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  1. content removed Please repost your advertisement in the Classified Section
  2. My Dad (William Grafton) came second in it and my hubby's uncle (Gary Macdonald) won it at the youngest age ever to win it, I think he was still in his teens.
  3. Hi Everyone I have been told due to a change in regs that we need to have a Core Vent fitted. Does anyone know how to work out the size of the Core Vent needed or are they all standard? The Core Vent is for a Baxi Boiler. I have tried to call Baxi but was on hold for ages because they were busy, the boiler is quite old. I have the GC code if anyone can help! If anyone is able to quote me for having the vent fitted please PM me. The location will be in the living room and the property is in Hillsborough. Thanks in advance
  4. Well until your landlord has served you with a valid notice, obtained a court order and subsequently a baliffs warrant then you would still have a legal right to occupy the accommodation. You landlord may argue if you left that he thought you had gone but my understanding is that even if a landord may think you have vacated the premises he would still have some duties for a short period to protect your belongings. Like mentioned previously he should make reasonable attempts to contact you. It may be that your landlord may be leaving themselves open to proceedings for damages to your personal items and in view of the fact you left because you were worried possibly also harassment. As previously mentioned speak to Shelter/CAB or Housing Advice at Sheffield Council.
  5. Can I just recommend Steve who has done a few bits of work for us now (including today) and is reliable and fair minded and does an excellent job Darren and Louise
  6. Hi Everyone If there are any man and van people out there could you please give me a quote to move a washer from Chapeltown (S35) to Westfield (near Halfway) Thanks in advance Loops
  7. Hi everyone cat was microchipped and has now been returned to owners, thanks everyone and best of luck lolageorge in finding casper
  8. Hi, I have some gardening things for sale or swap. There is some Greenhouse staging and compost bins they are in the sale or swap section thanks loops
  9. My mother in law is really upset - the cat is soo hungry and it was so scared at first. She would love to take it in but Im sure some poor family has lost it and are really worried - we will do our best to reunite them!
  10. Hi Everyone, Posting on behalf of my mother in law but she has seen a cat over the last few days that looks like they are lost. Its a white cat with medumish length hair, one blue eye and one green eye. Found around S35 area. If anyone knows of anyone who has lost a cat like this please let me know asap. She is going to contact the RSPCA, Cat Shelter etc. Thanks
  11. Hi there There is a shop in Barnsley which is advertising end of line prom dresses from £40. It is a bridal shop and prom dress shop. Its on the same road at the Wetherspoons pub and he 99p shop. Loops
  12. I'd highly recommend Paul a Mobile Mechanic on 07795101555. He came and fitted us front break pads, was quick and efficient and fairly priced. Could have got us to pay for back pads too as we wouldn't have known otherwise (car sensor warning so we didn't know which ones needed doing), but was fair and honest and clearly of great expertise (also had a look around our other car to make sure its ok, as we'd just bought it). Gave good advice, was friendly and came when he said he would. We will be using him when needed all the time now. Please give recommended tradesmen your business as we need to keep them in business for all our sakes.
  13. You can apply for a crisis loan but make it quite clear that you have been served a notice and you will end up homeless if you cant get the monies together. You can only use a crisis loan for rent in advance not for a deposit. There is no guarantee you be successful but worth a shot. The other option would possibly be to approach a local credit union, there is one in Sheffield near the markets (I think). They do very low cost loans and that might help towards your deposit/rent in advance. Good luck! Also, last resort, not sure if you were to be homeless and nowhere to go if you approached the homeless persons unit at the council they may have a homeless prevention fund or possibly able to make other suggestions. They will also check out the notice to see if valid etc as this may buy you additional time.
  14. Yea I agree with Davi, if you sign a 12 month contract you can be held liable for 12 months rent. By serving notice during the fixed term does nothing unless you have a clause that allows you to serve notice after a certain point to end your tenancy. The term in your contract would be an unfair term as per office of fair trading as this gives you less rights than the landlord re: terminating the fixed term early. If the landlord goes a clause he can use to end early and if you had a clause too and if it was deemed to be fair then the landlord could serve notice as per the clause but all that would do is end your fixed term and he would then need to serve a correct notice with correct time periods and then get a court order then a baliffs warrant before you had to leave. Basically - its all pretty complex and if you have a written agreement and the landlord wants to terminate or you want to terminate its best to get the tenancy agreement checked out because every case is different. In addition to this, lots of landlords allow whats called a mutual surrender - this can be done at any point if a tenant wants to leave - sometimes this may be agreed on certain terms eg: finds someone to move in etc but worth asking but get proof agreed in writing. They dont however have to agree to mutual surrender so be careful! Hope this helps!
  15. If your landlord hasnt protected your deposit and he should have then you could look at the option of applying to court in order to sue for compensation - 3 times the deposit you paid and they will enforce the landlord to also return or put the deposit in a tenancy deposit scheme. Also, important thing to note!!! If the landlord hasnt put your deposit in a tenancy deposit scheme any section 21 notice (eviction notice) he serves you is invalid and this can be submitted to the court. To pursue any court action against your landlord you would need his address. As people have said there are other things re: gas safety checks and possible illegal evicton so take advice and get someone to possibly contact him for you. Good luck!
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