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  1. thanks for the help. I've just been chatting with 'Pippa' at 'sendbike.com' : even they (she) can't tell me what the fees will be. i got sent a general, vague, catch-all, reply : "the agents in the destination country may calculate and apply fees and charges - we do not profit from this..." (like i said, i've given up. but thought i'd have a look anyway)
  2. hang on. when i voted to remain, it was because leaving the EU would obviously be a bad move, for lots of things. but you appear to be assigning equal blame to those who voted to avoid all this trouble, *and* those who voted in a way that would clearly lead to it? - we're all equally culpable ? : "exactly the same" (your words). with regards to the bike frame, i've given up. i've cancelled the sale, and re-listed with no 'overseas' option, it's just too complicated. there are forms to fill in, i don't really know which forms, or how to get them. and i'll bet anyone a quid that the desk clerk at my local PO has no idea what a C22b form is... there's VAT to pay - i don't know how, or how much there's customs fees to pay - i don't know how, or how much at the other end, it seems the buyer has to pay VAT and customs fees, neither of us know how, or how much. remember that i'm not 'in the business', i'm just a hobby-ist, trying to sell something on ebay (right now, i'm trying to source some spokes, Belgian spokes - they're the best. Guess what, it's a pain, and the price has gone up)
  3. yes i have. (well, Sweden, Germany, Spain) it was easy, i just sent it.
  4. a bike frame. occasionally, i buy old bike frames/parts, i build them up into a bike, use it for a year or 2, then sell it (i don't make any money, but more or less break-even) this time i've sold a frame to a collector who lives in italy. i've never had to fill in customs forms before. And it seems like i (or the buyer) need to pay VAT and customs duty, when and at what rate, i don't know. do i/we need to pay export AND import VAT + duty ? : it looks like it... i can't tell if i need the CN22, or the CN23 - even if i can work it out, how do i show my working ? - do i need to show my working ? - where do i show my working ? this is all a bit complicated for selling some old junk on ebay. next time, to avoid all this hassle, i just won't buy from /sell to the EU. (lots of EU suppliers are refusing to sell to the UK - they're just single operators like me, who can blame them?)
  5. i'm not using the post-office : i want / need a courier who'll collect*. here's the point : i've never done this before, and it sounds like if i get it wrong i'll lose £200, *and* have some arcane fees to pay. (*i've tried them in the past, and been refused upon their arrival as the parcel was 'too large' ... they charge a flat fee of 70p, and that doesn't cover parcels in excess of blah-blah-blah) yes, lots of companies say they'll do this, and helpfully suggest that i just need to fill in form XYZ1a, but is it form 1a, 1b, 2a or 2b? - they don't say. Parcel force offered a link to follow, which promised to explain the forms and fees, but then simply asked me to pay the fees. what fees? there's an ebay mega-thread, with no clear answers. some even suggesting i need to become VAT registered!
  6. i'm not using the post office what category is the item? what are the limits? what are the fees? is VAT payable ? (at this end, their end, both?)
  7. Hi, i'm trying to post a parcel to italy, can one of the Leavers tell me how to negotiate the customs forms ? all this extra paperwork was their/your idea. thanks. A.
  8. good luck getting a qualified electrician anything for less than £26K. that's roughly what we pay our starters, and they spend the best part of a year making mistakes and breaking stuff.
  9. today i'm wondering how much money we'll have to give Stellantis to keep Vauxhall-Ellesmere-Port open...? once upon a time companies opened factories here because it made financial sense, now we have to bribe them. oh well, consequences...
  10. well, quite. they're not, but could/should be.
  11. we see the damage to the surface. we don't see that the road-bed on our old roads often isn't strong enough - for modern heavy vehicles, which causes the road-bed to flex, cracking the surface. re-surfacing is a waste of time without fundamentally strengthening the road foundation below. it's about time we started taxing vehicles by weight : a 2te 4WD does 16x the damage of a 1te hatchback.
  12. sort of, there is *something* being discussed. but not a 'pure' cycling route, it'll be shared-used, meandering and muddy. yes, you'll be able to cycle along it, but it won't be suitable for commuters. It'll be lovely in the sunshine, when there's a few other people around, maybe see an otter, that kind of thing. But it'll feel sketchy and unsafe when it's dark, and quiet, for half the year, before and after work.
  13. yes, the dutch have a law that says you must use the cycle lane, if there is one. but, and this cannot be emphasised enough, *but*... A) the dutch have an excellent network of cycle routes, we don't - we've got a few blue signs next to the A61. B) they have presumed liability, we don't. C) in practice, it only really applies to motorways and A-roads, everywhere else, cars are slowed to a crawl, or excluded entirely . the obligation to use the cycle routes applies to everyone, even motorists....
  14. if this is a genuine question, see the Penistone road cycle lane for dozens of examples. it's also got bus stops in it, and lampposts, and bins, and pinch-points, and parked cars, and advertising panels, and pedestrians. etc. it completely disappears in the middle, around the car show-rooms, forcing you back onto the A61 - rendering the entire thing completely pointless: you have to be happy to cycle along a dual-carriageway to use the Penistone rd cycle lane - and i would hope that everyone could appreciate how bonkers that is.
  15. they do , and they can. cars, buses, bikes, scooters, walking, etc. all still very much allowed.
  16. i'm sure the numbers are out there somewhere - do we know how many people work in the city centre? - and how many of them arrive by car? and of course, it's got to be worth considering how many of those would happily drive less if the alternatives were improved... (and of course, remember that this scheme won't prevent *anyone* from driving to work)
  17. it's cold. cold air is dry air. these moorland areas should be a tapestry of bog and forest - but they've been 'managed' for the benefit of grouse shooting, and sheep grazing. leaving little more than grass and heather - and dry heather burns very easily.
  18. more jobs leaving : https://www.reuters.com/article/britain-eu-meat-exports/british-meat-processors-set-up-shop-in-eu-as-brexit-hammers-exports-bmpa-idUSL8N2KF51D it's not going well is it ? Questions : 1) how can we blame remainers / the EU / Jeremey Corbyn? 2) i wonder how long till my occasional melton-mowbray pork-pie is made in the Netherlands...
  19. it's almost as if these things are complicated, and our membership of the SM / CU was good for business. we won, get over it, or something ... ? - is that right?
  20. These plans look great! somehow including space for cars, and bikes, and pedestrians, and buses, and planting. well done to all involved. more please !
  21. people live next to the parkway. 50's much quieter than 70. the parkway isn't built to motorway standards : some of the joining slip-roads are short, some are uphill, some are short *and* uphill. this means some of the joining traffic can't get up to 70. (some vehicles struggle to accelerate to 50 by the time they're forced to join) Traffic merging, with only 2 lanes, and a big speed differential, is dangerous. 50's fine with me.
  22. They have no natural* predators - and there are many hundreds of them. what do you suggest ? (*ignoring humans)
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