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Problem with a broken fence and neighbours aggresive dog


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Hiya. So long story short.

In november 2014 the wind blow the fence that was separating me and my neighbour. Since then I was making calls mails and texts to the agency that Im renting thru to tell them to fix it. Since my neighbour has staffys and let them out to the garden they keep on coming to us and do they needs. Everytime my agency is coming up with the same excuses that they're waiting for a solicitor, that they cant get in touch with the landlord, or something stupid like that. Last time I was sitting in the garden and the staffy came where the broken fence is and was starring at me and barking looking ready to attack which forced me to go back to home.

Yesterday the dog came thru our garden and was sitting under our garden doors and when I went to my neighbour instead of coming up and get the dog back she was sitting in her house and calling the dog to come home. It took her over 1minute.

Ive called up todag the CAB and council but they said its up to me and the agency to sort it out and that there is no way that they can help. So should I wait until thr tragedy is gonna heppen?

Its ridiculous that such a serious issue of somebody getting bitten by an aggressive staffy is being completly ignored. The only answear that I recieved was that if somethins gonna happen they can help me assist thru court cases. The heck?!

Please if anybody knows how can I quickly force somebody to put the fence up let me know.


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seems like you have various options to me:


a) talk to your neighbour about the nuisance & distress / fear their dog is causing you and ask them to ensure it is not let out unsupervised in the garden or

b) repair the fence temporarily until it is replaced by your landlord / agency or

c) look on freecycle to see if anyone is giving away fencing if it is not possible to repair the old fence or

d) replace the fence yourself or

e) move (perhaps you only need to give the landlord notice with the reason as to why)

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Send a letter (recorded post for proof) to the landlord Agency saying that if they fence is not repaired within 14 days that you make your own arrangements to repair it and that you will then withhold rent to the value of the works, or you have the fence installer forward the invoice onto them, whichever suits. Tell them that if they do not respond you will go ahead with option a (you pay and then withhold rent to the value of the invoice).




Section 'The right to use rent to pay for repairs' is relevant for you.

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If a staffy is running loose it is up to your neighbour to take steps to stop this. Ring the dog warden next time it's out. It is not up to you to keep your neighbours dog fenced in.


Not if its the o/p landlords fence. We've a couple of bad landlords in our area S6 that don't do any repairs or services like boiler checks etc until tenants move out and they have around 30+ properties, then it's a quick cosmetic job and new tenants all will look good for awhile then things start showing up or falling apart the don't want to know.


If it's the O/p landlords fence and they intend not to carry out repairs maybe better off getting quotes presenting them to the agency or look for another property.


It's not nice being unable to feel safe in your home, also the dog may start using your garden as it's toilet area again that won't be pleasant.

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