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  1. Soldiers aren't wasting there lives on Afghans, its presence there is merely to continue profiting from the heroin trade. There is talk to make a number of bases in Afghanistan and soldiers are immune to Afghan law for any crime.
  2. houses in disrepair go quite cheap so as an investor I wouldn't like to see this happen.
  3. They'll end up getting rid of cash and everyone will have to pay digitally as we can't be trusted thus controlling our whereabouts and access to physical credit.
  4. I like to watch a multitude not to get a biased view and can draw my own conclusions. Fox is the best though.
  5. yeah my mate gets it, just ask next time you go. -_-
  6. No just getting in when you didn't win 1st link is hamas which aren't in the egyptian elections but don't let that get in the way of your version 2nd link is about tahrir square which isn't all of egypt edit - must dash got shopping to do
  7. No i haven't read any reported incidents in egypt, i did read the ones about voting fraud in russia though. perhaps you could post some links about how widespread it is in egypt. I don't need to complain about bush getting in i just find it a joke, its was upto US citizens at the time to complain.
  8. No it wouldn't be, and i'm willing to read anything that says this is common in egypt, there may be isolated incidents. reminds of bush when he didn't win but still took office
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