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  1. I own 2 Staffordshire Bulls. If I'm being honest I would never own the breed again. Once they decide they dislike something any training goes out the window and the dogs are selectivity deaf. I love my dogs but they are powerful and pig headed a mix that is a dangerous one. They are pushy and demanding but loving and gentle it all depends on the mood. Mine never get of the lead, they are harnessed, muzzled and have two leads attatched (one to harness one to collar) but they will still try and get to another dog if they can. I agree with a lot of the above comments, sometimes it is the dog not the owner. I have come to realise that you wouldn't try and tame an alligator because the one time it does attack is going to cause immense damage just like a staff will give the opportunity, bad luck or after being provoked. I think that certain breeds (staffs included) should require the owner to possess a license. I understand that a license dosent create a better owner but a bad owner a "typical chav" type won't pay for a license therefore giving more powers to the authorities to remove dogs that are deemed dangerous.
  2. Someone I know has been evicted from from their home. They are staying in temporary accommodation just outside town. The accommodation is run by a housing associahastion, and has an office on site. My dilemma is this, The rules of her temp tenancy is that the partner cannot stay for longer than 2 nights a week. BUT this is being ignored, she has had all the help she could hope for and more. She has been accepted for income support as a single parent (he still living there), tax credits have been altered without delay, she can bid on homes of her choice due to help from the housing dept. So knowing that she is taking advantage of all who are helping her, fraudulently claiming income support and tax credits, planning on moving him in as soon as she the new house and he is working whilst claiming JSA and driving an uninsured car to his place of work. This kind of behaviour is what people blame "immigrants" for. In my eyes it is not on. If I report her to DSS her money stops and she is back to square one, If I report her to housing she is once again homeless with two children, but she needs to know that what she is doing is wrong and illegal. What would you do? All advice and opinions are welcomed, although I have not posted this to get abuse. Thankyou, This is tearing a family apart.
  3. In the field at the end of our garden we have no less than 8 breeding pairs of Lapwings (peewits) On the RSPB site they are an endangered species. We didnt know what the were at first, but now feel rather privileged to be able to watch them everyday. We have been here a while and this is the first year they have visited.
  4. Are people forgetting that we have free choice, no one is forcing people to join the EDL, they are seeing them as a way of voicing their opinion. Since the indecent in Woolich the "membership" of the EDL has gone up 3 fold. That has got to say something about what people are thinking. 10 years ago the over 60's population were amongst the most tolerant of other cultures but today they are the ones that are the least tolerant. Are these people also racist, fascist thugs? Here is a link to the founding members of the UAF. How can anyone compete? http://uaf.org.uk/about/founding-signatories/
  5. Bla bla bla just like in 6 years we have used the anti terror laws 5 times due to the fact we are too scared of the Human Rights Courts and that Abu Qatada was deported straight away for his crimes?
  6. But over 50people were arrested in Bolton, some for inciting extreme violence and some for assaulting police. 4 of the group were EDL. The UAF are no better than any other of the other groups mentioned. They will jump on any anti establishment band wagon. I read on an earlier post that they only get together after an EDL meeting that is wrong, they attend anything that holds the country to ransom with the trade unions too in support, if your demo/belief is opposite to their own they will stand against you. They should be called "Unite Against what we call Fascism" .
  7. I dont think even "Wheresmedinnerdad" is stupid enough to tangle with the might of Isreal. Isreal are going to be THE superior power of the world soon (in my opinion). Not bad for a country that is less than 80 years old. Closely followed by China.
  8. I was there when Fathers 4 Justice held a demo on her roof. She wasn't keen.
  9. Earlier on I was called "pro EDL" well to be honest I like to see both sides. I dont like to see the EDL battered when the other sides are just as bad. Yes the EDL have a certain football hooligan element but also are represented by "normal folk". In May the EDL and The Casuals united held a big demo in Blackpool to high-lite the cover up once again by SS and the Police of the disappearance of a young girl called Charlene Downs. No one else were there for the family and the Family spoke publically to thank the Casuals and the EDL for there support and demos to bring the perpatrators to justice (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1374443/Police-hid-abuse-60-girls-Asian-takeaway-workers-linked-Charlene-Downes-murder.html). The video I have posted here ( ) is probably the one video that makes the most sense, and its not pro EDL, MDL or UAF but gives a balanced account by a couple moderate Muslims who also call their Muslim brothers actions into question. People have nothing to fear from the EDL, they are not right wing, read their mission statement. Whilst ever the EDL are being hated on, groups such as The Infadels and CxF are just growing stronger as the EDL are kicking out "members" that are showing blatant racism these idiots are joining Far Right movements such as these.
  10. Stephen Lennon is infact unemployed. He had a portfolio of houses and a tanning business but due to police pressure and fears for his safety (hence the Tommy Robinson name change) he had to close the tanning salon and his assetts have been frozen so at the moment he has no cash flow. I am not sure if he qualifies for Legal Aid due to this. People donate money to legal funds for him as he has risked a lot to keep this movement going. Its called appreciation for his efforts. There is no funding for EDL leadership contrary to popular beleif, unlike the BNP there is no membership, and clothing sales support the constantly hacked website. The EDL is a voluntary movement.
  11. I think if you watch this Youtube video ( ) you will see that the EDL leading members did not just "leg it to Luton" they stood and tried to exercise their right to a peaceful protest and the police lost control of the UAF and MDL and themselves were pelted with bricks and bottles by the people insisting that all EDL are thugs ha ha ha (but made NO arrests). Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll were trying to negotiate with the main police officer on site, that they should be able to continue with their speeches and that they were not just going to call off the demo and Stephen Lennon DID continue with his speech with no PA as they were not allowed to switch it on !!!
  12. Transparency !!! Pfft. Family law is a closed court in which the people are charged with contempt of court for discussing it on any sort of forum. I myself where charged with contempt for sharing my views on CAFCASS. Family law is kept secret as the orders made are never kept to and the goal posts are moved at every opportunity to make money for legal representatives. John Hemming is the ONLY MP that is willing to out this practice. The conservative government promised to talk to Fathers 4 Justice about shared parenting when and if they got to power after Labour swept it under the carpet. As of yet the discussions that have taken place are about cutting legal aid and the family justice review (Under taken by a man that got sacked from Marks and Spencers, David Norgrove). The family justice review revealed that Fathers should have no rights afer seperation and that Children do not need their Father! All this after a speach about the big society and family values !
  13. I found the theads about bailiffs really helpful on Money supermarket . com. Hope this helps. http://www.moneysupermarket.com/community/forums/p/49173/bailiffs-202537.aspx
  14. The Longpigs were an amazing band. The sun is often out was the theme tune to my youth.
  15. Go to Jacosa on West Street, order 2 pints and leave with the glasses.
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