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  1. Has anyone used Dazzle in S12 for waxing? Or can anyone recommend anywhere else in the area? Thanks
  2. Can anyone confirm what time Barlborough opens for sellers on Saturdays? Seen one place say 6am and another say 7am. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know any shops in the area that stock Sottero & Midgley AND Jenny Packham? Thanks
  4. Hi, I can't help with your question I'm afraid but I'm just wondering about the sample sale at Blissful Daze. I've seen them advertised before, are they any good? Did you get much off the normal sale price? Thanks
  5. Just wondering if there's anywhere in Sheffield that sells nice authentic oriental style silk kimonos? Would like to get one as a christmas pressie for someone. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a VW Campervan birthday cake which I need by the end of the week. I've had a look at the other threads on here and have tried contacting a couple of recommendations who are either too busy or haven't got back to me. Tried Staniforths the woman said it would be a week so not enough time Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks
  7. Has anyone used Mail Boxes Etc on Eldon Street in town to send a parcel? Posted one there earlier by Parcelforce and was told I'd get an email later on with the parcel's tracking information, but haven't had one. Just wondering if it's Mail Boxes Etc or Parcelforce that should be emailing me so I know who to call first in the morning
  8. I'm having my first one done next week, eek. Nervous but very excited
  9. Do you normally have to wait long for an appointment? Am looking to get a small one done this week sometime at Van Schaik's in Hillsborough, will give them a ring tomorrow. Am I likely to have to wait long? Will be my first tattoo
  10. I would love a voucher if anyone has a spare, would love a new haircut it hasn't been done for about a year oops... Sounds like a good salon, all good reviews so far
  11. Yeah they were out this evening when I came through, have to say it's the smoothest I've seen traffic through there for at least a month
  12. Yes, actually But call me a liar if it makes you feel better lol. I never wanted to go for pub lunches before but we actually enjoy doing so now, because it's lovely to be able to spend the rest of the day without my hair and clothes smelling of other peoples stale fag smoke. I've been to the pub tonight and it will be fantastic to lie in bed tonight and not have to smell smoke on my hair every time I turn over. Wibbles put it perfectly. I don't care if smokers smoke, they can do what they like in their own homes or in an open space, I couldn't give a hoot. I only care when they selfishly inflict it on everybody else in the vicinity, which is what inevitably happens in enclosed spaces such as pubs. And believe it or not, I don't mind the smell of fresh cigarettes, I used to smoke myself infact, but inevitably the whole place soon reeks of stale old smoke that sticks to everybody until they next shower and wash their clothes, and it's not pleasant. It's like when a smoker comes and sits by you on the tram, you can smell it immediately and it's kind of
  13. I didn't say it was a national trend, I just said that me and a lot of others do, i.e people I know. The downturn in pub custom is most likely not simply due to the ban, the recession and the ever-cheaper bargains of alcohol in supermarkets are also no doubt to blame. It clearly isn't putting off that many smokers, you only have to look outside the doors to see that smokers are still going for a drink (as you said yourself, you're one). Nightclubs don't seem to be suffering despite them also coming under the ban.
  14. What's refreshing about being subjected to other peoples filthy fumes? I actually enjoy being able to go and have a drink with friends without being choked at regular intervals, me and a lot of others are going to pubs more than before the ban for this very reason.
  15. What would be the outcome if you were caught by these type of cameras, just a fine, or a fine and points?
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