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  1. End of year update: Turns out we released 20 records in the past 12 months! All lathe-cuts in limited edition hand made in Sheffield... Here they are, in catalogue number order DIT-006 Smaragdus - Hen Lefydd Ynys Môn 10" EP DIT-015 Captain Avery & The Cosmic Triceratops Of Intergalactic Peace - Apocalypso Now! 10" EP DIT-016 Naguals - Hypochondria 7" single DIT-017 Blanchard - Holy Sh*t 12" EP DIT-019 Dead Cosmonauts - We Sent Fragile Creatures To The Heavens … 12" EP DIT-020 The Mourning After Every Single Day 2x7" singles DIT-021 My Lo-Fi Heart - Hold My Breath 7" EP DIT-022 Analogue Electronic Whatever - 3+3 10" EP DIT-023 Sister Wives - Gweler Ein Gofid 10" EP DIT-024 Beam Weapons Unterirdischko ‎ 7" single DIT-025 Sydney Herds / Willow Layne - Bingo Thissen 7" EP DIT-026 Polyhymns - Hybrid Sunday 10" EP DIT-027 Pulselovers - Northern Minimalism 2 10" EP DIT-028 Mzylkypop - I Was A Teenage Brexit Thwarter 7" single DIT-029 Horse Verse - Round & 7" EP DIT-031 The Pony Harvest - Bi-Czar 7" single DIT-032 Analogue Electronic Whatever - Head Full Of Facts 7" EP DIT-033/WRW-002 Scented Cartridge - Wonderful Christmas 5" single DIT-034 Various Artists - A Very Clammy Christmas 10" EP WRW-001 Hamer - A New State Of Imaginary Hell 7" EP Most are available to listen to for free, one or two physical copies remain ... https://doitthissenrecords.bandcamp.com/music More great releases planned for 2021
  2. Disease also have their own Facebook page ... www.facebook.com/Disease-122738927743840
  3. There's an entry for a 12" record on discogs.com for a band of this name - released 1993. Could this be them? Colour of Sound - "Brothers & Sisters"
  4. Just to bring you up to date, there have been a couple of new releases in the last week or so: "I was a teenage Brexit thwarter" by Mzylkypop ... Listen here! "The Apocalypso Now! EP" by Captain Avery & the Cosmic Triceratops of Intergalactic Peace ... Listen here! Several more releases in the pipeline for the next few months, including a 7" single of noisy psychedelic rock, and an 10" EP of 'dungeon synth' tracks
  5. I was in seat E 25 on the balcony 🙂 ... my meagre funds stretched to the souvenir tour programme too - one of my most treasured pieces of memorabilia
  6. Back to the 1980's, here's another compilation LP of Sheffield & district obscurities ... Flightpath One
  7. Released in December last year,, this 4 CD box set has its fair share of obscure bands from Sheffield & surrounding area ... https://www.discogs.com/Various-Dreams-To-Fill-The-Vacuum-The-Sound-Of-Sheffield-1977-1988/release/14564344
  8. ... and you can hear that Dean Honer remix track right now, here: https://doitthissenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/dit-008-mzylkypop-presents-xzyles
  9. New release on the label is about to drop: catalogue no. DIT-009 7" lathe-cut single by Sheffield band Naguals - "Let It Go" / "D.R.I." An edition of 50, most are sold out on pre-order., but a few have been held back for sale at the launch gig to be held at Delicious Clam on Friday 21st June. Support is from Leeds band HAMER and Sheffield act Death Rays of Ardilla Naguals return to the Clam on Tuesday 25th June to support Aussie punk band Amyl and the Sniffers ... although this gig is now sold out The next planned release on Do It Thissen is a four-track EP entitled "Mzylkypop presents Xzyles", which will feature collaborations between Sheffield band Mzylkypop and Sheffield Xzyles (exiles) Stephen Mallinder (ex- Cabaret Voltaire), Adi Newton (The Future/ClockDVA) and Peter Hope (The Box). The fourth track is a remix by Dean Honer (International Teachers of Pop) of the Stephen Mallinder track. This will be a vinyl pressing in an edition of 300 As always, news from the label appears first on the Facebook page (scroll up for link), so please 'like' the FB page to be kept completely up to date.
  10. Update: The LP by Sheffield band Mzylkypop, (led by Sheffield music legend Mick Somerset Ward ) originally only available as a digital download or on a limited edition (of 25) lathe-cut LPs, is now available as a standard weight pressed (red) vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve : https://doitthissenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/dit-003-kiedy-wilki-zawyja-when-will-the-wolves-howl
  11. Update: There are now five releases on the label - latest is a four track 12" lathe-cut record of experimental synth pop. Have a listen for free ... here
  12. If you 'like' the Facebook page for Do It Thissen, then you'll be amongst the first to know when a new release is due!
  13. Here's a bit of an update: I've acquired a VinylRecorder record-cutting lathe, to enable me to produce short runs of 'lathe-cut' records. This will be mainly to support local bands who want to issue runs of up to around 50 records without going to the expense of a full pressing.
  14. Just a quick message to say that both releases are out, all tracks available to listen to at the Do It Thissen Bandcamp page.
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