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  1. And just for Padders, my final one for 2023.... Bloke, staring at his grubby T-shirt : "Just going to pop this in the wash, m'duck. What temperature do you think?" Wife :" Well...what's it say on the shirt?" Bloke : "Pink Floyd..."
  2. Dear Padders. Christmas again. Weather here. Wish you were fine. Off home again to Esbjerg on Tuesday, so won't be seeing you until sometime in 2024. Might send you a card. Then again.... Crappy Histmas to you...
  3. I tend to give dinner a miss on Saturdays, a habit I got into when I lived abroad.
  4. You must've had a different English teacher to me in that case.
  5. Presumably he wants people to read and react to his posts, as do you. What better way to generate a response by making them legible?
  6. Poached egg - maybe two? - on toast. Just right when you fancy it...
  7. What do I think? I tend to skate over reading your posts because they're so bloody difficult to read! Please - please! - slow down when you're typing! Every time you type a comma, leave a space after it. Also try and put a full stop in now and then! And the odd capital letter wouldn't go amiss either! I'm sure your posts are interesting! Just make 'em easier to read!
  8. Give a mate a call, and get your backside to a nearby pub. Have a few jars with good company and in nice, hopefully cosy, surroundings. Maybe not the best advice, but certainly better than dialling ...........
  9. Beef and tomato Pot Noodle for me, with a teaspoonful of Marmite stirred in as the boiling water's added. Wonderful.
  10. That reminds me of a relative from many years ago, who used to claim that he was "younger than his hair but older than his teeth"
  11. Don't tell user longcol! He reckons "Shoplifting reports to the police equate to as near as damn it one event per retail outlet per year." (He'll probably just claim you're lying....)
  12. I seem to remember reading that stamps could be regarded as legal currency?
  13. Remember this one? https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/thomas-buckett-teenage-burglars-family-5515886 Didn't work out well, I'm pleased to say.
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