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  1. Hi. I went to Firth Park school in the 1980's. I left in 1988 and wondered if anyone remembers the computer room in the science block at North building? I'm looking for any pictures, links to teachers and if anyone knew of what happened to all of the BBC micro equipment which they had? If you went to Firth Park in this period and remember the using the BBC's do let me know. :) Thanks
  2. hello cousin susan, how lovely to here from you, i'm kathleen how are your family? not heard from any one since leaving british steel corp how are you all is bernice ok yes your mum my aunty mary was my dad's sister. would love to talk to you. my phone no is O1964 501776.please ring me .bye for now, kathleen.:)
  3. MY DAD WAS FRED WALKER, yes he was head roller at spear and jackson's. It is lovely to know that somone remember's him, and he did work at idsworth road wmc club thankyou. look forward to any more messages. by for now. re; LEWIS WALKER.
  4. thankyou very much for the pictures but i do not recognise them i was there in 1950 to 1955 i had a teacher called miss Toes and miss Pitt has anyone any pictures of these classes
  5. Hi, Anyone go to Hucklow Road School in Firth Park in the 50's? Thanks
  6. Does anyone remember going to the Roxy Cinema on Idsworth road. Thanks
  7. Hello. Did anyone work there in the 60's - especally the puch room (computer room) or the Machine Room? Thanks
  8. Hi, does anyone remember Magregors at the bottom of hill of Idsworth Road?
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