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  1. I have been on waiting list for Parkway for a while now - am looking for suitable caravan storage.
  2. Our website is not accessible - we have contacted 1 & 1 and it has been infected - can anyone help please?
  3. Does anyone know of any caravan storage available in Sheffield (I have tried Sheffield Parkway and they are full)
  4. Lobus, stay at home then - one less whinging Brit to contend with.
  5. Both dogs belong to same owner too. Vets bill for sickest dog already running at over £3000! What a lovely start to Christmas for him!! There may well be other dogs who are very ill that we r unaware of as yet
  6. Two dogs are seriusly ill in vet hospital tonight and one is at risk of losing it's life having undergone emergency surgery through someone dumping what appears to be pizza dough and bread on gleadless common. This is obviously from a nearby bakery/pizza shop and it is not the first time it has been dumped on this area which is frequented by dog walkers. If anyone knows who they are please pm me as it needs to be stopped. There may well be other dogs that are also seriously ill. What lazy, selfish, ignorant people there are - hope they get caught and their shop gets closed down!!
  7. Roomstyle has something to cater for all tastes. There is some furniture that maybe OTT for some people but if you take a look in there is also some quality contemporary furniture. I had a couple of Italian leather sofas from there a few years ago, excellent quality at a fair price, and just sold them to a friend, still like new. I have also today taken delivery of some quality wardrobes, contemporary style and am so pleased with them. Selected them yesterday, delivered and built today with no problem. The guys down there are really helpful and friendly and not pushy.
  8. I can remember my first cigarettes - used to buy two in a paper bag from the newsagents - didn't give a dam about the packaging! Teenagres have a tendency to rebel but of course the government are too thick to understand this!
  9. I wouldn't give £67 of my money to Veolia to keep my green bin on principle! I remember how refuse collectors used to be - lugging metal bins n their backs carrying them to the wagons, plus any overlow of sacks of rubbish, and always cheery. Used to leave treats and tips out for them because nothing was too much trouble. Veolia have bad attitude. They now have bins on wheels but god forbid you put wet grass in it which weighs more than dry grass and they leave it!!!! Good riddance!
  10. yes, because you are carrying someone else's waste. We were unaware of this until about four years ago when my husband got stopped. A licence is only about £130 for three years so it is not a fortunte. We just weren't aware of it at the time. it is not worth being unlicensed.
  11. very useful, thanks. Have been up to store today. Still getting fobbed off. Their delivery firm Yodel saying not in warehouse, they say it is, been going on like this for nearly 2 months. Customer services load of numpties and they don't have a mnager to speak to. Store says they don't have amanager to speak to either onnly area manager or so called customer services - no wonder it is in such a shambles with no 'Manager'! Unbelievable!
  12. You are one of the lucky ones. Mine should have been delivered 16th NOVEMBER - four delivery dates later, three lost holidays off work, waited in all today, and still no show!
  13. I have now had FOUR failed deliveies from this store. I have taken three days off work and waited in all xmas eve and my goods have still failed to arrive. Customer services is non existent. Is anyone else having same problem?
  14. alpha rooms.com are really good! they are only based on eclesall road - go online , put in your dates where you want to go and choose flight and accommodation. Uusllay best about 3-4 weeks before going. Last week flights to purtugal for 5th october were only £23 return from manchester but now doubled, can sill get flights for about fifty odd pound though and lots of accommodation to choose from. They are reliable and even covered ash cloud when that was ongoing
  15. You will get a demand, then a further more threatening demand, then leter from roxburghs debt collectors, then a further more demanding one, then from so called GHraham White solicitors' (what a joke!) threatening court action, maybe a few phone calls - they will tire eventually!!
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