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  1. While this is true to a certain extent, I think it will become increasingly difficult to opt out. I think as more and more applications e.g. fridges and aircons are fitted with wifi/internet of things capabilities they will not function without the necessary software updates and permissions i.e. they will need to be connected constantly. Added to that, parts of the world (especially China in the news recently) are seriously investing in their CCTV tech and having online 'social capital' scores. I can foresee how not connecting your devices (and therefore you) could increase/void your health insurance etc. So for now we have the ability to not take it up, then we will have the ability to opt out, but ultimately I can see it being an invasive (and useful) technology that we don't ultimately choose. I've also been watching Black Mirror recently, so perhaps thats why I sound more paranoidy than normal!
  2. But you understand how that isn't the same as going out to deliberately murder/kill a specific person? As previous posters pointed out, the sentence does fit the crime
  3. I think it is a lease, which reminds me of something I think Chaz said around page 1 about paying money for something that you don't get to actually own at the end. I think that will be the future, all sorts of mini lease/hire purchase agreements, then at the end you hand it back and it gets repurposed/upcycled/dismantled and parts reused. It's all part of this circular economy that people are advocating, even IKEA is doing it with their kitchens (Yes, you rent/lease a kitchen,...). It makes me feel very uneasy, but is being pushed as being more environmentally friendly. I dunno though.
  4. Hi Ontarian and others, This may seem like a very silly question, but in your video why are the medics wearing that head garb? Is it because they were coming from the boat on fire and that was fire protection at the time? This is what I was thinking, but in the video they seem to keep it on for quite a while afterwards. Thanks in advance.
  5. This is awful to read, must have been very traumatic for you and your animals. Agreed with the earlier posters, that even if it was a serious incident that meant the person couldn't come to your place, you would have thought there would be contingencies in place. Especially as you contacted a company. Have you tried speaking to the company about it?
  6. I think if it is a clear rule in your group for promotional materials/posts to be sent to admins first, then you should remove the post and delete the user. They might be a spam account. Bear in mind that some peoples posts may start like that but not actually be about promoting a third part group/organization....
  7. I had never heard of it! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/8835299/Bob-a-job-week-background.html Quite a nice intro to it.. does say that it was scrapped due to Health and Safety. and then in 2011 apparently it started up again (although the Telegraph article says that unofficially it continuted): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2050712/Scouts-bob-job-week-youngsters-sent-earn-cash.html
  8. I also thought it was interesting that the BBC article I read made specific mention that while it was an EU-introduced regulation the UK would also follow it.... Not that everything is about Brexit, but I thought that was interesting.
  9. I think the idea is that once it is an integrated system it will be very difficult, not impossible, to adapt the code to remove the electronic limiter. Paramedics and police vehicles will presumably be programmed without the limiter legally, although the news article I read didn't mention anything about them being exempt or otherwise. Your example is not a mandated/legal example. By removing a restrictor that is placed there by law, that would mean you are likely breaking the law, or perhaps voiding your insurance.
  10. Was it me?! I've had a quick look at my activity log, and my most recent post in the Expat section was in March 2016 - really hope it wasn't before that and you've still been waiting for an acknowledgement!
  11. I think you are spot on there!
  12. Yes yes, I understand that. Much clearer now it is in capitals. I am talking about within threads that have been reported - some posters seem to enjoy immunity, while others are blocked, banned or have their posts deleted. I am not complaining that the forum is not actively monitored. However, it is censored by sentient humans. I've had posts deleted for various reasons over the years that I don't feel are fair - none I think for insulting anyone, but for other issues. One recently was for formatting, even though my quote was from another poster who had made the error, not me. Only my post was removed. I didn't report it, nor do I wish to, but a sentient human who actively deleted should be capable of spending an additional few minutes looking at the context/circumstances. Anyway, this is not designed to be a gripe about the moderation of the forum. It was simply stating that I never understood it.
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