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  1. If you don't know anyone there then it is likely a scam call. Popular one is to call and say your package is caught in customs etc...
  2. Apologies RiffRaff. I also saw this today, seems they are increasingly under a bit of pressure to conform: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/30/catastrophe-sweden-coronavirus-stoicism-lockdown-europe Headline is "'They are leading us to catastrophe': Sweden's coronavirus stoicism begins to jar"
  3. I apologize in advance if this has been shared on here before, but Sweden is going for a slightly "Non lockdown" version: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-52076293 Essentially it is still following the same isolation/quarantine advice however it is much more down to the individual rather than state-responsibility to enforce.
  4. I did a very brief bit of digging on pandemics... Some did go away through isolation and therefore preventing transmission (e.g. Black Death, Cholera, SARS) while others relied on immunity (small pox in South and Central America) and/or vaccine (smallpox mk2 in Europe). So I wouldn't agree the answer is zero, and I wouldn't say that they spontaneously finish either. However, I do think transmission of the virus can be halted and hotter temperatures (at least where I am) will also hold it back. https://www.history.com/news/pandemics-end-plague-cholera-black-death-smallpox
  5. No I don't think it is... Malaria is still a massive killer, but it has been possible to eradicate it from certain areas, and it is possible to eradicate it globally if we wanted.
  6. Is that true though? I thought with high temps it won't survive. As long as people recover, and no new people get it, won't the virus go away? Barring another bat soup incident of course..
  7. Hey all, I've been following this thread for a number of weeks, but didn't follow it recently. Sorry to hear that Sheffield is now affected. Without trawling through the posts that I missed, I thought I'd offer advice if anyone would like it. I've been working from home for 7 weeks now. Each week brought a different challenge and opportunity. If there are any questions you'd like to know the answer to - then please do ask. Maybe some basics: - I'm pro-masks. Happy to debate this if you would like, however ever since SARS myself and the general population here has been pro-masks. - I really self-quarantine myself. Zero trips outside the house unless it is necessary. This has brought a huge change in my lifestyle, as I'm now cooking at home... One or two food poisoning issues but I'm alive. - I've really struggled trying to convey the same message to some of my family members (who don't live with me). This includes family here and in the UK, although the family in the UK finally came around about 3 weeks ago. - I was pretty inactive on the sofa for weeks 1-3. Please don't be. I'm now trying to get out the house, and even doing some exercise in the house. Try to keep active and as healthy as possible. Anyway, any questions - please go for it!
  8. Could it be that his/her inbox is full? I think that used to be a thing, years ago
  9. I agree with this. I'd even go so far as to say that if the Chinese authorities had been quicker to react, it wouldn't have spread to the extent it has.
  10. Linked to that Fools, its been really incredible to see the rise of online shopping and delivery here. Even I'm doing it! I can order groceries and everyday essentials and it arrives within a few days. Delivery drivers are in short demand at the moment and are being paid above average at the moment.
  11. but I can see how an increase in demand would result in a shortage or scarcity of something. Even if just in the short term or with some geographic variation. Similar to the toilet roll panic buying. It is crazy and irrational when considered across the whole of society. But when you consider at the individual level it is a bit more rational. Families will still purchase toilet rolls as part of their regular consumption, however with the current perception of demand being higher (and therefore potential lack of supply, or even potential price increases) you might find families buying slightly more, or more frequently that they may do normally. This is an increase in demand, which can catch inventory/stocktaking in certain places. It doesn't seem to matter though if the fear is real or perceived - the effect is the same. For me, its been really interesting watching this to see the cohesiveness of society. If everyone just trusted each other not to adopt irregular consumption patterns, then nothing wuld happen. However, the need for individual security outweighs that of societal security (rightly or wrongly) so these things happen. I realise that wasn't really in response to your point, and I understand what your point and the other posters point was!
  12. I can't work it out either - not sure why it has spread so fast in Italy. One reason i was perhaps thinking is because of the ageing population? So number of people at risk is high - Italy has also got quite a few deaths now (over 200 at time of writing). I understand the high take up in South Korea - the diffusion has been concentrated around their large church sects I think. A smooth transition now to this: https://www.thecatholicuniverse.com/lourdes-shrine-closes-healing-pools-as-precaution-against-coronavirus-49120 Surely we should be keeping them open?!
  13. Westie I totally agree. I've seen footage of bodies purportedly being stacked up and then burned in Wuhan. There a load of fake sensationalist news at the moment, so I'm really not claiming it is fact. However, what is fact is that our (HK) post office stopped delivering to Wuhan by Christmas Eve as they couldn't find any local couriers to take the packages in. This was before the Hospital Authority spoke about the outbreak. There is a huge amount of distrust about the Chinese government and it isn't fake news to be stating that they have done a cover up job once again (The Chinese government themselves had to issue directives urging local governments not to underreport deaths). Bear in mind that any SARS data used even now is based on HK's records, as the mainland ones can't be trusted. The Tencent 'release' is pretty unconfirmed however. The virus has undoubtedly spread - the few cases internationally will continue to grow, as we are seeing here in HK where there has now been transmission between people that haven't been to China. There is a huge amount of paranoia, however I do think that many people outside of Asia are very blase about it.
  14. Wow its really interesting to read your take on it all guys - it is quite different to a lot of the footage I've been watching and news we are getting from inside China from people actually there (rather than official channels). I've been off the forum for quite a while and just logged back in today.
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