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City School S13 Lights On All Night


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Why does city school stay lit up all night, every night.

 Their electricity bill must cos tax payers a fortune!

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The School/Academy they built opposite me a few years ago does this, the building lights are on pretty much 24/7, and the 'outside' lights auto-come on at 6am-10pm, every day, even at weekends... (why? no school at weekends)

the lights are so tall that the light goes straight into/through my window, when i'm sat on my settee they can get blinding... have reported a few times, nothing gets done..

Been a nightmare since the day they started building...

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49 minutes ago, spider1 said:

You can complain as much as you want make no difference. Either blinds or move sorry 

If they pay for the blinds.. .sure...

But it's not just about the light, the main gate/entrance is DIRECTLY opposite my front window, every time anyone enters or leaves the school the steel gate slams and makes a right noise, any vehicles coming in/out of the place, such low engine rumbles, headlights straight into my window..

Kick-out time, cars parked all over (double yellows) and idling all over the place, such a racket I can't use the front room at all during the day/these times because of the noise..

That's not even counting the pre-7am deliveries (there are laws against such) and the noise the kids make....

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Guest busdriver1
16 hours ago, Kay9 said:

Not sure if the fact that it is an academy means that taxpayers won't be footing bill for energy use - aren't these sometimes fixed contracts with developers?

The money for all these schools or academies as they seem to be getting called now originates from taxation. The major difference seems to be that the local authority has less say in how it is spent and in general that has to be good.

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