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  1. Politicians from both sides of the campaign are on record saying leaving the EU would mean leaving the single market, no dishonesty about it, both sides were very clear on the matter. It will therefore be a betrayal of those promises to take us out of the single market if they fail to.
  2. Don't know why they don't just fill their face with pepper spray, teach the scrubbers a lesson.
  3. Anecdotally, I think the "obesity crisis" in children is a myth. I have two kids in school age 6 and 10. I know most kids in their classes and their parents. In all the years I've been dropping them off and collecting them at school, don't think I've ever seen a kid that was visibly obese in the whole school. I know some will point to the figures, sorry I believe what I see with my own eyes, first hand evidence.
  4. There are plenty of British low skilled workers who could do those jobs, but they too at least deserve a wage that allows them a half decent standard of living, afford a home, support a family etc. But why would employers pay a living wage to Brits when migrants prepared to live in slum conditions will work for less because it is still far more than they'd get back home. Living in slum conditions allows migrants can live here cheaper than Brits can and send the surplus home. Brits can't afford to stoop that low. Mass migration and open borders with the EU provides unlimited supply of labour, wage depression, and a low wage economy.
  5. Secure the borders & give skilled workers a work visa then. Also, must look at why we have skills shortage...look at our education systems why more people are not getting those skills. Make STEM subjects at Uni fee free for example.
  6. Don't blame me I voted UKIP. I blame everybody who didn't.
  7. Men can't control themselves, same reason for women wearing the burqa, should we suggest women on trains must wear a burqa?
  8. I order from Amazon a lot, and Prime would probably be good value for me, but I won't sign up for it on principle, because what I think Amazon are trying to do is monopolise peoples online spending which I object to as it will squeeze smaller competitors if shoppers go to Amazon by default because of Prime membership instead of shopping around for the best deal.
  9. Criminal gangs taking advantage of an opportunity for people trafficking is nothing new, let's just hope the law catches up with them, and the illegal immigrants kept out.
  10. Lots of people made this country great, British born and foreign. Does accepting that some foreign people have made great contributions to the country mean we should abolish the borders and let anybody in? Those privileges are extended and afforded to everybody who lives here, not just the white English male. Racial prejudice here, opinions relating to wanting stronger border and immigration controls are not restricted to the white English. Nope, it can be judged by lack of assimilation or how well our cultural norms are accepted by the migrants. Are you seriously suggesting we shouldn't be concerned with immigration unless a 50%+ population increase from immigration was imminent. Delusional. Population of UK is circa 65 million, so lets not concern ourselves with immigration until another 30 million people have arrived. What a joke. Correct, it is the here and now that matters, because it is us and future generations that will have to live with the consequences of what we do in the here and now. I tell you where YOU are hypocritical here. What you're saying in effect is, if you have any foreign blood anywhere in your ancestry, you must accept a singular view that fits with YOUR opinion. What you're also doing, perhaps unwittingly but none the less, is espousing the racial pure blood rhetoric or the BNP and Nazis, for what you are saying is only racial pure bloods (as you see it) may hold an opinion that contradicts yours (perhaps wanting stronger immigration policy), without being, as you see it, a hypocrite. So if a BME person wants stronger border controls, the way you see it, their ethnic background invalidates their opinion, because only the pure breed white British may hold such an opinion. I can't think of much more racist than that, which does make you racist, like it or not. "isn't definable"...only because you want to see cultural definition within your own narrow boundaries and scope. Let's assume it can't be defined, doesn't mean things can't be identified as being part of our culture, regardless of their origin. This is where danger lay, imo. What you may think of as regressive (eg FGM, forced marriage, polygamy, honour crime etc etc) does survive and is highly complecent to think that it won't, it is self evident that much of this goes on in Britain today. Now whose fault is this I wonder? Is it the fault of the right wing leaning people of this country, who would expect and demand that our cultural norms and boundaries are accepted by the incomers, or the right on progressive left, who stifle debate and criticism of migrants and cultural groups, often throwing "racism" around to close down debate. If things like FGM persist in this country, it certainly isn't because we've been too hard on those communities where it happens, it is because we have not been forceful enough in insisting where our boundaries are and what we collectively find unacceptable to us. Maybe we'll continue to breed suicide bombers, resentful of our way of life because it isn't how Allah or Mohammed would have wanted us to live.
  11. If Britishness, our culture etc cannot be defined as is being claimed, then surely something that can't be defined really doesn't exist....clearly an absurd proposition, because whether you choose to recognise it or not, Britishness and a unique culture belonging to these islands does exist, and it doesn't need defining within a limited terms or scope to know that it exists. Let's assume we don't have any unique culture. If we lack a unique culture, then where or what are we same as? Perhaps our closest neighbours, Ireland, France, Netherlands or Belgium? Is our culture the same as Ireland, France, Netherlands or Belgium? Is it exactly the same as anywhere else? Only the forum fools desperate to do the country down push the notion of no such thing as British culture.
  12. Don't remember any political party putting it to the electorate of Sheffield in a manifesto that they wanted to establish a "City of Sanctuary". Our city council never had a mandate to establish it. Also, our council should not be engaged in funding (using our money) what is effectively political propaganda.
  13. Easy way to solve the problem. 1) Send in a load of lorries "queuing at Calais for the channel crossing". 2) Let the migrants board the lorries. 3) Drive lorries back to Eastern Europe, or Siberia.
  14. Emigrating from this country isn't and shouldn't be an offence, even to Syria. Our priority should be ensuring they can NEVER return, under any circumstances. Once they have gone there, they have defected to an enemy entity, should be a one way ticket only.
  15. Religion is the problem, so best route to de-radicalising is to remove religion from the equation...encourage them to ditch their medieval faith and join the modern godless secular society.
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