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  1. It had racist indications. ---------- Post added 16-11-2013 at 18:19 ---------- Seven arrested after body found in well, guess where they come from, here's a clue E**st**N *ur*p*.
  2. Just that some plonkers on here keep adding to response to my posts with bassman62 and Bassy.
  3. Simple question How Many? ---------- Post added 16-11-2013 at 17:20 ---------- I reckon it would be easy to find facts showing who in general have the most off spring.
  4. Yes but how many is a swathe? I've looked it up in the Oxford and it described 'Bandages' (You haven't misread it as bondage have you?) So come on how many white kids. Some people use words such as Swathe to prove a weak point instead of giving a more direct answer which would obviously weaken their point..
  5. There you go again, never commit yourself to a post, just sit at your keyboard sniping. ---------- Post added 16-11-2013 at 10:28 ---------- Can you tell me how many a 'swathe' is? ---------- Post added 16-11-2013 at 10:28 ---------- On the NHS?
  6. Exactly along with many thousands of UK Soldiers, Airmen and Royal Navy personnel and ships.
  7. Yes but it was a Jew (Fagin) who ran the show in Oliver Twist. ---------- Post added 15-11-2013 at 23:53 ---------- The were disguised as native Brits.
  8. Not before time as well. ---------- Post added 15-11-2013 at 23:50 ---------- Yeh a Hygiene service, cleaning out peoples pockets. :hihi:
  9. Yes but I don't like those invaders who've reintroduced pick pocketing.
  10. Doesn't say much for the Germans who fell for a Viennese snow shoveller who rose to the lofty rank of Corporal during WWI.
  11. Good idea, another job for the 'Acme Liquidation Company'.
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