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  1. the french include students in their figures, we don't. the french include all sorts of people in their figures, that we don't.
  2. then you should reconsider, it's only a few hundred metres. i'm absolutely in support of transport planning where very short journeys are deliberately made more inconvenient to drive, than to walk. (you can still make this journey by car if you wish)
  3. Meadowhall? You have to park outside. You have to walk in. Anything you buy you have to carry out. If we suggest that people could do the same thing in the city centre, their heads explode.
  4. Er... (assuming we weren't leaving) In the next elections.
  5. Bikes have gears. Hills are as easy as you want them to be. And look at all the people walking home after work, the people of Sheffield aren't lazy. Why not give them an option that's easier and much faster than the walking they're already doing?
  6. I cycle to work on Thursdays and Fridays as my wife needs the car. If it's raining, I put on a coat.
  7. Exactly. Who *does* want to go from the city centre to meadowhall? From crystal peaks to the university, from the station to the arena? Most of the places served by the tram are 'destinations' , you don't build a journey out of destinations, you need somewhere to start. For most people, that'll mean their home. And Sheffield's trams seem to go out of their way to avoid residential areas. It's of no use at all to more than half the city. This thread is about Meadowhead, there's no tram service to Meadowhead. Yes, we've put in a bid for £85million from the government, for transport projects. We could do something transformative with that money, but we'll just spend it on a car park, or making the parkway queues 'look' shorter.
  8. Bus corridors? Again, they're too short, and often have cars parked in them.
  9. It doesn't really go anywhere. It's probably quite useful if you live in Hillsborough, but other than that, it couldn't be less useful if it tried. We only ever build small sections, they never link up. The cycle lane at charter square is good, but its isolated.
  10. traffic is bad because we only spend money making driving easier. We never spend any money on the alternatives. The road system is fine, but the alternatives are non-existent. As a result : everyone drives, everywhere. As a result : congestion. no city has ever reduced congestion by building / widening roads, it's a 100% failure rate. it never works. if you want to reduce congestion, you need to invest in the car-free alternatives. we don't, congestion is inevitable... it's all so sadly predictable.
  11. well, yes you have, obviously. For one thing : we're in the EU. and another : the 'local' produce you buy still has to comply with the regulations. (thankfully) if we're going to accept lower standards on imported food, uk producers will be allowed to adopt the lower standards. (higher standards mean higher costs)
  12. Just remind me, who's looking to invade Scotland? ?
  13. mind if i change that, a bit, to it's logical conclusion ? "NI, the Scots, the Welsh, and the English, are all hanging on to the coat tails of London, cut them off and London would be better off. God its like one parent looking after four kids"
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