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  1. Use one of the contact forms on the council website, that way it should get atomatically logged rather than having to wait for someone to trawl through all the emails.
  2. Have you looked on ebay, there may be an American seller on there.
  3. Isn't it an Academy, so do they have to pay their own bills, not the taxpayer ?
  4. Quite few are open now https://sheffieldmarkets.com/blog/moor-market/which-stalls-are-open-in-the-moor-market-lockdown-v2
  5. I always use the one in railway station across the road or inside a bank. Never trusted the ones outside.
  6. Hasn't his show been scrapped as part of the local radio cutbacks? I think there was a post about on the Radio Sheffield thread
  7. Railway herald has a listing of all rail tours with loco information for both steam and diesel, you have to do some searching though as it only shows stopping points. It does have links to the tour operators websites which give more information. I can't get the link to work but if you google railwayherald and go to the railtours page that should find it.
  8. I would think that the people staying in the Radisson would be John Lewis shoppers
  9. I think trains do bulk transport (stone, cement etc.) best. The problem with general freight is that the large distribution wharehouses don't by and large, have rail links so goods have to transferred to a lorry for the last part of their journey. So increasing cost and time taken. The whole distribution system is designed for road transport.
  10. All the news sites are saying that it's the new grand central store in Birmingham that's closing, only been open a few years. Would have thought that would have been a good one, always semed busy when I was there.
  11. They use both, the advantage of the fixed wing one, I believe, is that it can stay in the air longer than a helicopter.
  12. I would expect there BAM or their subcontractors would have insurance to cover the costs
  13. If we've all got to wear masks from Monday could the limits on the number of people now be increased ?
  14. I've read elsewhere that the boss of first in Sheffield has gone and that First Midland are now runing First buses in Sheffield. Does busdriver1 know anymore ?
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