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  1. The fact the OP can't even get his name right tells you everything, doesn't it. Naseem Ahmed??! Personally i do see him as a local hero. He inspired a whole generation of kids that would otherwise have gone down the wrong route in life. Saw this firsthand at Brendan's gym. Probably contributed far more positively and meaningfully to society than anyone on this thread in all honesty, but there seems to be a lot of judging on the guy. for some reason. Probably more than we judge our corrupt politicians ironically!
  2. viewed a house once with a similar setup. The seller assured me no one ever went through his garden to access their back doors. But mind you, he coincidentally did have what looked like a wolf in his back garden, so not surprised!! As i had no plans to get a dog, i didn't put an offer in.
  3. Your advice to just do it yourself makes a bit more sense in context now i suppose, but very few people would have the time, expertise, confidence etc to do what you are suggesting. But good on you, if it worked for you, why not.
  4. thank you for making me laugh! Not seen someone follow a completely subjective opinion with "fact" for a while on here. I thought people stopped doing that after getting routinely ridiculed, but good to see you are trying to keep the tradition alive!! 🤣
  5. funny thing is if you read the Star or Twitter, you'd think the parking issues/lack of enforcement only occurs in our multi culture-free areas! But that's because it tends to be middle aged cyclists or middle class mums doing the complaining. So in summery, 'petty laws' don't seem to apply anywhere or to anyone across the city. Which in itself is rubbish, because of course they do. But the chance of getting caught is small and potential fines almost meaningless so definitely worth the risk whether its parking on double yellows on Burngreave Road or Sandygate Road!
  6. much better of going to small independents if all the national are OOS. I would try Richardsons DIY in Firth Park.
  7. To be fair to the poster, if you didn't clarify you weren't being serious, I would have though the same. Perhaps add (!) to the end of the exclamatory sentence to signify sarcasm.
  8. Ah! Must have misread or most likely misremembered. That's good to know then.
  9. Got letter a few week ago saying they will take double next payment to make up for 'missed' payment. But they didn't! Just the normal monthly amount. What a debacle. Wish i had kept the letter as i would just make the payment myself. I have no trust in this cowboy outfit to not turn around and say somehow this is my fault for missing a payment!
  10. not sure there are many areas of Sheffield (or any other major city tbf) where this isn't the case. true some roads seem to attract more of these cretins than others but until the authorities get serious about after market super loud exhausts and general speeding, nothing will change. Last time i rang 111 to report someone doing laps of my estate, well in excess of the speed limit with the exhaust noise rattling my windows, the operators question was "how can i be sure the car is exceeding the speed limit?" !!
  11. I assume you are using your personal car for employer business and are questioning only getting £12 back for covering 120 miles? if that's the case then yes, £12 is way off. Been a while since i had to do this but according to the Gov website its £0.45 per mile (caveats permitting). Got to admit i found your question/statement(?) quite difficult to decipher and still not completely sure i have understood fully!
  12. What a load of codswallop pal! I see the traffic wardens in their little electric Zoe's, orange lights on, all the time as I drive through the areas mentioned quite frequently, dishing out tickets. But despite the tickets people will still park illegally for the sake of selfishness NOT because they are given free reign to, as you claim. I see just as much bad/illegal parking across many areas of Sheffield. Some of the most stupidly dangerous is normally a £70K Range Rover parked right across a pavement or on corner of a junction, completely blocking turning view for all other drivers. Do you know if there is an active edict from the "bosses" to let Range Rovers off to encourage British car manufacturing by any chance??! 😉
  13. mine is normally 1st of month, but online banking app is saying it is now scheduled for 4th. Let's hope there aren't too many people spending the surplus dough, thinking the council tax has already gone out!
  14. (as i found out much later through word of mouth) the owner is a landlord of hundreds of properties in Sheffield, almost all auction cash purchases so that wouldn't have worked either. Hence why he couldn't care less about the state of the property or his tenants as long as the rent kept coming in.
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