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Sweepings from the Factory Floor

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I’ve written a poetry book -

there’s a link if you fancy a look.

Then you can see

if it’s your cup of tea

and make a transaction with luck.


If you’re feeling a little bit low

there are poems - maybe 50 or so.

You just put up your feet

on the bus or train seat

(a bit anti-social I know).


Though WH Smith may not stock it,

it will fit in a roomy coat pocket

you can soon whip it out

when you’re out and about.

That’s a good selling point - so don’t knock it.


In addition, there’s no reason why

you can’t use it for swatting a fly

it is lethal and keen

and will quickly wipe clean

- another good reason to buy.


You’ll notice how carefully I’m

promoting my writing in rhyme

which works a lot better

than a stiff formal letter

or trying to say it with mime


or hiring a man with a bell -

a Town Crier - to help the thing sell.

or hawking my wares

at markets and fairs

with a versatile actress named Nell

(who is feigning to die of TB

so they stop and take pity you see)

‘Please purchase my book,

for my daughter’s sake look’

- disgraceful I’m sure you’ll agree.


So this is a much nicer way -

Now I‘ve said what I wanted to say.

Just a quick cheeky note

to briefly promote

my volume of poems today.




thank you


Sweepings from the Factory Floor

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