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  1. Yes but it was hugely entertaining!! 😊😉 almost miss some of the characters with their ridiculous opinions.
  2. there was a time that this question would have set the forum alight. now it just highlights the barren land that the forum has unfortunately now become. PS I'd go with Shiregreen but depends very much where. Parts of it are no better than Page Hall.
  3. the vast majority of people aren't confused. But the intended audience of this video most definitely are, given physical evidence. Not sure it'll make much difference as i think the problem isn't education in so much as pure laziness but i think this video is a positive step forward.
  4. can't believe he is not going for it again. The best thing to happen to Sheffield in a long time. Brilliant use of social media to raise awareness of certain things. Made a very nondescript job , with absolutely no power or influence, actually seem modestly exciting for a short time. And his mere presence annoyed racists and bigots along the way so what's not to like!!
  5. It is just an opinion, i agree. But i promise you The Star would not have dared to publish that letter if the dead occupants of the car would have been your typical S11 family and the opinion-giver someone typical the darnall area. People would have been flooding the Star with complaints of insensitively and a lack of moral compassion for the deceased. The letter writer would have been called far worse than a the standard "nut job" believe me.
  6. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. Absolutely seething. The Star falls to a disgusting new low. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/your-say/your-say-bower-brothers-1-9577908 Multiple people dead including a child and John C Fowler from S11 has the audacity to say the murdering Bower brothers are not be blamed but their environment. And unbelievably the Star published it. What about the victims' families still trying to recover from this event? How would you feel if your family was wiped out by these two and you had to read this?? I may send a letter on how i would prefer S11 to be under Caliphate rule. Let the Star publish that. I suspect the disgust there would be far greater than shown towards this lunatic and his views and indeed the Bower brothers generally.
  7. Sheffield isn't 'big' like Manchester or London, so why would you expect big firework displays??
  8. Don't say that please!! we prefer when we have an obvious & distinct group of people to target. Taxi drivers being a favourite as they are all the same anyway. By saying 'private cars' you make it sound like they were all different people, with their own minds, and not working as a collective 😉
  9. i would say so. Been a couple of times and the grilled chicken has always been nice. wings are particularly good.
  10. UPDATE - Two men will appear in court today charged in connection to a collision in Darnall, in which four people were killed. Elliott Bower, 18, of Harborough Avenue, the driver of the vehicle involved in the collision, has been charged with four counts of causing death by dangerous driving and three counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. He is also charged with handling stolen goods and possession of cannabis. Declan Bower, 23, of Harborough Avenue, has been charged with aggravated vehicle taking and death caused by an accident with aggravated factors. He is also charged with handing stolen goods, two counts of driving while disqualified, two counts of driving without insurance, possession of a bladed article and possession of cannabis.
  11. Not sure anyone's got 45 minutes spare to ring 101. Only to be told, when you finally get through, its one of the many many things the police don't deal with anymore.
  12. How sure are you ACS means Afro Caribbean students? Did you ask the business? I have my doubts, but if this is true, it's not on and it's not legal. But i'll reserve judgment until I've been in and had it confirmed.
  13. 100%. Having lived and worked in 3 other major cities of the UK, my conclusion is Sheffield's road planning is done by a troop of monkeys.
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