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  1. believe it or not, there's a strong and honourable culture within 'dirt jumping'. it's generally not acceptable to simply turn up and ride, you'll be expected to introduce yourself, and get along. you'll be expected to chip in, whether that's with digging, or tidying, or inviting the locals to *your* local spot - that you've built. you don't ride when the jumps are wet - they're only mud, you need to wait till they're dry, and hard. and there may only be a few 'events' during the year... they're deliberately rationed, or metred out, so that the winter-work lasts through the season. Winter is digging season : the mud is wet, and workable. The jumps in Hutcliffe woods are under trees, and probably still a bit too damp to stand up against significant use. .
  2. it's 40miles between Sheffield and Manchester. The train takes an hour. (i don't need to patronise anyone by working out the average speed) Nevermind High-Speed trains, something faster than an old donkey would be a massive upgrade.
  3. We just had a quote for a solar panel installation - last Week in fact! £10k. let's be generous, and say that it would save us £2/day (10KWh) that's £720/year (definitely less, in reality - we don't have an arc furnace) that's a 13 year payback (definitely longer, in reality). No Thanks. . small wind turbines look cute, but it's much more efficient to put the resources (copper, neodymium) into larger units, built on towers, on hills, or out at sea. Putting them on houses is just a waste of magnets.
  4. Hydro Power : We don't have the geography. You need big rivers flowing through mountains, so that you can build a dam, *AND* have the height, to generate pressure. Power = pressure x volumetric flowrate, without height you have no pressure, without pressure you have no power. Pumped Hydro Storage : again you need mountains, so you can build 2 reservoirs with a height difference (see equation above), you don't need a big river as the water is contained, which is handy. But which valley, in which national park are we going to flood? - just so we can store a few hundred megawatts, for a few hours. Tidal Power : you need fast currents, which means narrow straits - there really aren't many locations where it will work. It *will* work though - there are a few lovely prototypes, but it's a long, long, loooooooong way from being able to deliver significant (GigaWatts) power, and they only function a few hours a day. Remember, we don't have storage - unless we start flooding National Parks. We have a mountain of nuclear waste, left to us by our grandparents. At some point we'll accept that the safest thing to do is bury it - while we're down there, we might as well bury a _little_ bit more, and have safe reliable power for the next 200 years.
  5. 1) at substantially higher prices 2) those suppliers are similarly exposed to supply chain issues - availability is somewhat intermittent. 3) i wonder what's happened to exports...
  6. The man's a liar. you cannot believe a word he says.
  7. yes. The mans a liar, and an idiot. how is *this* not illegal? same story on BBC
  8. here's the difference : Jack has done it. and is showing us *how* to do it : costed, nutritionally balanced, tasty, with clear instructions.
  9. Just-in-time is broken... Oh, why did no-one warn us?
  10. thousands of people. My Mil : kidney stones - told it would take months to sort out, she was in agony, went private, all sorted very quickly. My FiL : some sort of weird tumour on his side, his GP basically wished him good luck, and to keep an eye on it. He went private, all sorted very quickly. My Mother : right now - has something very wrong with her throat, cannot open her mouth to eat (or even really speak) - been waiting weeks just to get a date for an NHS appointment/referral. Contacted a private clinic on Tuesday, she's being seen today. All fingers are crossed. I need to see a dentist, it's been couple of years since i went to my NHS Dentist - for obvious reasons. But i find out i've been dropped because i didn't go. Where the hell do i find a dentist now? The NHS is broken.
  11. just a perfectly normal country, transporting a shiny hat, a short distance, in the most complicated, expense-laden way possible. . for no reason whatsover. ... i'm more conservative than is fashionable to admit, and a fundamental part of that is my belief that evolution is better than revolution - small considered changes are usually better than dramatic upheaval. And quirky anachronisms are there to be enjoyed, for they too, will pass in time. . But this kind of thing has me sketching Guillotines.
  12. Still closed this morning - Thursday... i wonder if it's anything to do with the Mother of All Potholes that lives next to the bus-stop? - locals now know (and are well practised!) to weave a merry dance around it - weaving all over the road - when descending from Greenhill. (it was resurfaced recently, but judging by the speed at which the enormous hole reappeared, the road foundation needs massively upgrading - and that could be a significant job)
  13. i think that people are frustrated, and angry - there will be protest votes - i suspect more votes for the Greens! (which is perhaps at least a little bit odd, as a large factor in our frustration will be the Conservative government)
  14. with no significant savings (we've recently moved house!), a loan is the only way i/we could afford to buy a car. if you buy a car with cash, then you've got to replenish those savings, almost certainly with a monthly transfer - the sums are more or less the same. we have 1 car, my ebike replaced our 2nd car. I think this would work for lots of families. i was hoping to show the running total....
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