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  1. Kids under the age of 10 cant be arrested. Sorry.
  2. Ghouls picking at a rotting carcass springs to mind
  3. She did say there used to be one on the corner in the tiny unit where the fish pedicure place was years ago, but it was different people. She doesnt go down there anymore because of the one in the Market but if that one is closed as well I shall tell her not to bother!
  4. Was just coming on to post the above, my daughter has reliable informed me that she has just been to visit said shop and there is a notice on the shutters dated the 29th June that the market have taken possession. Which was news to her as there is absolutely no mention of the closure on the Facebook page of the stall. Another stall gone then.
  5. Channel 4 havent covered it for years, channel 24 on Freeview is ITV4 ---------- Post added 13-07-2016 at 16:16 ---------- Chris Froome gains six seconds plus a 6 second time bonus over most of the rest of the field, on a flat stage. What a bizarre Tour this year.
  6. Im sure they covered it in a Sportsday I watched at the weekend. Again you cant accuse them of not caring about it given the amount of online/radio coverage they give it.
  7. Im dont proclaim to be the oracle. Assuming they dont have to give notice in a schedule of works (which they didnt), and assuming there is a TRO in place (which nobody seems to know for the road in question, maybe you need to check), any money you get back would be a goodwill gesture rather than anything they have done wrong in law. Believe me I know, I once spend months battling with them over a pothole that damaged my car. A fruitless endaveour.
  8. You mean apart from the live text they do of every stage and the live radio commentary they do of the last hour or so of each stage, and the podcasts? BBC dont have the TV rights to it, apart from cover it in the sports bit of the BBC News channel what else would you like them to do?
  9. Beg my pardon, it was actually someone threatening to jump off the car park in town next to the Market. It wasnt very clear so the page owner put the caption "see if you can spot him". He got pelters for it.
  10. Well no but that looks like it is the key factor here, if it isnt on there then you will get every penny back from the adjudicator, if it is on there then as said, you are relying on a certain amount of goodwill. Nobody seems to know where this list of TRO's is kept, so they hardly make it easy to check, do they?!
  11. If a TRO exists then you would be relying on the goodwill of SCC to get any money back and I doubt that exists at that end Did you check if a TRO exists? Im interested to know where such a list can be looked at, merely for my own knowledge.
  12. How do you find out what Traffic Regulation Orders are in force?
  13. "Normally they only award costs if they think the council has vexatiously pursued the penalty when they should have dropped it at an earlier stage." Im quite sure towing away a car off a road not planned for works would easily count as "vexatiously pushing the penalty".
  14. Well if you can prove that then you are onto a winner. Maybe Planner1 could take a look at the schedules and double check if this is the case, he seems to know his onions.
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