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  1. I sent my objection in last week (Thursday) by email but its not appearing online yet
  2. your always going to find somthing you hate about your ex thats probibly why there your ex but lest face it we where the silly buggers that started seeing them in the first place
  3. Its really bad. My house is like fort knocks. I don't work everyday but when I do, I find it hard to leave the house without checking everything is locked and alarmed. When I go away, Im completely paranoid and lock every single gate, window etc, put timers on lights and cannot settle. Its really bad having to live like this but its my worst nightmare. I cannot bear the thought of someone invading my privacy like that and helping themselves to my belongings no matter what they are i.e. tv or even something out of the garden. I can remember when I was a kid and people used to leave their doors unlocked. There was never anything like this then because people respected each others property and belongings.
  4. :rant:I totally agree with you. Even if the scum are caught, it probably wont make you feel better. Its bad enough thieving stuff but when its from someone's home its completely not on. This subject makes me so angry how some people think they can just go in your property and take what they want with no consideration to others...oh I hate them!:rant:
  5. This is absolutely disgusting and please may I pass on my sincere condolencies. Its a total disgrace that we cannot go out and leave our home and possessions in which we have worked hard for without the thought that someone will be in to help themselves. Im shocked and stunned that someone can walk out of your house in broad daylight with a 50" plasma and no one noticed. I know we have house insurance but that is not the point, insurance gets more and more expensive by the year and we are paying for these theiving gits to go around and take whatever they fancy ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I cant imagine how angry and frustrated you may feel!
  6. Blossom and your new arrival. Enjoy every minute, they grow so fast. xx
  7. Just been informed that the car park will close tonight at 6.30 and will not be reopening until further notice.
  8. I was induced at Jessops with my daughter. I had to call the hospital at 3.00 pm to see if a bed was available. I was told to go straight away. When I arrived, they put gel in my cervix and sent me off to labour ward for the night. You may be lucky enough to go into labour overnight...hope you are as the induction did not work for me, neither did having my waters broken. I was stuck there for 19 hours and had to have a c section. Hopefully your labour will start naturally...fingers crossed!
  9. Charnock Infants and Middle - 1980-1987 Birley Comp - 1987-1991
  10. o dear posted as the wife ignore this
  11. Yes it must be difficult for them but I still do not agree with what they did. There is a big difference in making a "mistake" and putting your child's life in danger by leaving them alone. It goes without saying that they probably never dreamed someone would abduct the little girl but there could have been a fire or anything.
  12. I went out the same evening as I was lucky enough to have been bought a car by my parents. All I would say to you is try not to leave it too long as you may lose your confidence. Its a very scary but exciting experience driving the car on your own for the first time!!!
  13. I have an 18 month old daughter and yes it would be nice to be able to go out of the house whilst she is in bed but I would NEVER NEVER EVER do this. Im afraid that becoming a parent means that you have to give up nights out (well as a couple anyway) unless you are lucky enough to have someone trustworthy to mind your child. We have been on holidays as a family where there have been babysitting services available and Im sorry, I just would not leave my little girl with these strangers. I would rather not go out and know my child is safe rather than to take the risk and leave her in bed alone no matter how far away I am, even if I am only downstairs the monitor is on constantly. I think a lot of people have the attitude that it wont happen to them, what has happened is tragic and these people will have to live with this even if she is found. My heart goes out to the parents and most of all the poor little girl even though I have my opinions on the matter, I do not know the full story and agree that people are quick to judge, myself included but unfortunately thats the way things are these days. Hope she is found safe and well!
  14. Oh no...X-Box live is far worse, you have to listen to them talking the x-box talk and its not just talking, its loud shouting:rant:
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