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  1. I've got one : much less money for deprived regions (infrastructure, business parks, grants, etc.) And : we can leave tax loopholes wide open, for the benefit of millionaires. etc.
  2. And 'the Brexit party' isn't a party. It's a company. Farage is the leader, and there's no democratic process to replace him.
  3. Or, I like the EU's ability to affect change. Look at the Catcliffe AMP for an example. Closing tax loopholes, unified international standards, lots of good new things. What's leave got? Lies and unicorns.
  4. And it was only a withdrawal agreement. A stopping point, allowing trade to continue freely, while the actual deal was fast-tracked. We'd be out by now, with a Canada-deal that even remainers like me could have (begrudgingly) got behind.
  5. The British Prime Minister ran away from a small crowd of British protestors. But yes, let's blame Luxembourg.
  6. It might help if the 'winners' could agree on what they think they won... Leavers have had over 5 years to come up with a plan, they've got nothing. How long do we have to wait?
  7. Until we ask them for a trade deal. And hope they don't remember what total pillocks we've been.
  8. You've got new* pro-leave evidence? (*any would be a start...)
  9. I'm trying to imagine the froth and indignation from the 'winning' side, on November 1st, when the government's first job is to go and ask (nicely*) the EU for a deal. *We'd probably need to turn down the trash-talk of dictatorships, jack boots, oppression, shackles, etc.
  10. I'd guess you've got 2 cars? That's £8thousand per year you're spending / they're saving. I bet they're having a great time!
  11. Well, good for them. The selection process includes a mere 2 years locked in a shipping container, with 5 other people, with nothing to drink but their own filtered wee. That should be easy for someone serious about colonising mars.
  12. Here's a question, why are talking about colonising the moon / mars / space, when we can't even colonise Yorkshire? plenty of towns struggle to attract incomers. Let's consider the semi-made-up town of Shedsley: Shedsley is a fantastic town, with a rich heritage, wonderful people, plenty of opportunities to get involved and enjoy yourself. I really like Shedsley. It's infinitely more interesting than a barren, dead planet. No-one moves to Shedsley. The first people to 'colonise' mars are going to have a very dull time of it, surviving 2 years in a locked shipping container will just be part of the selection process. And that's just to simulate getting to mars, when they eventually get there, they won't be allowed out to walk around - that will be too much risk to the mission. And they're never coming back. Who's in?
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