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  1. Good Karma, Spreads like a gentle lapping wave, Bad Karma, sadly the same, it would be unkind to say the word Tsunami, Just little Tsunami's of good Karma, to gently remind us, I've always found Pharmicists, most helpful and Professional. Especially the people at Lloyds. Like Smiling, when you think the sky is about to collapse on your head. The worst thing is when you do you attempt to do your job well, and others consistently do you down. When all you were doing was having a smoke. But some people think eating is wrong too. How many times does a Leopard need to change their spots? I don't think they have long conversations with Giraffes. Maybe my GP thought smoking was good for a hypochondriac, at that time. More sedatives please. I'm not talking today. Barging into another's thread. I take Meds. Follow Doctors/Pharmicists advice. But some people tell me my meds don't work/or the only topic of conversation is have I taken them. So you stop being a human being, just a pill popper. Some losses cannot be replaced. But we carry on, life goes on.
  2. ooh thats a little harsh, Just to clarify, the Aztecs (I haven't studied them thoroughly) but as I understand human sacrifices were not a common occurence at all times. It was only with the Spanish invasion that through their fear they turned to mass sacrifices. Their belief system did have a function, (that word) it was incorporated into their survival of the el-nino effect. (at least in one case scenario) As with any culture, when under threat, people will resort to extremes if they think it will help with their survival. Also we can not judge the ethics of one time and culture, by the ethics of our time and culture. 1000 years from now we may be viewed as barbarians. I'm not supporting sacrifices. Its just that they were following a system of ethics according to their time and culture, its just in our time thankfully we have other views.
  3. There is, and there are, at least I believe there is a basic unity with all religions/faiths. Throughout the history of mankind, in all cultures and times, mankind has practiced some form of religion. In some ways I think it is part of being human and an integral part of life whether you have faith or not. Even if you don't have faith, religion will still have an influence on you. The primary function of all faiths is to form a basis of ethics to live by. Then there are the creation myths, in all their froms to try and understand the world we live in. Plus religion gives us a focus for festivals, which are important for bringing people together, providing celebration and purpose. Religion also plays are strong part in identity to a culture and language. And another point not all faiths believe in a god, or a supreme being in the way Christianity, Islam and Judaism do. You may want to look into Buddhism?? There are also many faiths that believe in multiple gods, or spirits. Now is a spirit a god? Get yourself down to the library. You may be interested to look up the Ba'Hai Faith (spelling?)
  4. Just one point that might seem obvious, included in your budget, you'll need a contingency, so that wherever you are, you always have enough money if you need to go home at short notice.
  5. Although I've never been homeless myself, I've always felt a stong affinity with homeless people. There have been times in my life when I have been homeless in a sense. I travelled extensively whilst growing up, and the concept of home was often challenged or changing. There were often times when we'd leave one home (overseas) and spend 6 weeks or more in hotels before returning to our home in Britain. There was one occasion when we'd left our home abroad, but could not return to our house in Britain as it was rented, and had to wait till they left. At this time we stayed with my grandparents. Yes we had a roof over our head. But it raises questions as to where do you call home and where are you from. Perhaps the scariest time was when I was 19 and went to University. I was staying in Halls which wasn't a good idea because they kick you out every holiday. My parents lived 6000 miles away so I could not stay with them every holiday. So it became a case of where I could stay each holiday. I normally stayed at my brother's house, but on one occassion that was not possible. So I asked if I could stay with my Grandmother. She said there was no room. I paniked and didn't know what to do. I eventually begged my Grandmother to let me pitch my tent in her garden. Although I was never without shelter. I do believe that having stable accomodation has a lot to do with mental health. I have been told to leave shared housing because of mental illness (thru no fault of my own). There have been many times when if it was not for my family, I would have been at risk of homelessness. So it makes me think how easy it is to lose your home.
  6. No betting tips at the moment. I have to get psyched up first
  7. I don't believe people can talk to the dead, but I'm willing to keep an open mind. However I do believe there is a sixth sense. Sometimes I think I might be psychic. Without sounding completely nuts, things just keep happening which I have predicted. Gets a bit freaky sometimes. I think its all down to knowing yourself and other people.
  8. Several pointers, yes don't show shoulders, stomach, thigh, etc. Also nothing tight fitting that shows your shape, baggy clothes are best in hot weather anyway. I'd recommend baggy cotton/linen trousers, or long skirts. Baggy long sleeve cotton shirts/blouses are good too, cooler than t-shirts, and you can roll the sleeves up and down depending on where you are and how hot it is. But make sure its not see-thru. In the touristy areas you will most likely get away with t-shirts, but how you dress does correlate to the degree of hassle you are likely to get. So covering up upper arms is a good idea. You may also wish to get some head scarfs depending on where your going and if you plan on visiting any mosques. Other advice, don't accept food off strangers on buses. And only drink bottled water, but check the seal is intact. Enjoy your trip.
  9. I think the public transport in Sheffield is terrific. At least there are buses running to most places. And you can get around the city quite easily, you just may have to wait a while. In the South-West, when staying at my folks there is only one bus a week to my grandmother's town.
  10. I like riding on buses, you get to look down on the folk in cars getting all stressed,
  11. I can only think of two options: 1) get a cat flap with a magnetic switch on it that will only let your cat in, 2) get a water pistol,
  12. I have lived in a country where "Sharia" law was enforced, but thats another story. One thing I learnt was to be understanding of other cultures. You can not compare Islam and Christianity with regard to images of Gods and Prophets. This shows a lack of understanding of Islam and history. Christians have shown images of Jesus and artistic interpretations of God for centuries in many mediums, therefore making a joke is not taken so hard. However in Islam as I'm aware images of the Prophet Mohammed are forbidden, therefore not often seen (if ever). So it will cause far more offense.
  13. Erm, someone correct me if I'm wrong. But this whole saga is refering to cartoon images of the Prophet Mohammed. He is a Prophet and not a deity. Also the Christian faith has been making images of Jesus and God for centuries. In Islam it is forbidden. You can't really make a comparison. Change takes time. Perhaps the West needs to be a little more understanding and sensitive. Conflict arises when a culture is forced to change to quickly.
  14. There is such a thing as right and wrong, and that is largely what religion is all about. Most religions and societies have the same basic ethics. Ghandi proved that you don't have to be violent, sometimes if your right you will win eventually.
  15. I'm a strong believer in freedom of speech. However I think there is still a place for decency and respect.
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