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  1. I used to live up the road from the HBC on Hammerton Road.., but my father would not let me go down to it. Being of West Indian background in the late 60's early 70's he would say that we "Played enough at school"..how ignorant was that!!!!!!.. I would have loved to go but would not dare disobey him or...well I probably would not be here today ..so I had to settle with Explorers and Pathfinders which I still thoroughly enjoyed. Everytime I pass by the old HBC, I still feel a twinge of unfulfillment about not ever going there.......and speaking of Clinton woods, I drove past him in his sponsered Audi A4.......nice ride...
  2. Mine was at Walkey, but split between my younger brother, I did Walkley Bank Road Hawthorne Street and Storrs Hall Rd, great people great tips and good memories....
  3. Hmm I have often thought of that one also...but your poems are up my street ....so to say...
  4. I am swiftly becoming a fan of your work, ..here hardly mentioning the dawn itself as such but creating a myriad of images that occur when the dawn breaks...I like that.......
  5. Did anyone go to the Level 42 gig at the City Hall last night?...... What an awesome gig, Mike Lindup (original keyboard player) is back with them and the tore the place apart...just fantastic...............and they stayed on stage and talked afterwards took photos, shook hands with fans.....exceptional..great musicians........
  6. I went to work in the Engineering Section of SYT at Queens Road back in 1987 and had some good times. I always loved buses so to see the workings of them and how they were maintained was fantastic. What shocked me was the amount of "stuff" that went onto a bus and the weight of the parts. Wow...its a wonder they ever moved!!!!!. There were some great people that worked there and also some who were not so nice. I ended up working in the stores for nearly seven years. Had some great times and met some guys and girls who worked in the office.
  7. I love this and how everyone can participate... heres a couple But with passing ages, life's simplicity has gone Technological superiority lives, click click switch it on Addicted fingertips tapping from dusk until dawn Life's rule is swift information From HD to Blue Ray must have larger screens Compatable to wirless so all must be seen Complete access to all areas are the must means I long for the pen and paper
  8. Well yes I agree to all this but theChurch I went to in Darnall, the Pastor/Rev did not even want the youth in (HIS?????) church because he thought that they would wreck it. He id and still does not want to be a part of the community. How then are the people in the area going to feel welcome when he proports the church to do nothing for the community. Result...dissillusioned willing people wanting to do more; not being allowed; leaving = more empty seats Conclusion; eventual closure due to dwindling attendance..another restaurant/carpet store/coffee bar...........
  9. I was at Morely St from 1970-75 and also went to Myers Grove then a fantastic comp school and know all the teachers you have mentioned. You may know me or my brother.....
  10. Very good point PT; not only that some of the Pastors/Revs/Bishops of the churches are quite elderly themselves. I used to go to a church full of young people in the S9 area of the city for many years... ...faithfully I might add and the same Rev...had so many capable people/brethren in the congregation working and supporting the church...intelligent capable people who would easily have stepped into his shoes and carried on the work. We wanted to get into buying buildings and turning them into hopsice/shelters for the homeless etc... putting more into the community but he said No...and remained at no..so in the end many left to try and do this elsewhere. I have since found out that this is happening many others in particularly black churches around the country because the older leaders will not move over to let the "then young and now middle aged " through. So black churches are also being emptied also... sad fact to agree that the church can also fail its own congregation.....
  11. WOW !! PT, I really feel for you regarding the above and thanks for sharing; I hope that you have someone who is better than him or if you meet someone else, he's great. Me; never cheated can't do it, had opportunities but naaaaah!!! not for me, great wife, fabulous kids and we keep each other laughing and VERY happy at home. Now that the kids are older, we have our weekend breaks to chill and just be togther...yeah, I know it sounds corny but it works for us and the kids like it when we go away so.... We both look at other people and pass comments on their looks and stuff but whats the point.
  12. Well for me its a choice of Bring on The Night and Message in a Bottle...just great tracks played....LOUD...
  13. I have said that many times....seatbelts WOULD have saved them!!!
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