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  1. I'll ignore the lack of question mark and inverted commas at the end of your last joke, as I'm certain you were trying to bait me to reply. And I did! Right, boys, girls, those who haven't decided yet.... I'm starting off tonight for Esbjerg for the summer, so I'll maybe catch up with you all later this year. In the meantime, stay safe, stay sober, and stay silly.
  2. Many thanks - I hadn't been able to solve it other than by uninstalling each USB host controller and rebooting - and who wants to do that every time?! - so a permanent solution will be welcome!
  3. Purely out of interest, anybody know/have siblings born in the same year, but not a twin? Obviously child #2 would have to be conceived sometime in January/February/early March. Just wondering how rare an event it is...
  4. I'm afraid so. No kiss under the balls for you...
  5. Yes. "Just found out your Oirish." "You're."
  6. "George! George!" "Yes, dear?" "You're going to have to have words with young Patrick....y'know, the dad talk. Look what I've just found hidden under his bed!" George looked at the magazine cover, thought "They're magnificent!", but actually said "Tut, tut. Disgraceful!" A few hours went by, and George wandered upstairs to talk to his son. "Patrick...we need a few words, please... Your mother has found some ...erm... art magazines in your bedroom, and has asked me to have a little talk with you. Now you're not very old, but eyesight is to be valued, and it's said that too much of.....of....this....tends to make you go blind...." "Dad... I'm over here..."
  7. FoxLady


    Forget the aftershave. Instead, pawn the Ferrari, grab the cash, and then stand outside the pawnbrokers throwing a few tenners about. Word will soon get around, and you'll find lots of females rushing to the pawnbroker's sign. If you're lucky, you might get kissed beneath the balls.
  8. I was born and raised in Eire, a Protestant in a predominantly Catholic country. The family then moved to the North, but as it was "heard" that we'd moved from the south, it was assumed that we were Catholic. If you're wondering why I felt the need to bring religion into it, it is essentially the cause behind all the problems. Forget politics. At the base, it's religion. We experienced more bigotry and sheer bloody-mindedness from "our own side" in the north than we ever experienced in the Republic. Although the likes of Paisley are gone, there's an attitude that still resides - they consider themselves more "British" than you probably are. A united Ireland? Not in my lifetime, I suspect...
  9. FoxLady

    Fresh Sea Air.

    Tsk, tsk..... "They're"....
  10. I was once assured that there are more people alive today than the total number of people who've died added together. 1) I'm not sure I believed that then, or now, and 2) I'm not sure the informant did either, and 3) I'm not sure I really grasped what he meant.
  11. "Knees," quote an ageing relative, "are a pain in the arse..."
  12. Will it affect Uranus?
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