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  1. it was obvious, for weeks, that national action was required. Johnson did nothing (he didn't even go to the meetings). We knew that thousands of vulnerable people were dying in countries that had already been hit - we had plenty of warning. Johnson did nothing, Cheltenham, Football matches, large concerts, all allowed to go ahead remember last winter? when the kids were sent back to school for one (!) chuffing day, before being sent home again. This Government, Johnson's government, have cocked it up, time and time again. And now they're telling us that there was nothing they could have done better. ?! we had a headstart, of a couple of months, on the vaccines, remember the noise they made about that? but they squandered it, even now we have one of (the?) highest death-rates in Europe, at around 100+ per day. given that we're going into winter, and vaccine efficacy fades over time, should we be surprised to see that daily number rise significantly? but they were very good at handing profitable contracts to their friends.
  2. quick, there's a problem resulting from our over-reliance on fossil fuels! (and our new exposure to the volatile prices on the international market) oh-no! - what do you suggest we do !? MORE reliance on fossil fuels!
  3. yes. occasionally i have to go up Conduit, that'll get me off and walking. but remember that walking is still progress, and hills are faster in the other direction (!) meaning the average speed is largely unaffected. one of reasons i *do* cycle is that it's faster than driving. (and much less frustrating : it's good steady progress all the way - no stop start crawling queueing rubbish)
  4. not so secret. i drive most journeys, almost entirely because there are so few safe routes. (the hills are no problem at all, bikes have gears) i'd be very happy to make more journeys by bike, it's simply the danger from vehicles that puts me off.
  5. The 'emergency' funds that were available last year were available immediately. the follow-up stuff is coming from a different fund (TCF), that was only made available ... earlier this year (?) - and has to go through a more complicated (standard) application and approval process. (i think the applications are now in, and waiting for approval .. ?) hence the gap.
  6. The money that paid for the (current) changes to Pinstone street came from last years 'emergency travel fund'. No-one planned for that, it was seen / taken as an opportunity to get started on the bigger picture.
  7. *all* ... ? who is saying "all" ? 'some' already do, if we made these options better, it would be 'more', - and that would free up road space. ... i did say this would happen, it's still fascinating to watch : people's heads start exploding when you suggest spending money on not-car transport options.
  8. hang on. we can't pedestrianise parts of the city centre, because there's a moor-top near Ladybower above 500m ? you'll have to explain that one...
  9. can you please point at the bit where *anyone* has said we need to bin all vehicular transport ? merely invest in the alternatives. no city has ever 'beaten' congestion by making it easier to drive. Many have tried, many keep trying, it's a 100% failure rate. People already do use the bus, they already do cycle, they already do use the tram, they already do walk. We don't need much of a nudge for those numbers to increase. The more we invest, the bigger the nudge. more people *not* driving - there's your increased capacity for those journey where a vehicle is necessary. Sheffield's road network is pretty good, it's simply full of cars. One more lane here and there won't fix anything.
  10. i didn't realise sheffield was so Flat! 50m, that's hardly an Alp is it.
  11. the image above is not an official 'plan', i think it's one individuals daydream of what it could look like, maybe. (that's all it is, looks good though!) every now and then, Sharrow gets closed off for a market, and it gets *rammed* with people. if i owned a buisness on Sharrow, i'd be screaming for more of that, not less.
  12. Sharrow ? a slog ? it's barely worth mentioning. honestly, it's fine. i'm old and asthmatic, i've got permanent nerve damage and a dicky hip. I get off and walk/push up Conduit, but that's about it. (bikes have gears, hills are as easy as you want them to be)
  13. that's the spirit! we're being given free money to try something, something that really does appear to work wherever it's tried. Is anyone calling for Fargate, Castlegate, etc. to be re-opened? Or, slightly further affield, York. York is a lovely day out, and the centre is almost entirely pedestrianised. Let's have a bit of that, do it properly, give it a fair go. We're being given money to do it, and it works.
  14. Pinstone street isn't a 'bad project' - there's a lot to like. it would be utterly disingenuous to claim that it was all bad. let's remember that they haven't even nearly finished yet. it's basically a building site.
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