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  1. Probably not, as you say....but what I'm getting at is.... You'd spot it, and think "Brilliant invention", or "Great idea putting it there", or even "Hope I never have to use it!". By what measure would the thought be "Trash it"? Well, if he does end up getting publicity/notoriety, let's hope it follows him when he tries to apply for jobs, etc., and is treated accordingly. And his cretinous girlfriend as well.
  2. That's true. But I'd still like to understand his so-called "thought" process. Y'know, he's just walking past, spotted the defib on the wall, and then what....? Simply "I could smash that"? If so, why?
  3. I'd just like to hear the reply when asked "Give me the reason why you did it, or even thought of doing it?"
  4. The mind boggles. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-57466276
  5. That show? Which show? Ah. That show! (Ta!)
  6. If you are thinking that your job is pointless, just remember that there's a bloke somewhere in Germany who puts indicators in BMWs. Did you know that Yul Brynner was a lifelong Liverpool FC fan, and that he never wore aftershave in his entire life? That's right.... Yul never wore cologne.
  7. Even if true, he's nearly 32? He'd not be wearing it for very long.
  8. Think you mean "non-public sector, don't you?! If you actually mean none - as in zero - you're arguing against yourself!
  9. I'd have thought so too, cressida. I'm sure the Co-op wouldn't condone their staff swearing at a customer. But it's OK- Makapaka says we'll get over it.
  10. Really? I hadn't heard that. Edit : Not so sure that's right - no mention of shop shelf-filling on this. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own#exemptions
  11. No matter what your opinion on the current situation, I've just witnessed a disgraceful scene in our local Co-op store. Two of the staff were unmasked in the store, ostensibly shelf-filling. A customer entered, and loudly commented that the rules regarding the wearing of masks applied not only to customers, but also to staff when not positioned behind their till screens. A loud exchange followed, with one of the unmasked staff members stating that she was exempt. The customer then asked how anyone was supposed to know? It all got a bit fractious, before the girl - now back behind her till screen, but still very audible - responded with "Shut up, you fat b*****d". Not nice to witness.
  12. There's a little win for you today if you're quick enough.
  13. Perhaps you'd like to show the later retraction, then? Oh. You can't.
  14. It has a reputation of being a bit "clicky". To coin a oft-used phrase, if her face fits, she'd be fine.
  15. Why would anybody blame or attack me for a so-called Sheffield variant?! With regard to the other, why not just say "delta variant"? Why the additional tag on the end?
  16. Remember the old adage "why waste 10 words when 2 will do?" We called it "the Indian variant" for about a fortnight, before somebody somewhere decided to take umbrage at the expression, forcing us now to hear "the delta variant, thought to have originated in India". Very irritating.
  17. Hooray! After all these years, it's actually happened! Answered the landline a few minutes ago, extremely cautious as 'number withheld' shown. I gave my number. "Who's speaking?" came the response. Now, I don't know about you, but that question tends to rile me. Do they want my name, or my employer's company name? Instead, I repeated my number. "Tell me, is that XYZ Ltd?" he asked. "No, it's not. It's [my number]" again. This time, the caller repeated my number back to me, and then followed with an very indignant "You're not XYZ Ltd? Well, that's the number I've got." A momentary pause. Was he reflecting on what he'd just asked?! Nope. I then delivered the line that I've been waiting to say for years - "Oh! Hang on! It must be me who's wrong!" Marvellous!
  18. Ah. Oh dear. "And some fell on stony ground".
  19. I understood Bells was regarded as 'the pits'? Have to say they all taste the same to me, except one - and that turns out to be an Irish one.
  20. Yes, my beloved still boarded - said it was a perfect day out. The plan had been to get to the coast if the weather was OK (unlike 2019, when it was like a winter's day!) or York if not so clever. Shame I had to pull out - turned out an expensive day, but these things happen.
  21. Marmite, with cress out of the fridge.
  22. "Oh! By the way! On your way back (from all these offices you've been to in the last few days), can you call in this one and ask for Uncle Ben?" "Of course! Why not?! After all, I've been sent all over the place in the last few jokes, so what's one more? So - Uncle Ben, huh? Don't tell me - let me guess. He's not your uncle, and his name's not really Ben either?" "Correct! He's neither my uncle, nor a Ben! I'm not sure what his name actually is, but everyone knows him as Uncle Ben." Dare I ask? He loves rice? "Not as far as I know, no." "Go on then - why? "He had a cyst removed from down there.... y'know.... "boil in the bag" "Oh! If Uncle Ben's not there, ask to speak to The Clock." "The Clock?" "Yes. You'll spot him. Big bloke, dark hair. Got one hand bigger than the other..."
  23. Think I recognise Chris Barrett and Pete Cowen now as well. Trying to put long-forgotten names to long-forgotten faces isn't easy.
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