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  1. Good stuff. Very happy to see this kind of thing. Much of this is long overdue. Some of these changes will work really well, we'll wonder why we waited so long. Some changes will take longer to settle/resolve. But trying to carry on as usual isn't an option.
  2. A couple of reasons should cover most of it : : Fewer cars, but higher speeds from some of the cars still around. : People who recently got back on their bikes, and don't feel safe in the road at that point in their journey. Our street was pretty quiet before all this lockdown stuff, but with the marked reduction in traffic I've seen loads of people, of all ages, out on their bikes. It's great! They say you can't judge the need for a bridge by counting the people swimming across the river. But maybe you can judge the need for proper cycle routes by counting the people who cycle on the pavement...
  3. i've got an ebike, i use it for commuting, i still use my 'normal' bikes at the weekend. downhill : i'm much faster on my road bike, it's not even close. on the flat : i'm faster on my road bike. the assist cuts out at 16mph, and above that it's just hard work, so i back off and enjoy the assistance. uphill : is where the e-bike makes so much sense, i can choose quiet, direct, hilly routes, rather than flat, busy routes. The idea that e-bikes are dangerous is just daft. they're only faster up hill, and then it's the difference between 7mph and 12. Other benefits: A) my e-bike is a more or less a mountain bike (it's a hybrid), with an upright position, and so a good view of what's going on around me B) the bigger tyres mean i don't have to swerve around so many potholes, and i can take quieter, rougher lanes/tracks. C) i'm not tired after a week of cycling to work, so i can get out for a run/ride/etc. at the weekend. i have no desire to de-restrict it, to increase the assisted speed, it would just cane the battery too fast to be helpful. And i can already get around faster than driving.
  4. crikey, sheffield's taxis are ancient. and most of them aren't even euro6 compliant, they'll need changing asap whatever happens.
  5. as for the sheaf-street proposal, i like it. does it increase train capacity as the station? (i understand that's a current problem?)
  6. Park square upto arundel gate turn right straight over it's a nightmare!
  7. Evidence? 1) I looked at the council website 2) I googled : hackney cab LPG conversion. And looked at a few prices.
  8. I was replying to the post above mine, which was complaining about how the plans for the clean air zone will be bad for hackney cabs. A quick Google suggests there will be something approaching adequate mitigation. I don't know why you'd have to read 22 pages to see that...
  9. hackney cabs will be fee-free if they're LPG (or electric...) the LPG conversion costs around £10k, there will be a grant to help, and the fuel costs are much lower.
  10. a new car with hugely reduced running costs. and there'll be financial assistance, in the form of a deposit, or something... i'm guessing that this help is only available to 'sheffield' taxis, not 'calderdale' taxis?
  11. and being helped to work past it. good, get on with it. this has been on the cards for decades. it's time to do something.
  12. Something to do with the bus stop which complicates matters (idk exactly), making this particular location a police matter. At least, that's my understanding of it.
  13. Hydrogen is difficult to store under pressure, the atoms/ions are so small they can simply through most solid materials. (It's more complicated than that, but that's the rough idea) Hydrogen fuel cells are very sensitive to contaminants, quickly becoming damaged with even trace amounts of stuff like sulphur.
  14. It's window dressing. Something to do that looks like we're doing something, without actually doing something. (a world I which we're still prioritising car use is not a world that's serious about climate change) Hardly, most people in London don't have cars.
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