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  1. Barrels of Moodshine from the Kelm Island Brewary and Jessica Alba.
  2. They should build eco-villages instead of building the sky scraper building that no one really wants. They knock down old building and build new ones and we loose our best structures. What gets me is Sheffield are building more office space, the fact is we have too much office space but its not updated and also it cost to much to rent or buy.
  3. Well that is true they don't waste enough to be a viable alternative to petrol or diesel. But it would be giving life to a product that is not usable anymore, surely that is a good thing?
  4. With the Diesel to petrol debate there is scientific proof that diesel is cleaner than petrol, for one thing it produces less CO2 gases than a petrol car. Take a look at these websites to find out: http://www.stealthtdi.com/Emissions.html http://www.nu-car.com/Diesel_Buyers_Guide/Diesel_benefits.aspx http://www.ace.mmu.ac.uk/eae/Air_Quality/Older/Cleaner_Fuels.html The thing about it is all fuels are getting cleaner so it really matter on how you use your car to which car you buy to be greener. There are always going to be for and against for which is the better fuel. But all in all the thing is, isn't it better to reduce emissions than produce more? As for bins, well in Rotherham we have two bins, a green one for garden and kitchen waste and a black bin for normal rubbish. We also have a blue box for tins and foil, glass bottles and thing, thin cardboard, and we have a blue bag for paper. I know I said 5 bins, they could be two bins and two boxes and a bag. There are always ways round things.
  5. The Bio Diesel would come from oil that fish and chip shops, takeaways and places like that. So it is been reused for something else not having to use good agricultural land to grow new crops. The thing is takeaway places waste oil, take a look at these websites: http://www.bbc.co.uk/insideout/london/series9/week_two.shtml http://www.familiesonline.co.uk/article/articleview/2855/1/52/
  6. I do believe Global Warming is an issue that the world is facing. The problem is we get govenments telling us there is global warming but are not putting as much money in as they should. It is all talking and no action. Ok so we are building wind terbines and eco housing. The problem is all the eco housing is been built down south and not up here. There is another thing that funding for eco projects or even recycling charities always gets stopped or not enough given. Its like they tell us to recycle but don't put provisions in to do it, yes ok we have green bins, blue boxs or bins to put recycling stuff in. But they onely take paper, plastic, thin cardbord and tin and foil, but no glass. At the end of the day recycling is down to money. More often than not it costs more to recycle than to prduce a new product. There is also the fact that recycling stuff gets contaminated so it can't be used and has to go to landfill. So I think we should have better recycling facilities and like a county wide recycling plants, for example south yorkshire having say 4 recycling plants one for paper and thin cardboard, one for glass, one for plastic and the other for tins, foil and drinks cans. Also us all have a 5 bin system for every house hold, there would be no excuses for mixing things up. With cars, I think people should traded there old pertol cars in for cleaner diesel ones so they could use diesel which is less polluting than petrol or use bio diesel.
  7. As we all know the government is starting a pay as you drive scheme on the most congrested roads to cut down the amout of people using them, get people onto public transport and the save the enviroment. There are a few ways they could help by saving the enviroment by giving people an incentive to buy greener cars or give people a tax break in setting up bio diesel pumps. If there are more bio diesel pumps around the country and it is cheap then most people with diesel cars will use them more. Has anyone got any other ideas or comments?
  8. Newquay is a cool place to go, your more than minutes away from attractions such as the Eden Project. To be honest its a good place to stay and surf. It has great sunsets to, Fisteral Beach is a great place to relax and enjoy. The best thing to do is base yourself in Newquay and travel to Places like St Ives or Lands End. Also a great tip is to try to get into a surfers hotel, which is cheaper than the major hotels. A cheap and chearful hotel would be The Chiffedean Hotel, great staff, great food and its family run to.
  9. I am a deaf person myself, so from my prospective there are two ways of answering this. It depends what you mean "Can deaf people hear themselves think?". Because I find there are two ways of hearing yourself think, one is talking to yourself and the other is talking in your mind, techniqually you are not talking. I believe we all hear ourselves think in our minds, its a bit like remembering things or having a creative idea. So in short deaf people and hearing people hear themselves think in the same way. Another point to everyone lip reads, we all did it when we where younger, its just that deaf people tend to be better at it because they combensate for their hearing loss.
  10. The thing that does get annoying in going to the supermarket is people who clutter up the middle of the isle. Something else that is worse if there is an offer in the paper or on an advertisement and your local supermarket does not do it, they always say "(this promotion is for bigger stores not ours)". I mean how frustating is that. The is one more that does annoy me and that is people standing at the top of the isles blocking the way for you to get down that isle. What does everyone think about the new F1 style shopping trollies Tesco are going to introduce? Personnally I think people will get frustated with them. You know something they are going to issue everyone with helmets.
  11. After reading The Da Vinci Code, which is a great book, same as Angels and Demonds both by Dan Brown. Then I was intreged about what I learnt so now I am reading The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail and there is evidence to support that J***s did exisit with other scriptures and scrolls other than the Gospils. The book is long but good, it is worth a read but at the end of the day everyone believes what they want, so at the end of the day it is up to the individual what they believe.
  12. When I was learning to drive I had a 2 hour session once a week which I found helped me. I feel if you have a hour session, it usually takes 10-15 mins to get to the destination where your going then it will be 30 mins to do the practice and then you have to go back home again. What you could try is to do two one hour sessions one week and the a two hour session the other. I am sure many driving instructors will accommodate that. at the end of the day it is how your daughter learns that will be the factor in deciding which way to go. I hope that helps.
  13. I don't think there will be ever a paperless world to be honest. Take business or a shop for that matter they all have to print a recept out which is paper. Even big businesses with the most flashy computer systems still have to have paper. The best way is to have better and more efficent recycling scemes that produce good quality printing paper and that more people recycle then there would be not much of a problem. The problem is with new technology is if you have not got the money then you can not use it or sometimes they make it too complecated to use. To make things more viable and worthwhile. You have to make it affordable for everyone and make things simpler for people to do.
  14. Well from what I can remember it was just off Leopold Street, its called something like Leopold Lane. Anyway it was down in the basement where you got all your clothes from. An interesting fact is it was the same building as they used to do hearing tests for children, I remember going every year for one. You know something its going to be turned into flats and accommodation, now that is just spooky.
  15. Anything with Ronnie barker in was great. Porgage was good but I think I spelt that wrong. Last of the Summer Wine is and still is the best. Only Fools and Houses well that goes without saying, great script and wonderful actors and actresses.
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