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  1. Thanks, SPF record, DKIM, DMARC setup, im getting a dns report organised from redsift.com free trial which says takes 24 hours. email address is fine, block lists checked. Authentication checked. Agreed it can be many thing hence the single question to rule out in the OP
  2. I'm using an smtp program, outlook and iphone, going through a node4 mail servers thanks. I am having issues and so are my colleagues via their mobiles and home based internet connections, cheers
  3. Hi, I have been having a problem for a week or so where email don't seem to be getting through to people with btinternet.com email addresses. All the other domains like gmail etc get through. Anyone else experiencing problems with getting through to btinternet.com email addresses?
  4. Temporary kitchens for the authorities and forces use vast amounts of single use cutlery so it would be a great way of cutting down the non re-usable waste.
  5. I had my house door locks changed after some burglaries close by and can fully recommend Shefflock who are Sheffield based locksmiths. The same key also fits the back gate padlock and the garage door so I'm jingly free. I am also getting a quote for a new composite door and new upvc windows, just got to go through the vast number of colours and styles. 0114 442 6200. They are on the web locksmith Sheffield
  6. Depending on the keys working, a great outcome. Well done on your persistence and negotiation skills.
  7. I know businesses that have been distributing throughout July with no problems. For residents safety the obvious points of minimal contact with the leaflets and regular hand washing is a good idea.
  8. David has been busy in the area for at least 20 years and knows very well how little the land has been maintained in the Attercliffe area. Clive Betts has been asked to attend to countless meetings with residents and business owners and achieved nothing for decades.
  9. I don't drive into city centres because they are complicated with fines for being in the wrong lane, inappropriate signage, too fast, have cramped parking areas, tight manoeuvring around obstacles and varied inconsistent restrictions. Get around those and i would be happy to use the City centre again.
  10. I would say communication is the key to a successful relationship. If this gets lost then its time for a new tenant.
  11. Looks like we have goldfish for planners. Building next to rivers a few centuries ago was a good thing, now its the complete reverse. Should be be building anything within a kilometre of a waterway?
  12. If you see bad driving are you advocating boycotting road use? Boycotting social media will make you feel better but won't change anything. Learning how to deal with what's appropriate and not appropriate has become more of a necessary life skill.
  13. At a time when the emergency services are stretched to breaking point the last thing anyone needs is to be involved in a road accident. Carry on doing your bit by demonstrating considerate driving. Over the last 2 years we have had the highest number of children killed or seriously injured on English roads behind Birmingham and Leeds.
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