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  1. Similar case to you, 3 years ago. The old dear fell, broke a hip. hospitalised against her will. (Yes, even with a broken hip!) The old boy, totally gaga with dementia, couldn't cope, and neither could we with him. He couldn't even remember who his wife was at that time. We started contacting social services, but it was over a bank holiday weekend - forget it. Once they did respond - took 4 days - they confirmed there were no home spaces available. Managed to contact their GP, and sighed relief - at last, he'd surely manage something. Nope. Same story. He eventually suggested the same as you stated above. "Don't quote me, but ring 999, claim he's hurt himself in some way, and leave 'em to it." Like you, we didn't want to, and didn't. Things were sorted within a few more days, presumably because some poor soul in a home lost his/her fight for life. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but.... Good luck. My heart goes out to you.
  2. Well, that's one point of view I suppose!
  3. I'll have a pint of whatever that line painter's had...
  4. Just read that the English cricket team have appointed Novak as the temporary coach. Not that he's any experience in the game... it's just that it took two weeks for the Aussies to get him out.
  5. We call it a lift over here. An elevator over there. I guess we're just raised differently.
  6. By the way, did you notice there's another pigeon in the photo? Well, it's either another pigeon or a hell of a dent made by the first's bad landing...
  7. Can I ask for clarification, please? When you state "having a fag", in what context? Public school, or dog end?
  8. Yes. I know. You've never spotted anybody "sampling" things in a supermarket before buying?! Yes, disgusting, but it does happen.
  9. I read that the supermarket chain are scrapping the 'use by' date on their milk containers, and are suggesting that we sniff it instead. I hope they're not suggesting we do that in the shop before actual purchase, as the seal might be broken by the previous sniffer who then decided to put it back!
  10. You're no doubt aware that you can get credit cards bearing different images nowadays. There's a Mastercard issue with an image of a certain Serbian on it, endorsed with "Accepted across the world" and "when your visa isn't"....
  11. Australia : "No one can enter without vaccination!" Novak : "I understood No.1 can enter without vaccination" Confusion explained.
  12. "Phone call for you, Prime Minister" "Who is it?" "Says his name's Andy, sir. Says he's got some advice... " "Very well...put him through..." "Hi. It's Andy here. Y'know, the one from Windsor. Look, let me give you some tips on how to handle all this stuff. First of all, you weren't there. If that doesn't work, tell 'em that you were there but that you'd stumbled on it by accident. If that doesn't work either, say that you thought it was just a business meeting or work session. However if you're really stuck and none of these work, tell them you were having a pizza with me at the time, and I'll back you up. Good luck, ol' boy...."
  13. "And welcome back to Family Fortunes, viewers! And welcome to our next competitor... your name, sir?" "Novak" "Welcome, Novak. Are you ready for the next question?" "Serve away...." "We asked one hundred people to name something you get from Australia...." You said "Deported"
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