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  1. Looking at the online booking system on their website, it's not accepting bookings after Saturday 23 March as far as I can tell
  2. Complete conversation available on BBC sounds for 28 days: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m001vq5r Skip to 1h08m for start of chat, 1h13m for Sheffield chat, and then 1h16m for the poem
  3. ... and here it is, hot off the press, yesterday (at Press On Vinyl of Middlesbrough)
  4. Still here! And pretty busy over the (nearly) three years since I last posted. Now up to sixty releases, most of them short runs of lathe-cut records - all made in Sheffield. For release DIT-059, I've pushed the boat out and stumped up for a pressed vinyl LP in an edition of 150. It's clear vinyl with blue and orange 'splatter'. I'll post a photo when they arrive. It's an album by Sheffield band Dead Cosmonauts called "Parasomnia" - forty minutes of post-metal (mostly instrumental) music, and you can listen to the ten minute closing track of side one, here Dead Cosmonauts - "Parasomnia" . Buy the LP if you like it - copies expected to land here mid month.
  5. Article in The Guardian, 10 May 2023 "Plans to abolish ‘feudal’ leasehold system in England and Wales dropped. Row between Michael Gove and No 10 results in end of promise to scrap leaseholds" https://www.theguardian.com/money/2023/may/10/plans-abolish-feudal-leasehold-system-england-wales
  6. Here's that Times article... https://archive.ph/nPH44
  7. If you missed this film first time round, or if you saw it and want see again ... it's being shown as part of Sensoria 2022 on Friday 7th October Tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-film-about-studio-electrophonique-ctba-tickets-401889651767
  8. Had a metal watch strap repaired at Hallmark Goldsmiths of Ecclesall Road only last week. Very pleased with the work.
  9. Fringe events at Delicious Clam, Hatch, Lughole, and Record Junkee too
  10. Hmm, no link. Try again: https://www.mixcloud.com/DoItThissen/electrophoniquely-yours-a-mix-of-ken-pattenstudio-electrophonique-tracks-late-1970s-mid-1980s/
  11. ... and here's a mix comprising tracks which were recorded/engineered/produced at Studio Electrophonique late 1970s - mid 1980s
  12. ... and the documentary film has finally been made. It'll be getting screenings at the Sheffield DocFest 2022 Tickets: https://sheffdocfest.com/film/film-about-studio-electrophonique Trailer:
  13. Landlord is this outfit: https://electric-group.co.uk/ "An independent music company, born and bred in Brixton - Electric Group is an independent, fast growing & privately owned music venues company. We own and operate some of the UK's most iconic live music and club venues. Formed in 2013, the company has evolved out of the success of our refurbishment and reimagination of the Brixton Fridge as Electric Brixton, now recognised as one of the UK’s leading music venues, hosting world class artists across an eclectic range of genres. In 2017, the company acquired SWX, in Bristol and re-launched the iconic nightclub as a touring standard live music venue and which is now firmly established as the Number 1 music venue serving the South West. In 2015, the Company acquired the Freehold of the O2 Academy Newcastle (operated by Academy Music Group) and in 2017, the Leadmill in Sheffield. We are now preparing a £1.5m refurbishment of the former O2 Academy Newcastle, which will reopen in October 2022 as an independent music and club venue, NX."
  14. I've been a fan of the music of Ramases & Selket for many years - sadly never got to meet the fellow though. My internet searches have only turned up evidence of one concert, supporting Uriah Heep in Slough (27 February 1971) Selket (aka his wife, Dorothy) made a series of four YouTube videos recounting their life together: Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TlLCVcdcFU Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAyfLFXTkKE Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohIh9xfwRGg Episode 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxsY3Vy1ip0
  15. End of year update: Turns out we released 20 records in the past 12 months! All lathe-cuts in limited edition hand made in Sheffield... Here they are, in catalogue number order DIT-006 Smaragdus - Hen Lefydd Ynys Môn 10" EP DIT-015 Captain Avery & The Cosmic Triceratops Of Intergalactic Peace - Apocalypso Now! 10" EP DIT-016 Naguals - Hypochondria 7" single DIT-017 Blanchard - Holy Sh*t 12" EP DIT-019 Dead Cosmonauts - We Sent Fragile Creatures To The Heavens … 12" EP DIT-020 The Mourning After Every Single Day 2x7" singles DIT-021 My Lo-Fi Heart - Hold My Breath 7" EP DIT-022 Analogue Electronic Whatever - 3+3 10" EP DIT-023 Sister Wives - Gweler Ein Gofid 10" EP DIT-024 Beam Weapons Unterirdischko ‎ 7" single DIT-025 Sydney Herds / Willow Layne - Bingo Thissen 7" EP DIT-026 Polyhymns - Hybrid Sunday 10" EP DIT-027 Pulselovers - Northern Minimalism 2 10" EP DIT-028 Mzylkypop - I Was A Teenage Brexit Thwarter 7" single DIT-029 Horse Verse - Round & 7" EP DIT-031 The Pony Harvest - Bi-Czar 7" single DIT-032 Analogue Electronic Whatever - Head Full Of Facts 7" EP DIT-033/WRW-002 Scented Cartridge - Wonderful Christmas 5" single DIT-034 Various Artists - A Very Clammy Christmas 10" EP WRW-001 Hamer - A New State Of Imaginary Hell 7" EP Most are available to listen to for free, one or two physical copies remain ... https://doitthissenrecords.bandcamp.com/music More great releases planned for 2021
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