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  1. you can comment until 8th april full info here http://planning.rotherham.gov.uk/fulldetail.asp?AltRef=RB2016/0278&zAltRef=RB2016/0096 I have objected due to the schools being oversubsribed already, it not being safe or families to live there due to poor access and busy road.
  2. Hi, we are moving to Aston in the next few months so I would love to start making friends for my daughters who are 3 and 2 months. Any groups that I can take one or both two would be much appreciated!
  3. we went to whirlow hall farm a few weeks ago. It was dire, hardky any strawberries and they were fall up on troughs which my daughter couldn't reach. Pointless going. They did have raspberries too but not very toddler friendly there either as lots of nettles and wire fencing. Shame.
  4. Been missing since Friday morning from Drakehouse Lane which is just opposite Crystal Peaks/Gypsy Queen Large male cat called Clyde. Grey and white with distinctive smudge on nose. Usually very timid. Chipped but no collar. Please let me know if you see a cat that could be him! He has just moved to the are so will be lost and scared. pic here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154141602240578&set=gm.768752353175707&type=1&theater
  5. We are going to Tenerife in October, will be our first holiday abroad, our girl will be 22 months then. We've picked there as weather should be nice, will be a heavy breeze. Also there are things to do other than just go to the beach, inc zoo and waterparks. Hotel wise we have picked Green Garden Resort & Suites (available on thomas cook but we booked through travelrepublic). Good luck with finding somewhere perfect for you!
  6. i think they do free refills of squash tho, if you ever go back x i've never eaten in but we got take away on NYE. was yummy, filling and just what we were after i.e big american food! obviously not gourmet food, but most diners only go to get the free birthday meal!
  7. for our daughters 1st we hired play time in heeley. its great for babies and older kids and you can take your own catering if you want x
  8. this thread is almost a year old......................
  9. Pocket, just looked at your site, your son is amazing, how is he doing now? x
  10. there arent any what? grottos? well the one at crystal peaks is open so would imagine most others are too! will look into weston park for december tho! x
  11. thanks for teh replies - am not wanting to fork out lots if its no good for really young kids, as obviously she wont have a clue who santa is! x
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