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  1. I think this ends the argument once and for all doesn't it? British people do not want to do these jobs. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to pick fruit, I don't want to pick fruit, but lets not get on our high horse and discriminate against those that do if they are speaking their mother tongue on a bus.
  2. Yeah that doesn't diminish my point Michael Gove musing on Andrew Marr has no basis in law whatsoever. I live in a semi-rural area and go out for a long walk every day, I'm never with 2 meters of anybody else and I don't care what Mr Gove says or thinks about that.
  3. Because they can. There is nothing in the Coronavirus bill that stipulates how long you can exercise.
  4. You should be alright. If the police pull you over (unlikely) you can explain that you're going for some exercise. If they query and ask to see your licence to get your address and you live the other side of town you'll probably get a ticking off and morality tale. I live quite near Dam Flask and if I was you I'd look at some of other reservoirs around that area. They aren't as crowded and are far less likely to have plod sniffing around them checking peoples postcodes.
  5. Well the term 'friend' is so subjective. If I define friends by people the people I get on with and occasionally socialise with i've got loads of friends. If you define friend as a person you could phone in the early hours and you know they'd come to help. I've got 3-5 of them.
  6. I hope and pray that actually being elections is the worst thing that will ever happen to these people, and that after Trump and Brexit no one will want to know this sort of politics for decades to come.
  7. No, not right now because we'd lose. Think i'm in the camp of a lot of Republicans in that campaigning for a republic while Elizabeth is a live is almost a total waste of time. However, surely the Monarchy is going to to run into some serious trouble when the Queen dies. Charles, is a bit of a fruit loop who seems determined to get across his political points at any given opportunity, a trait that I imagine will get worse once his mother dies, although he does seem committed to being a working royal which is more than can be said for most them. William, is a 34 year old man who wears beige chinos and a jumper, and frankly looks like he hates every other second of being a royal. Enough said. I'll leave George alone, But seriously...as the UK gets more diverse and hopefully much more forward looking how can our head of state be a beige old white man? They can't. I'll call her Elizabeth the great as long as she's Elizabeth the last.
  8. I was on You tube the other day, and stumbled upon a series about "Britain's toughest Pub", this got me thinking. Which is Sheffield's roughest Pub. Personally the only Pubs I go to are in Broomhill and Crookes and they are all quite pleasant. But I'm sure some of you must have some experience's in Sheffield's less desirable boozers.
  9. One thing for sure. Jesus was not a Christian.
  10. No, it's the weakness and insecurity of man that causes him to turn to God. Obedience? That's a good one, how do we know how to stay in line with Mr G. The Bible? What about the people in Saudi Arabia and North Korea? Most of them have never seen or read a Bible? How can they be obedient. No he didn't ---------- Post added 18-07-2014 at 00:15 ---------- Which God do we follow? There's just so many, it's like being in a really good butchers. You see all the God's have different pro's and con's. The God's of Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, Rome and the Celts are all very appealing.
  11. Maybe he'll save us all. By becoming a human and getting tortured and killed. The coming back to life and then dying again. Then some of his mates, could write down what he said a good few years later. So we can all live by it and be saved. I hear you laugh, but it worked last time.
  12. This may not be strictly relevant but I just love it. http://www.atheistmemebase.com/2014/06/07/militant-atheist/ On the issue in hand, the Church of England is falling to pieces, the congregations are literally dying out. I bet that by the end of the next decade the C of E will have completely transformed, Instead of being in every village and town, the C of E will consist of a cathedral in every major city. And some scenic Church's for American tourists. However, I don't look forward to this. There is no such thing as a vacuum, as the C of E retreats into oblivion and pointlessness other forms of Christianity advance into it's place. And it looks like American style evangelicalism and conservative Pentecostalism are on the march. So instead of having old Bishops with contradictory views and out of date opinions, will could end up with Charismatic young pastors with white teeth and good hairstyles. Trust me, a rebirth of Christian evangelicalism is not unlikely.
  13. I think you have every right to be angry if someone nearly kills in fact the yesterday I saw a near miss involving a scooter, cyclist and car. The incident was totally the fault of the car by the way. About the 80% question. Maybe I didn't make myself clear. I don't think cyclists are anti-motorists and vice versa i think the entire opposite. In fact I think 80% is a very good figure, 80% of road users are sensible and rational. With the other 20% being idiots. The idiots being made up of lorry drivers, cyclists, motorists, motorbikes etc etc
  14. Well none of the foreign students I've met and I've met a lot, could even dream of getting a car.
  15. :hihi::hihi: Seriously? I doubt many students have cars. Especially foreign ones, what do you think they do? Land in Sheffield and go looking round car lots. Or maybe they import them. Your proving my point mate. Cycling threads remind me very much of religion threads. To sides who will never agree with a small proportion on each side who can't stand each other. My Mum was knocked over by a cyclist who got on his bike and rode away. Do I think that guy was a scumbag? Yes. Do I think all cyclists are bad people as a result? Absolutely no. Same with Car drivers, some car drivers are loons, who are a danger to other motorists as well bikes and pedestrians. I just accept that the roads are full of idiot motorists. Idiot cyclists. And Idiot pedestrians. I don't get why others don't do the same.
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