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  1. There are about 10millon dogs in the uk, and about 1million foxes. If we all let our dogs poo in the woods, there would be a lot of dog poo in the woods. Maybe just me, but our dog isn't let off the lead until he's 'gone'... (And even then, he's not free to roam)
  2. To be fair, the place they come from *is* broken, and crime-infested...
  3. The gods of driving will judge you, you outrageous maniac.
  4. will they? we haven't seen the final draft yet, this is the consultation phase. they have to put actual details in the draft, for people to respond to, and it's surely easier to revise 'down'.
  5. So, air pollution, back to ignoring it then ? We need a big change, a Caz free to ultra low emission vehicles is a big change. If not that, what?
  6. 24k Hire purchase £10 final purchase fee Extended range battery. I found that by googling : Tesla UK hire purchase taxi
  7. you don't have to 'find' them, they're on sat-nav, loads of them. - it's almost as if it's basically the same as stopping for petrol/diesel. we have to do something about air pollution. SCC have released a draft/consultation, and it seems our response is : it'll make it slightly inconvenient for taxi drivers to make a rare, unplanned, 400mile round trip. Tesla : model 3. range : 300 miles (enough for a long night in sheffield?) hire purchase : £5k deposit, 59 monthly payments of £500
  8. But it could be done, with only minor inconvenience. 400 miles is what, 8 hours driving? Stop for lunch.
  9. 200 miles on one charge? Yes. Even if you did run low, you'd have to stop, for about an hour, maybe less, to recharge. 200 miles is what, 4 hours? You'll be stopping for a coffee and a toilet break anyway - may as well plug the car in.
  10. If a typical day is 100 miles, you can definitely do that in an electric car. Even in hilly Sheffield.
  11. I really didn’t mean to go off on one, I’m sorry if I’ve wound you up, it wasn’t deliberate. it seems to me that we’ve been talking about air pollution for decades, none of this is news. Or should come as a shock. We have to do something, and, if it’s going to work, it’s got to cause some change in behaviour. at the moment, this is only a consultation, I wouldn’t be surprised if the final draft includes the latest ice vehicles. That way, scc appear tough on pollution during the draft, and then avoid too many upset taxi drivers when it’s implemented. as you say, the economics of an electric vehicle are quite close to working, the caz charge is there to nudge it a little further. and you mention air-con, I wonder what that does to battery range?
  12. It seems that taxi drivers have 2 choices : A) do nothing, and spend £200/month on the charges. B) get a new car. I suggested a Tesla as it's most expensive one I could think of, and the last time I looked, you could lease one for £800/month. The difference between A and B is £600/month. Of course, other cheaper cars that won't incur a charge are available, and if the owner was paying attention, they'd have seen this coming years ago, and bought one already.
  13. how much do you spend on diesel? how much do you spend on your current car finance? (loan or savings for next car) here's the point : electric cars sound expensive, but then the running costs are lower. the economics aren't anywhere near as bad as the headline ticket price would suggest.
  14. leasing a Tesla costs something like £800/month, maybe less. if your old diesel will be getting billed £200/month for the CAZ, then you only need to find £600 for the Tesla. (that's less) (loan, maintenance, fuel, etc. that'll cover £600 easily)
  15. sounds like a good reason to do something about it. other cities are further along with their clean-air-zone projects than Sheffield, as a result fleet managers are already moving their older, more polluting vehicles to Sheffield. I've heard this called 'bus-dumping'. it'll make newer/cleaner cars more economical. £10/day is over £200/month. add on the cost of buying fuel, and maintenance, and you're over half way to leasing a tesla. you'd think a business man would be able to see that. if someone has just spent a lot of money on a new diesel taxi: A) they're an idiot, and B) it'll be exempt from these charges.
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