead. The post was just meant to point out that there are some decent people in Sheffield, even though we see such awful things happening. I never realised some posters would scrutinise me for having no cash.
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