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  1. I called into Sainsburys at Peaks today. They've got Johnson's on offer, any 2 for £4.00. I picked up a cleanser and a night cream. They've got another offer on too, can't remember the brand but it looked pretty good. Similar offer!
  2. Can they just type an answer though and send it back?
  3. I'm sure this is an easy one. I'm conducting an interview with someone via email. The last time I did this, the recipient could not open the attachment that contained the questions (which was a MS word document). Basically, I want to send a set of questions which the recipient can read and write a reply under and send them back to me. Voila! But what's the best way of sending them? Would you type them directly onto a blank email or on an attachment which they may not be able to open? Please reply in one syllable words (joke!) Thank all
  4. He really was actually. From start to finish he just glared at us all. No tip either!
  5. I once gave a teacher 20 invitations to hand out to kids for my son's birthday party. She handed them out in little envelopes one by one as the kids were leaving for the day. The invites included everything: phone no, location, venue, time, date... everything but my son's name!!! Imagine my answer phone messages when I got home from work....
  6. Also they regularly terminate pregnancies at 39 weeks!!!!
  7. I know, I know. The woman with the child actually went into a nearby shop and asked the owner if he knew the little girl. He said no.... so she just went home! And as for the driver of the first truck!!! I quote: 'I knew I hit her. I stopped to see if I could help. I could see she was bleeding already so I decided, as no-one had seen me, to step on the gas'. He also said, if she died he will have to pay a fine, but if she survived, he will be stuck with the medical bills... so I guess he was trying to finish her off. Now. I don't like the C word but.....
  8. I watched the video. There are only 2 stories that have ever reduced me to tears: Jamie Bulger and this. I can honestly say I will never forget it. Could you sink any lower than to walk past a dying toddler bleeding into the gutter? She must have been terrified. But what I will also say is this: I find myself actually relieved that she has gone. No more pain and suffering. Can you imagine the life she would have if she pulled through? With massive brain damage? I think sadly, it is the kindest outcome.
  9. Apparently, it's because the cervix doesn't close for a while after the birth and salt water can get through cause an infection. However, I had regular salt baths after the birth of my last child and I was fine. For me, I struggled to understand how salt water can cause an infection.
  10. Hiya, just a quick message to say hope your day is going ok!
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