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  1. Oaks Fold Road in Shiregreen if you know of it?
  2. Hi, I'm interested in buying a house and have seen one in Shiregreen and one in Page Hall. Which area is nicer to live in? Which would you recommend? My mum would be living there too so needs to be quiet and peaceful. Thanks
  3. I checked in there and it doesn't mention the original standard size tyres
  4. because it has alloys that someone put on before me and I'd like to replace them with the standard wheels and tyres but I'm not 100 % sure that the alloys on it are the same size as the original factory fitted tyres
  5. I have always heard farms sell them the cheapest but I don't know of any.
  6. I do drive, I've never considered this option before. Does it mean leaving the car at the airport or is it somehow collected once I get there?
  7. The children are aged between 4 and 12yrs. Is there a significant difference in train prices if booked a couple of months early? I dont have anyone who can drive us all unfortunatly.
  8. Hi I need to travel to Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 in February next year, I will be going with 1 Adult and 3 Children. If anyone has suggestions on which form of transport to take please let me know.
  9. thanks I'll do that, would my neighbors usually have to pay it to the same company?
  10. Thanks for helping but unfortunately that's not the same company, I gave them a call and the gentlemen I spoke to said we don't deal with N.L. Moffitt And Partners
  11. Hi We moved house in June of this year and I have received the ground rent notice. Its backdated to March 2009, so I presume I wouldn't be responsible for paying all of it since we wasn't living in the home at that time. It is from "N.L. Moffitt & Partners" but there is no contact details on the letter. I tried searching for some details online but couldn't find any, any suggestions on what I should will be useful. Thank You (maybe useful to know) I'm suppose to send it to: P.O. Box 188 Sheffield S1 1LB
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