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  1. Good afternoon Pam, I've only just picked up your reply, I'm pleased you're well , I'm going back to 1968 when Brian used to bring a girlfriend to the cottage I lived in at Huddersfield, he had an MGC car which he had a minor crash in one night whilst coming over, I remember he had a job explaining it to Margaret. I used to go regularly to the Penny Farthing with Brian and we had many good times and laughs long before he met you. He and I were Jack the lads about town, stay safe with this virus, I'll be 75 in July this year, regards Ian Baker
  2. If its the one at Bradway youre talking about it was opened by Billy Casper
  3. Hello Pam if you're still around, only just found this post whilst researching for a book I am writing, my Name is Ian Baker & I was assistant to Brian at Abbeydale Golf Club and also a very good friend, I went to Huddersfield as Professional before Brian went to Beauchief We used to go to The Penny Farthing together before he met you. Was it you he used to bring to the cottage I lived in on the Golf course at Huddersfield and crashed his MG on one occasion? Yes Beauchief is still going strong. regards Ian Baker
  4. Surely its the student vote that gives us an un representative MP for the area.
  5. I have 2 computers, one is running Windows 1803 which has had all the necessary updates, this one has had Office Word taken out on the latest update this week and replaced it with Word Pad which will not read all my old Office Word Docs. it has also removed Picasa, Ulead Photo Express app. and Play Memories Home. These are the only ones I've found missing so far, Windows has left Movie Maker on both machines but not working correctly any longer. I previously had 2 fast computers but since Windows 10 was introduced and with regular updates I now have 2 very poorly and slow computer's.
  6. I'm running Windows 10 Pro version 1803 completely messed everything up deleting programs and apps, having to re install the missing ones.
  7. The new Windows update has completely messed my computer up, lost apps and programmes, tried re install just as bad. Looks like new computer needed. Microsoft always seem to create problems with updates.
  8. Sorry my error, not seen him for such a long time, he and Graham were great friends.
  9. Beauchief Boy Scouts hut used to be there it was originally a wooden villa but burnt down in the 50s and was replaced with a concrete prefabricated building.
  10. My wife's father Vernon Harrison won this award one year, they lived on Aldam Rd.
  11. My mother ran bingo night's for Beauchief Boy Scouts in the late 1950's it was held above the Co.op on Chesterfield Rd Woodseats, they were very well attended and a good fundraiser for the Scout Group. The late footballers Tommy Hoyland and Graham Shaw were regulars. Mr Burley ran the sessions with my mother.
  12. Sounds like £30000 + reasons why he'll change his mind & not resign.
  13. Why would he take a pay cut from the Brussels's gravy train??
  14. Wow, no wonder he's sticking around, its like he's won the lottery.
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