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  1. Anyone remember the little chippie roughly opposite the Royal I think they were called Lax?
  2. Can anyone remember when, as a new bottle you sometimes had to stick a knife in it to get it flowing. Todays version is **** thin and tasteless, bring back the real stuff.
  3. Have Wednesday and United reached their playing level in the Championship, can we without big money backers be expected to compete in the Premier league? Because to me it seems if you have big money and support, more money is given.
  4. I went to St Maries from 57 -63 remember Miss Worth ( with the big boobies she used to rest her arms on them!! Sr Maria took the reception class - she was a gentle nun & Sr Mary Dennis was the head teacher, no fond memories of her!!! Kevin Dempsey was my 2nd Cousin a bit older than me. My older sister Anne Dempsey & cousin Margaret Gregg were there in the early 50's, also Eileen Gregg & Cath Singleton. In my class was Linda Rawlins ( who had an older brother caller Terry ) Kathleen Royston & Valerie Powell, we all went on to St Pauls & caught up at the reunion. Am trying to remember more names My name was Elizabeth Dempsey
  5. Albert worked at Firth Brown Tools and he was the convener
  6. As I said she had a little shop round the corner from the post office on Sheffield rd I think there was a cobblers at the other side of her. She was a lovely old lady you could buy most sweets there, 1d bubblies ha-penny blackjacks anything, and like I said she would sell you a Park Drive & Match for 2d.She sometimes had a younger woman helping her on occasions.Memories wonderful days:):)
  7. We are returning to the UK but not to Sheff
  8. Where would I find their fixture list
  9. Or working in a quarry in the Peak District in times of snow it was very rare if we got working till midday thawing frozen water pipes and machines. That was bloody cold:mad::mad:
  10. I had a serious op 8 yrs ago and my surgeon came to see me on his days off his wife was also ill the day before my op, but he still came in and operated on me,he even gave my wife his personal phone number to contact him if she had any worries when I went home.Brilliant all the lot from cleaners to surgeon
  11. Lib Dems are like cats they will go with anyone who `feeds them`
  12. Is real name is Adrian Newman used to drive his nieghbours mad rehearsing,nice lad he was and now a nice man
  13. Where is this pub? used to live in High Green left there 7 yrs ago
  14. Made me smile because my dad always called sausages lucky bags,his theory being you never knew what rubbish went in them:hihi:
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