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  1. bassguitar

    Recommendations for good letting agent

    Sheffield city centre
  2. Hi, I'm a Sheffield landlord and have always managed my own properties, but I'm now considering having an agent to do this for me. My previous experiences elsewhere, regarding this haven't been great. So I'm looking for some recommendations from Sheffield landlords that are happy with the service provided by their agents and hopefully this will help with my search. Thank you all so much for reading my post
  3. Hi I'm looking for a company who will be port of call for tenants if there is a repair needed or a problem. Also to deal with any legal notices, inventory. No tenant find or contracts needed. All property currently tenanted Thank you
  4. Thank you so much for the recommendation Jeffrey
  5. Help. I need some repairs to wooden window frames in Sheffield , to help them close properly and to fit some restrictors to prevent anyone falling out. I don't know who to ask, can anyone recommend ?
  6. bassguitar

    Advice on price for new consumer unit

    Thank you for all your help and advice i have employed an electrician now
  7. Can anyone tell me a ball park figure for fitting a consumer unit in replacement of an old fuse box? It's for a 2 bed flat, to incorporate lighting, power sockets, immersion heater, shower and cooker
  8. Can anyone recommend anyone who can repair an integrated fridge freezer in a Sheffield city centre apartment. I've looked at previous threads but there is nothing recent , only rather old posts. Thanks
  9. Can anyone recommend someone who is able to service the electric hot water cylinders in Sheffield City apartments? Some are vented and some are unvented. Ideally they need checking each year, and if necessary any repairs need to be made. We currently have a vented cylinder which is not working and have had considerable problems in finding the right tradesman to fix it. I understand that this is not a regular plumbing job We were told to phone the manufacturer who asked for £228 up front to send someone out to fix it. Now he has been to the property we have been told that was a call out fee and have been sent a report on what needs fixing! So we are looking for a reliable local person who can help please ---------- Post added 08-11-2016 at 04:18 ---------- Thank you for reply regarding the unvented cylinder which I will respond to. However, I still have the problem of fixing the vented hot water tanks. I don't understand th difference and why a tradesman can fix one but not the other? Can anyone help with these please?
  10. P & M Domestic appliance repairs ( & sales ) 0114 255 6866. I've found them to be reliable and reasonably priced
  11. bassguitar

    Hard wired smoke alarm replacement

    Thank you everyone. Turns out that my tenant bought a new back up battery and all is well now!
  12. bassguitar

    Hard wired smoke alarm replacement

    Thank you for your advice bungleboy69
  13. My tenant reports that the hard wired smoke alarm keeps beeping. I've googled this and it says as it's 10 years ols it needs replacing and it's as easy as replacing a battery one. Is this something my tenant might do or do I need an electrician.? I'm not in the area so can't change this myself.
  14. bassguitar

    Storage heaters

    Thank you. I would like you to look but this is urgent as the lady has 2 young children and no heating. Any chance of a quick look? Or anyone else that could help as I certainly don't want to leave them in the cold over Christmas Thank you

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