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  1. You can't go saying things like that.
  2. Well if the kids know it hasn't been abandoned he should ask them as that would indicate they know something about its ownership.
  3. Out to a restaurant with friends. Back home by around 10.30 for a bottle of Champagne.
  4. 2 bombs in 2 days have hit Volgograd in the run up to the Olympic Games. It seems Russia also has Islamic terrorists who think civilians are a legitimate target. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-25546477 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/10541169/The-moment-a-bomb-blast-hits-Volgograd-train-station.html
  5. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/nigella-lawson-victim-vicious-smear-2951696 Nigella Lawson has been the victim of a vicious smear campaign masterminded by a man who used to work for Charles Saatchi, the Sunday People can reveal. Publicist Richard Hillgrove started his onslaught against the TV chef within days of the Sunday People publishing the now-infamous pictures of Saatchi grabbing his wife’s neck outside Scott’s restaurant. Hillgrove accused Nigella, 53, of *setting up the shocking pictures in collusion with a photographer and this paper in a bid to destroy her husband’s reputation. Later Hillgrove acted as a publicist for the fraud-trial Grillo sisters, overseeing “statements” in which they accused Nigella of taking cocaine regularly for 10 years. This is something Nigella *vehemently denies and neither sister was able to give evidence that they saw her taking drugs. In recent weeks he appears to have been working behind the scenes with his former advertising tycoon boss Saatchi, 70, to tip off newspapers about the drug allegations. Hillgrove has also been responsible for spreading a story that Nigella began her affair with Saatchi six months before her first husband John Diamond died of cancer in 2001 – a claim the celebrity chef has denied. The extent of the campaign orchestrated by Hillgrove – a self-styled “man with a hat” who has represented Dragons’ Den stars Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan – can be revealed for the first time following the end of the Grillo sisters’ trial. On Friday the former personal *assistants Elizabetta, 41, and Francesca, 35, were cleared of *accusations that they had defrauded Nigella and Saatchi of £685,000. Just two weeks before Nigella gave evidence at Isleworth Crown Court, West London, Hillgrove – in an apparent breach of Britain’s contempt laws – repeated the drug allegations and accused the chef of running scared.
  6. But rather better than the evidence you produced based on your own car hating principals. Why not find a bar owner who says his trade has increased now no one car park near to it any more.
  7. I notice you aren't denying you work for the council though. Perhaps this will get past the blinkers. ‘Draconian parking fees are damaging business’ in Sheffield http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/business/draconian-parking-fees-are-damaging-business-in-sheffield-1-5987415 Government minister Eric Pickles has criticised Sheffield’s parking fees - saying ‘draconian’ parking policies and ‘over-zealous’ wardens are driving shoppers away. His comments come as one struggling Sheffield retailer said increased charges had cut trade by 40 per cent. Sheffield Council recently put up on-street parking charges in the city centre by 17 per cent - and brought in Sunday and evening charges. Only bank holiday Mondays are now free. Mr Pickles said: “The quality of parking is important; it should be convenient, safe and secure. “Parking charges should be appropriate and not undermine the vitality of city and town centres and local shops. Parking enforcement should be proportionate. “Anti-car measures are driving motorists into the arms of internet retailers and out of town superstores, taking their custom with them. “Over-zealous parking wardens have inflicted real damage on local economies and given many towns and councils a bad name. “Town Halls need to ditch their anti-car dogma. Making it easier to park will help support local shops, local jobs and tourism.” He was backed by traders and motorists. Alex Mir, manager of Sa-kis on Division Street, said: “The increased charges have hit us - particularly on Sundays, which used to be free. “Our turnover on Sundays has gone down 30 to 40 per cent since the charges were brought in. People are going to Meadowhall instead.” Rob Prior, of Sheffield Motorists’ Forum, added: “I totally agree with Eric Pickles. The council only needs the money from parking charges because it is bloated with far too many people doing too little.”
  8. Clearly you live on Planet Council Employee. If you want evidence it is up at the top of this thread. It seems there are rather more folk who say the parking has impacted on their trips into Sheffield than not. It is the brick headed attitude of Sheffield Council that still haven't worked out why folk shop at Meadowhall and drink in pubs away from the city, and why pretty much anywhere in the city centre away fro West Street is a ghost town at night. I bet they still have no idea why they can't get investment for Sevenstones. It is because they ignore any evidence they don't want to hear.u
  9. As far as I know it is against forum rules to name a poster. I remember one or two who would do it as a matter of course to try to discredit a particular poster. I think most got banned.
  10. I dog would be proud if it's crap could attract a fly as quickly.
  11. Perhaps you should have given such priceless advice to John Cleese who has just been taken for £12million and has had to come out of retirement to be able to live. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2396825/John-Cleese-sells-art-memories-pay-divorce-wife.html Perhaps you should have let Mr Halibut speak for himself on the car ownership issue as it seems a bit odd to mention his ability to get around because his wife drove if in fact she didn't have access to a car with which to ferry him around..
  12. You only ever find out who owns what in a marriage when you cease to be married. I'm sure John Cleese had a lot of things that he thought were his until his wife's lawyer and the judge told him otherwise. Perhaps he should have come to you two for advice.
  13. I think any credit application goes on your credit score, but certainly an application to get a payday loan is a reflection of your ability to pay your way. Going back to the interest rates. I can see a slight snag here. 2013. Man goes in to Wonga on Monday to borrow 50 quid till Friday. They say no problem that'll cost you £20. 2014. Man goes in to Wonga on Monday to borrow 50 quid till Friday. They say sod off it isn't worth the hassle. Man gets beaten up by his bookie.
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