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  1. I hadn't seen the Aqueduct on Google Maps, thank you! The lakes do seem to be on flatish ground, however there's a bit of a slope just to the west of the lakes.
  2. Hi both, I can't view it in real life sadly, so would really appreciate some further specific info about it - seems relatively interesting. Hibbsy, before reading your post I was just thinking how it almost looks like Emperor Lake and Ring Pond may feed into the fountain. But again, without really paying close attention to it, I can't see if that is true/possible/most definitely impossible. The forest between the estate and the Lake would be quite a good buffer I'd imagine - unless again, I'm misreading the incline totally. Also, what has happened to Swiss Lake? Looks all dried up on Google Maps. Is it a feeder to the Emperor Lake and Ring Pond?
  3. If you don't know anyone there then it is likely a scam call. Popular one is to call and say your package is caught in customs etc...
  4. Could it be that his/her inbox is full? I think that used to be a thing, years ago
  5. While I agree it doesn't show they believe a particular race is superior to another, it does meet the first definition that you provided. It is showing discrimination or prejudice against people of other races. It isn't a discussion about racism against white, or BME peoples. It is a discussion on creating an anti-racist Student Union. The issue doesn't appear to be who the victim is, but rather the issue itself, which seems the correct way to tackle things. Can't work out why it isn't open to everyone, regardless of race/ethnicity. In fact, I can't work out why it specifically mentioned which races/ethnic groups were welcome.
  6. Hi Alan, I'm not sure if we are talking about the same thing, but I've used like strips of a magnetic tape to stick to a yoga mat, that then sticks to the side of my car door to prevent people parking next to me dinging my door with theirs. Credit goes to my neighbour for this, he did it first! Very useful stuff.
  7. Wow, that Chicago website looks much more attractive! Why did they cut up the one at Woodside? Haven't been or heard of it before.
  8. Today, the thing that annoys me is people who say "sorry for the long email". It just annoys me because: - if it is important and valid, then my literacy skills will cope - if it not important and/or contains useless info, then don't send it
  9. Others have mentioned already about uniforms being a leveler (and I agree that it is crazy that some uniforms are very expensive) and linked to working society beyond school but there are a few more angles that also show other needs/reasons for a school uniform: - Conformity. To create a more level playing field in terms of some very basic equity and equality. Schools where I am also provide uniform allowances (grants) to parents that are earning below a certain income. - Identity/sense of pride. Often schools try to create a sense of common identity. This can also be a great strategy moving forward in terms of alumni connections. Uniform is a small but effective way to begin to create a common school identity and culture. Not, by any means, the only way though. - Common values. Very linked to identity but this is one way in which schools try to create a common set of values i.e. a mini society. This includes rules such as piercing and hair dye, even to the point where some haircuts are prohibited. Again, there are many other ways to create common values, and even an argument that common values are worrying. - Branding/identification. Having students in uniform can help identify them - from a disciplinarian perspective it can create a sense of accountability (there are many other ways to do this). It is also a very useful branding/image exercise for the school. So, I think there are several reasons/needs for a uniform. A well organised and run school may/can achieve the above without a need for a uniform. Other schools, including those well established and brand new, find a uniform a quick and easy tool to help them. I'm not claiming that these reasons are all valid/exclusive but there are reasons for uniforms.
  10. I think alchresearch is a Citroen specialist, but I'm not sure and have never used him/her! He/she already commented on your post though.
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