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  1. 3/10 Good topic, going after Christmas trees, but you over-egged it with the deforestation angle. I think you'd have been more convincing by highlighting the fly-tipping, or fire risk, or plastic waste. Extra bonus points are available on the subject of Christmas trees, if you remind us that they're specifically forbidden in the Bible.
  2. Either that, or its an archaeological site. The contractors will be legally obliged to proceed with caution, and to stop work if (when) they uncover something.
  3. Or, under 40. And Or, morally opposed to the idea of making money out of rent. I could just about make the finances work for a BTL property, but it'll only help to continue to drive up house prices.
  4. Yes, obviously. It'll reduce prices, and improve services, reducing car use. And so improving traffic for everyone, even people who don't / won't use a bus. Improving traffic by making public transport more appealing, is much, much cheaper, and far more effective than trying to improve traffic by constantly buggering around with the roads. But, any pound that isn't specifically directed at enabling ever more car-use is seen as an unacceptable war on the motorist, so it'll never happen. God forbid we do something that isn't all about motorists, all of the time. Last year, Luxembourg made all public transport free. Now that's a transport strategy.
  5. If they could just agree what that means... (Norway, which is close to what we were promised. Or Canada, which would mean a massive hit to our services industry. Or WTO which would wipe out farming and manufacturing. etc.) So which one is it?
  6. It’s a fossil fuel. And this isn’t a ban. It’s a temporary technical pause.
  7. Publicity stunt, obviously. Fracking will make a few people rich, while making more or less everything worse for everyone else. Of course the Tories love it.
  8. I don't have an electric car, or e-moped, but I do have an e-bike. (You still have to pedal, it just helps a bit. Over 16 mph you're on your own - no motor assistance) It's faster than driving* on my commute, and it means we can get by perfectly fine with *only* 1 car, saving us £4000/year. (*Sometimes I drive**, sometimes I ride) (**Driving if it means msWife and I can lift-share)
  9. i'd like a flu jab, i'm asthmatic - i honestly thought i was a goner the last time i had flu. not again thanks. But i can't get an appointment at my GP's.... (The Crookes practise - they're completely useless) "...to be honest I wasn't at all bothered about dying.." weird isn't it, i remember struggling for breath, and i didn't mind...
  10. Warzone? No. Bored idiot kids? Thousands of them.
  11. His policies are more or less the same as Denmark's. Sounds good to me...
  12. i understand that i need to be in lane 2, to go straight ahead (heading west) many people use lane 1, with the intention of driving straight ahead. I can't blame them, this is an uncommon design, one that causes problems. it's a problem caused by design, it can/should be fixed by design. the solution i'm proposing isn't uncommon either, it's used in lots of places, why not here?
  13. you bought the wrong car, and you're blaming the car.
  14. The small battery is enough for most commuters. So instead of ~£4/day on fuel, you're spending less than a quid (charging up at home, overnight, on a 13amp plug). There's a saving of well over £50/month. There's your 100+ mpg equivalent. (20+ miles for a quid). And the same vehicle has the option of running on standard fuel, giving you all the range you want, without the extra weight of big batteries. Remembering that fuel is only one of the costs of driving, you've got 2 different vehicles for the running costs of one. Sounds like you were driving several journeys per day...
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