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  1. Any seen the last one now like I have? How cool was Hiro? Is anyone dead? Who was Molly talking about? Just who else is going to be part of the vast global group of 'friends'? Soo many questions! Wilf
  2. Is that big John, Steve or any of that lot? Wilf
  3. and with the hole round the back does that make them the magnificent seven? Wilf
  4. of course you're going insane, you think you have more than one belly button! Wilf
  5. I don't really care. I've probably eaten much worse out there in the past or my childhood. Wilf
  6. Oh you're no fun anymore. Whats wrong with someone walking round with a 'free hugs' sign? if people want one, they can have one! It's lovely. Wilf
  7. I have my steak very rare, unless i don't trust the place cooking it, then i have it medium. Wilf
  8. then why not share that experience with others so that they don't have to be subject to it themselves? A person is capable of learning without being punished y'know Wilf
  9. Why would they do this if they've simply forgot the tax has ran out. They may not even realise there is a problem. All it takes is some kind hearted citizen pointing it out politely. I can't see why calling the authorities seems to be the first step, whatever happened to communication? Wilf
  10. I'm glad i'm not as perfect as you, i think my family would hate my guts Wilf
  11. So who do you think explodes? Will it be Sylar, Ted, Peter or.... could it be claire's mum? Also did sylar get eden's power, if so, maybe he uses the 'voice' and makes ted or peter explode. Wilf
  12. Having been part of free hugs manchester, if i have the money I'll come along and do it. It's a really nice day and you feel all warm and glowy after it. I made some great friends and met (and hugged) some lovely people too. Wilf
  13. so you're not for giving them a chance? why not leave them a note saying "i noticed you car's tax is out of date instead of resorting to the authorities straight away? Wilf
  14. I wouldn't sacrifice my wii for anything, it's amazing. You can create a mii of john presscot that is so accurate you can't help but laugh. My gf is a boit of a Wii widow though. Wilf
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