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  1. mine is normally 1st of month, but online banking app is saying it is now scheduled for 4th. Let's hope there aren't too many people spending the surplus dough, thinking the council tax has already gone out!
  2. (as i found out much later through word of mouth) the owner is a landlord of hundreds of properties in Sheffield, almost all auction cash purchases so that wouldn't have worked either. Hence why he couldn't care less about the state of the property or his tenants as long as the rent kept coming in.
  3. This can be a waste of money sometimes. I had an issue with a nearby rented property one time (been on rent for almost 10 years one and off). Paid the £3 for the ownership details. Turns out the owner was registered at that address. So I didn't get very far in tracking him down!
  4. Wow. How delightfully ignorant some people can be. Must be lovely to be so brain-dead.
  5. I wish being registered with TPS made a blind bit of difference! So am I but everyday I get at least 1 unsolicited message and lord knows how many phone calls, almost always from 0114 to make you think someone local is calling you. But my philosophy is that life's too short to worry about such trivial things.
  6. always looks dead every time i drive past now. Think people have finally ran out of thrash to throw away.
  7. It's mad isn't it. During the height of covid the police raided funerals and fined grieving families if there was more than the small number of allowed people, yet when the so called gypsy king of Sheffield died, literally hundreds of people attended the funeral and hundreds rode down in convey blocking roads with quads and bikes and 4x4's,revving the life out of the machines. And what did the police do despite phone calls from worried residents? Nothing. absolutely zilch. Makes me sick knowing part of my council tax is going to SYP.
  8. My understanding is yes it is. BUT you can leave (effectively cancel your contract) if you are not happy to pay the increase. Sky are the worst for doing this. Mine seems to go up by a few quid every 6 months.
  9. Couldn't agree more. What's worse is aside from the two you mention, there are 3 other temp lights that have gone up within a mile or so of the Barnsley Road works. Pavement dug up, lights put in, havoc caused and not a workman to be seen. I am sure the usual apologist brigade will be around shortly to defend the road/pavement/gas works and explain how it is far too dangerous for people to work on the pavements as cars and buses are going up and down so they only work between 3 and 5am or how it's an extremely difficult job requiring genius level engineering skills and those people are in short supply. funny thing is only the other day, residents in the 'posher' end of town rose up and complained as the gas works meant they couldn't park outside their own homes! I suspect the engineering geniuses are all huddled over there, trying to get it sorted because many of those residents over there will know someone with a bit of clout in the council.
  10. haha why take it so personally? 🙂 The talking down is for the entertainment value. And not sure they are "nobodies". They are all pretty accomplished in their field of quizzing.
  11. Ok. if you insist. You are incorrect. The terminology used in the Star is correct (never thought I'd be saying that!) I assume you are new to Sheffield...?
  12. didn't know him at all, but sounds like a very decent human being.
  13. Oh gosh, no. Not saying that AT ALL in any way, shape or form. My comment was in relation to a specific point the OP made. Sorry i didn't make it clear enough for you to understand.
  14. That's why. Whole different ball game. Random 'stuff' happens and more likely than not in the western world, the culprit is white but you wouldn't know because it doesn't make the news. This obviously caught your eye. If (for example) there was any indication it was a terrorist attack it would be front page news worldwide because it is no longer random.
  15. i don't think its 'bad' at all. i used to live near there. its got lots of things going for it but then a few things going against it. What "bad reputation" have you heard about exactly?
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