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  1. If you have been blessed with offspring, do you think you have made a successful job of raising them? Not a sarcastic question, but an honest one.
  2. I see. So my parenting skills are laughable are they? Do you have a Google link for that?
  3. Liz McDonald. Never liked her and my advice would be to tell Mick to go back to Brookside.
  4. Are you now saying I'm ignorant? I've given you proof that's called personal experience. I agree this could have as much clout as the studies. But it's just as worthy as any stranger saying different. My methodology and test criteria and control group has appeared over sixty years, with two normal functioning children and several normally functioning grandchildren. No damage, no harm. Now you prove otherwise seeing as you believe me to be ignorant and incapable of producing normal and healthy unharmed offspring, even after taking them to shops that have boys and girls sections. It's a bit like me telling you your meat and potato pie looks undercooked, even though you've been baking them for years. You can't prove it, however hard you try or no matter how many times you call me ignorant. You really can't.
  5. Yes I do. And the reason for this is because others findings are unproven. Can't you get that? If there was one single shread of firm concrete proven evidence that shows undoubtedly that gender stereotyping causes lasting and harmful damage to an individual, then I would lay down and say OK. But there isn't. Just studies and alleged thoughts that it does. So calling upon personal experience IS relevant. Unless you can prove otherwise. X
  6. Or some idiot that peddles a bike around? Same thing really. It's like marmite. I'm not a footie fan either. I can't argue that he was voted to win, because he was. I'm just not a fan. X
  7. Oh for the love of God!!!!! Of course it's a myth FGS!!!! How can they prove it? They can't, which is my point. (That's why I said "claim") The search engines are a minefield of results, not always correct either. It's all claims claims and more claims. Concrete evidence is something that is unchallengeable. I will leave out any references to this so you can have a little fiddle too xx
  8. Smart price beans are like ammunition. Stay clear, stick to Heinz.
  9. A very interesting question. We are all aware of the scientific research with this subject, and to be fair science does have an actual physical thing to touch, monitor and attempt repair by people who are more than capable of doing the job, so yes Halibut, I do believe in global warming. Now when you get people who claim to be able to read the mindset of other people, that's where my belief in science becomes questionable. Our amazing brain reading scientists claim we only use 10% of our noggins. How they know this is questionable. There is absolutely no concrete evidence anywhere in the world that can prove a person and their thought process can be changed by outside forces. Granted, there may be studies and so-forth but nothing to say "That person is X because of Y" , unlike global warming which is physically proved. So what's your point?
  10. Thank you. I'm glad you've seen sense. See, there's no need for Google is there? Just ask the people who've been around a little. Life skills are worth ten times that of a silly focus group x
  11. If it's the weeks shop, a car is very useful over the bus or bike. Milk or bread through the week is probably better on foot or on the bike.
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